Death by Proxy


Healthcare reform mania has faded into the background, although I must admit that I think about it now and then when I have to go to the doctor.  I still bemoan the fact that we have chosen a course of action that has already failed in counties like, say, Canada or the UK. It’s also now academic that countries like Germany, Sweden, and Australia are looking for free-market alternatives while we’re looking to implement nationalized healthcare.  Nonetheless, it appears to be a road that we will have to travel, and no doubt endure.

The highlight for me in the healthcare debate was Sarah Palin coming out with her “death panels” comment. Not surprisingly, she was roundly criticized by the liberal media for her claim that Obama’s healthcare reform would result in the medical needs of the elderly (and others, like her handicapped son) being reviewed by bureaucrats and a decision rendered as to whether or not they were worthy of healthcare, based on a subjective judgment of the person’s level of productivity in society.

But then along came that great humanitarian Bill Gates. Bill’s foundation, you may know, is spending billions of dollars (that’s billions with a B) to fund the production of vaccines for third world countries. All this in the name of reducing world population.  You see, at the 2010TED conference, Bill gave a speech entitled “Innovating to Zero” in which he unveiled a formula for managing global concerns.  One of the key components of his formula is the number of people in the world, which he proposes be as ideally as close to zero as possible. Thus, innovating to zero. Bill said that vaccines (his vaccines) would be a big driver in holding down world population.  Sounds pretty much like eugenics to me.

But Bill wasn’t finished, not by a long-shot. Recently, at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Bill brought up the issue of choosing to spend money on school teachers instead of on dying patients.  He said, “But that’s called death panel and you’re not suppose to have that discussion.”  Death panels?  Sounds like the liberal media got it wrong again.  I’m sure that they will be immediately apologizing to Sarah Palin, or in any event soon…or maybe not at all.

So I don’t know if this whole thing is someone’s idea of a sick joke or just an Orwellian nightmare.  Either way, when I go to the doctor next time, I expect that I will have to take a ticket and stand in line.  The only question is whether or not I will be allowed to live.

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.”

–    Norman Thomas, American socialist

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