Bill Maher Says


I saw a George Clooney movie the other night entitled “The American.” It was, in small part, a European perspective about what Americans are like.  It wasn’t a pretty picture, if you know what I mean.

Much closer to home, Bill Maher has said that Americans are flat-out stupid.  He even repeated it while being interviewed on national television. According to Bill, Americans need to be dragged (presumably by the hair) so as to get them to accept Obamacare. So tell us Bill, just exactly what makes you so smug?

It seems everyone has it in for Americans these days, so much so that we’re becoming an endangered species.  First it was Bill Maher and then there was the remarks by the chairman of BP saying that they care about the “little people” in the Gulf.  Attorney General Eric Holder chimed in with we’re a nation of cowards and, oh yeah, there’s Obama’s science czar, John Holdren, who once wrote that the government should sterilize people through the food and drinking water supplies. All this in the name of population control.  Maybe, we should make it easy by volunteering for extermination (can anyone spell Soylent Green?).

But Bill Maher is in a class by himself.  He attacks just about everything American and it seems like it’s almost personal with him.  He particularly has a penchant for off-color remarks, such as his comment that Obama doesn’t act like a real black president with a gun in his pants.  In my book, that’s going too far, even for a political satirist. 

Bill also bemoans that Democrats aren’t liberal enough and that Republicans are just angry white people and Jesus freaks. If Democrats aren’t liberal enough, just what kind of nation do you suppose Bill would support?  After all, he did initially back Obama’s plan to fundamentally transform America, didn’t he?  And now that’s not liberal enough?

Maybe, we should ask Bill what kind of world he envisions (or maybe not). Ultimately, I suspect that Bill would never be satisfied unless the whole country was playing a game of “Simon Says” and Bill got to be Simon. 

Maybe, we should ask Bill about his belief in God, or lack thereof, and how that fits into his vision of Utopia. Then again, maybe we shouldn’t do that either, especially since he considers Christians to be nothing more than Jesus freaks and Mormonism to be a fake religion.

Of course there’s always the chance that Bill Maher was right after all. Maybe, as Bill says, it is easy to fool the American voting public. They elected Barack Obama, didn’t they.  What were they actually expecting from a fascist anyway? Just go ask Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck.

I’ve got it.  What we need to do is hand the reins of power in this country over to King Bill.  He most assuredly is smarter than the rest of us.  At least, he thinks he is.  So why doesn’t he simply change the introduction for his TV show to “I’m right. I’m Bill Maher and you’re stupid.”  Now wouldn’t that be just plain “Religulous”?


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