Little Secrets of the Universe


When I was a kid, my mother sometimes shared with me what she referred to as little secrets.  However, she failed to tell me any such secrets with respect to the universe around us and our place in it.  Now although we were a religious family, I can forgive her for perhaps not knowing.  After all, it’s not the kind of thing that would be included in the Sunday sermon or even found in the Bible for that matter.  As for my pastor, he was steeped in church dogma but was by no means a holy man.  I suspect that God never spoke to him even though he would occasionally start his sermons with the phrase “and last night God told me.”

As a result, people’s knowledge of God (or just about anything else) is generally limited to what other people have told them.  That’s why the only religion practiced in Saudi Arabia today is Islam.  In India, the vast majority of people are Hindus, in China they are Buddhists and so on.  Religion is a cultural phenomenon which has been passed on for centuries from father to son.  The different religions all believe that their religion is based on an intimate knowledge of the divine.  As if, anyone ever met God.  All of which leads up to one of the little secrets of the universe.

Secret #1 – God is not active in the universe.


While God is a part of all creation, God is completely passive.  In fact, God is not a person or an entity of some sort.  Rather, God is an all-encompassing consciousness – a universal mind if you will.  To be active in his own creation, would completely negate the concept of Free Will.  After all, you are either free or you’re not.

Now some people would like to believe that the Bible is divinely inspired – the word of God so to speak.  Again, that would be a violation of free will.  The Bible can only be man’s word about God and nothing more.  When the Bible was first written, man was almost completely illiterate and living in a perpetual state of tribal warfare.  The Bible provided much-needed concepts of God and moral values – concepts that are still valuable today.  However, it’s important to understand who the audience was some two thousand years ago.  You can’t teach calculus to a second-grade math class now can you!

The way that this played out in the Bible  was when the disciples admitted to Jesus that they didn’t understand his teachings (his teachings were too esoteric, even for them).  Jesus, who taught in parables, replied to them with another parable by saying that those with eyes would see and those with ears would hear.  Jesus’ words meant that when they (i.e. their consciousness) was evolved enough, they would finally understand.  If he had given them the answers that they were asking for, it would have been like teaching calculus to that second-grade math class.

Bottom line – there is no divine judgment involved in the events of man, like say the tsunami in Indonesia.  In other words, there is no wrath of God as God is not allowed to judge. God’s own natural laws don’t allow for it.  All of which leads us to the 2nd little secret of the universe which I will write about later.


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