Secret of the Universe #4



One of my favorite books is “ The Five People You Meet In Heaven”.  It’s a book that I heartily recommend to everyone that I meet.  The reason that I like the book is that it reinforces the idea that we all came to this world for a reason and because it deals with the concept of heaven pragmatically instead of through the wishful eyes of a believer.  The problem that I have with some people’s belief about heaven is that it’s what I call a limiting concept.  That is, you can’t get to heaven unless….   On the other hand, I view heaven as being a concept of self-enpowerment.  Life, for me, is a journey and heaven is not so much a destination as it is a stopping off point.  It is a place that is part of the process of life, a place that we all get to experience (even Hitler according to Neale Donald Walsch).

It says in the Bible that my father’s house has many mansions and it’s been proven to me that indeed my father’s house (all of creation) does have many mansions (worlds/lives).  Which brings us to the fourth secret of the universe –

Death is not the end, it is the beginning

I don’t limit myself or my concept of life to this one lifetime.  Creation is much more intelligent and infinite than that.  Neither do I consider mankind to be the point of creation.  Rather, I believe that we are all part of an infinite stream of consciousness and exist simultaneously in multiple dimensions.  Thus when we “die” in one dimension, we simply continue to exist in another dimension.

In the circle of life, there is no beginning and no end.  Life is its own reason for existence and we are all part of that evolutionary process in which death has no meaning, other than perhaps rebirth.  This process is beautifully captured in the mythology of the Phoenix Rising which was revered by the ancient Egyptians .  Other ancient cultures have had other names for this symbol of immortality but the meaning is always the same (i.e.a continuous cycle of death and rebirth).

Unfortunately, we live in a fear-based reality where the things we understand the least we fear the most – like death.  As opposed to that, some of the ancient cultures actually celebrated a person’s death.  They believed, and I agree, that it’s far healthier to celebrate the life that we shared with a loved one than to mourn the separation.  In the end, we exist in a dimension governed by the natural law of duality.  How could you ever comprehend the meaning of light unless there was darkness?  Similarly, how could you ever come to understand God without the existence of evil?  In this world of duality, everything (including death) is illusion – everything but love.


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