Religion has become increasingly less relevant in a modern world that is constantly changing at warp speed.  That’s a shame since the Church, whatever your faith, has an important place in any stable, healthy society.  But, then, exactly how does the Church expect to keep its flock in tow, let alone attract new believers?

The Church’s problem is really quite elementary.  Its dogma was created long ago in a world that was so very different from the one we find ourselves in today.  The old order was based on tribal warfare where the people owed there allegiance to the tribal chief who told them exactly how to live their lives and then ruled on all conflicts big and small.  Actually, that’s quite understandable since the vast majority of people back then were illiterate and survival was a battle of the fittest.  Therefore, it was necessary to give the masses a code of conduct.

Today, it’s a brave, new world, especially for young people.  Not surprisingly, they are increasingly asking the tough questions that the Church can’t, or won’t, answer.   The Church has always struggled with some very fundamental questions.  For example, why do very young children have to suffer and die, especially since they had not yet developed an understanding of the difference between right and wrong?  When hard-pressed for an answer, the typical Church response is that God works in mysterious ways.  That’s understandable as well, since the Church doesn’t truly know the answer.

Then there’s the question that so many have asked:  What is the purpose of my life?  Theologians and philosophers down through the ages have attempted to tackle that one, without a satisfactory answer – which leads us directly to the ultimate secret of the universe:

The purpose of life is evolution


The thing to remember is that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience.  In short, consciousness is all that is.  The rest is simply illusion.  We exist in a free will universe where everything is permissible and, in fact, occurs in an infinite number of ways in an infinite number of parallel universes.  God, and by extension all of his children, is good.  However, we cannot evolve without evil.  In a world of duality, matter requires anti-matter, light requires dark and, yes, good needs evil. You see without evil, there is no way for good to understand and experience itself and therefore no way for it to evolve.

Now you’re probably wondering why all people don’t inherently understand this concept.  Part of the answer lies in what scientists would refer to as junk DNA, which makes up over 90% of one’s gray matter and is far from being junk.  Since we use only 10% of our brain, we in essence understand/perceive only 10% of reality.  Our physical senses are really quite limited even when discussing our three dimensional world.  For example, animals perceive the physical world far better than humans.

Beyond that, there are other dimensions and realities that even science now readily admits.  Scientists have recently discovered that black holes are not dead-ends but rather portals (white holes) to other worlds and the universe has many dimensions which they have labeled under the heading of String Theory.  Since these other dimensions are smaller than our own three dimensional world, they exist all around us as well as within every cell of our body.  The Kingdom of God is truly within and the good news is that you can access it through awareness (consciousness) and access it you must because evolution depends on it.

I’d tell you more but truth is an illusive concept.  Simply knowing something isn’t enough.  The truth must first be internalized before it can be accepted.  For most people, truth must be experienced first-hand for this to occur. Therefore, it’s up to each of us to find our own truth, independent of what others may tell us.  Only then can the process of evolution move forward.

As for religion, it desperately needs to reinvent itself.  The old dogma is just that –old (and stale).  People today are searching for answers that require a new way of thinking and a fresh understanding of the world around us.  People are craving a better understanding of their relationship with God that goes far beyond the jealous, angry god portrayed in the Bible.

Today, humanity stands on the precipice of a new age as the Mayan calendar is coming to an end.  The pundits, historians and truth-seekers are all searching for what comes next.  Notwithstanding prophecy, the details of how the divine plan will unfold is sheer speculation on anyone’s part.  However, the one certainty is that life, like God, is eternal – a circle with no beginning and no end – forever evolving.