Palestine Forever


Recently the United Nations voted as to whether or not to recognize Palestine as a member state.  The question that I have is not do the Palestinians deserve a homeland (of course they do) but on what basis the United Nations is addressing this at all.  Why is the United Nations the arbiter of this issue?  Who gave them the right?

Anyway, it’s a bit disingenuous of the U.N. to address the Palestinian issue before first addressing other more serious issues around the globe.  The African continent, for example, has been in a constant state of upheaval for decades where the genocide of millions has become commonplace and apparently an accepted practice.  More recently in Libya, the United Nations stood on the sidelines as NATO forces played a major role in the overthrow of that government.  Politics does make strange bedfellows.

The old saying about war is that to the victor goes the spoils.  But why is it okay to redraw country borders in certain situations but politically incorrect in others?  If we are to interfere in the affairs of other countries, who gets to decide and on what basis?  If we were being intellectually honest, wouldn’t we decide to give America back to the Indians?  Even in the Middle East, there is a larger issue that has been completely ignored by world governments.  The largest ethnic group without a homeland isn’t the Palestinians, it’s the Kurds and yet you never hear anyone suggest that they should get their own homeland.  Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the Kurds can be slaughtered by the Turks and the Iraqis without the world community becoming offended.

But, back to the Palestinian issue.  Around the time of World War I, the Ottoman Empire came to an end and the Middle East was broken up into pieces via a secret pact between England and France.  As a result, an agreed-upon area was designated as being under British control and was then named Palestine.  That area was significantly larger than what is now generally referred to as Palestine.  Out of that larger area, three countries would eventually be formed, namely Jordan, Lebanon and Israel (some 20-30 years later).  During the Six Day War of 1967, Israel was attacked by the forces of several Arab countries.  As a result of that war, certain lands were ceded to Israel (to the victor go the spoils yet again).  Certain of these lands (The West Bank), which were previously part of Jordan, are now the subject of the discussion about forming an independent Palestinian state.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s all a moot issue.  The land has been under Israeli control for  almost 50 years.  It was land that Israel gained as the result of winning a war and needless to say a war that they didn’t start.  What moral authority do we have to redraw the boundaries of Israel at this point in time?  While we’re at it, why don’t we also redraw the boundaries between North and South Korea or how about between China and Taiwan.  To be completely fair, shouldn’t we also give Texas and California back to Mexico?

You could say that we have arrived at this crossroads without a compass and now we intend to right the ship by draining the ocean.  However, I would propose a much simpler solution to the dilemma.  Simply give Palestine to the Palestinians.  By that, I mean Jordan of course.  You see Jordan made up the vast majority of the original Palestine and, in fact, Palestinians constitute a majority of people living in Jordan today.  The country itself is ruled by an ethnic minority whose homeland actually hails from, of all places, Saudi Arabia.

However, I doubt that world leaders are truly interested in real peace in the region..  They created Israel to serve their own agenda and now they would like to destroy it (for the same reason).  Maybe that’s what Rahm Emanuel meant when he said that you should never let a serious crisis go to waste.  That’s exactly why the proposal for a Palestinian homeland will not go away and at the same time why there will likely never be a Palestinian state.  We’ll be forever discussing the Palestine issue and the hatred on both sides will provide fuel for the chaos.  Peace was never the objective of peace talks – chaos was.

A wave of revolution has been sweeping the globe – from Libya to Egypt and from  Yemen to Syria. There have even been demonstrations in London and Tel Aviv.  Some are calling them uprisings of the common man, but what they really are is a series of insurrections instigated by the elite.  The protests for a change in government are most often accompanied by a call for social justice which is in reality a rallying cry for a redistribution of the wealth – otherwise known as Communism.  Not that the elites are actually serious about social justice, or any other kind of justice for that matter.  They simply want your vote and your support for global conflict.

You see, in a world where politicians say one thing and do another, money and greed rule the day.  These same politicians may have been elected by you, but they work for someone else.  How else can you explain the lack of action on this country’s economic woes?  Why isn’t there a movement in Congress to return this country to prosperity?  Why, for example, are businesses and individuals  forced into bankruptcy when their spending exceeds their revenue but the same doesn’t apply to government?  Could it be because government’s financial problems are eventually simply passed along to the taxpayers (in the form of inflation or higher taxes)?  Like I said, who is really working for who?

It’s instructive to look at people’s behavior in reaction to the country’s economic plight.  A man standing in line for Obama bucks was asked where the money he was receiving was coming from.  He replied that the government has plenty of money.  What he really meant to say, but of course didn’t know, is that taxpayers (you and me) would foot the bill.  Had he known, however, he would probably still have insisted on a handout.  It’s a classic example of redistribution of the wealth.

Of course, government’s ultimate solution will be to tax the wealthy.  However, that is merely a ruse to tax the middle class.  In the real world, the rich can always use loopholes to avoid taxes – loopholes that have been bought and paid for from our elected officials.  As always, therefore, the burden will fall on the middle class.  What we wind up with is a form of class warfare where one half, namely the middle class, has to support the other half (who pay no taxes).

So just exactly where does all the money go?  Well, first of all there’s our well-bribed public officials.  Then there’s public employees who, on average, earn 60% more than their counterparts in private industry.  Then, there is the 50% of the citizens who pay no income taxes and yet, for the most part, receive public assistance.  Of course, Wall Street executives rake in millions in bonuses even as the stock market declines.  But let’s not forget multi-national corporations who have moved jobs overseas and in the process avoided paying U.S. income taxes.  Finally, we have the federal government which doles out money (pork) indiscriminately without regard to how much money realistically is available.  Other than the middle class, everyone has their hands in the till, which is why this problem is so intractable and why there has been no rallying cry in Congress to improve the situation.

For example, why is there no movement towards a balanced budget?  After all, there was a surplus when Clinton was in office – only a short eleven years ago.  Why are we involved in wars and conflicts all over the world?  Didn’t Obama run on a platform of getting us out of Iraq?  Instead we have expanded to Afghanistan and Yemen and are considering actions against Syria and Iran.  As for Iraq, we’re still there and the combat troops are now called by other names or replaced by mercenaries (government contractors).  If we were leaving, why are we spending billions on new bases? The bottom line is this. How can these wars possibly be in our best interest when they are bankrupting the country?

As for solutions, Obama recently stated that we need to get America working again by creating jobs.  Well creating jobs in this case is a recipe for disaster because guess who has to pay for them.  By the way, if it was so easy to just create jobs, why haven’t they done it already?  In the final analysis, any real effort to improve the jobs situation and reduce unemployment has to include a realistic illegal immigration policy and tariffs on foreign-made products, both of which seem to be politically undesirable.

So there you have it – an unholy combination of backroom politics and a society hell-bent in pursuit of the almighty dollar.  If you want things to change for the better, you have to take some personal responsibility for the problem.  Don’t just expect the politicians to do anything except prescribe social justice as the panacea regardless of the issue.  In the words of Santa Claus, social justice for all and for all….  I guess Santa didn’t quite say it that way now did he?  Ho ho ho.

Stupid in America


Bill Maher has frequently referred to Americans outside The Beltway as stupid.  Unfortunately for us, Bill Maher is right.  If you have any doubt about that whatsoever, all you have to do is check out some of the incredible man-on-the-street routines that the media does from time to time.   More than that, who else would just hand over their country without a whimper – hardly even a protest or a demonstration, unless you count The Tea Party (which I don’t).

On the plus side, we’ve had some great presidents down through the years – men of character and great courage who made significant contributions to preserve the republic.  I’m talking about people like Jefferson, Lincoln and Kennedy.  They understood that a free country has to be continually protected from those who seek to corrupt and control it.  But the citizens themselves… well that’s another story altogether.

People get the government that they deserve… and boy did we get it.  If you want to complain about the state of affairs in this country, simply look in the nearest mirror.  The culprit will be looking you in the face.  Maybe, however, you’d like to pass the blame on to your representatives in Congress who you foolishly thought would act in the country’s best interest.  Yes, I’m talking about the representatives that you elected.

Of course, maybe you don’t even agree that things are all that bad.  Maybe, you weren’t all that excited about The American Dream in the first place.  Sometimes, it takes a little perspective to appreciate certain things.  Historically, the wave of immigrants to this country has always been about opportunity – opportunity that they didn’t have in their own home country.   Therefore, freedom was something that they never took for granted.

Perhaps then you don’t even realize that you’re being slowly stripped of your civil rights.  Perhaps, you don’t even realize that there is something called The Bill of Rights that is suppose to protect all American citizens, despite what Nancy Pelosi might say to the contrary. Bill Maher was right in calling Americans stupid, but he forgot to mention how we got that way.  You see, half of you have been brainwashed by watching MSNBC and the other half have been brainwashed watching Fox News.  It’s an ideological food fight and ultimately you’re the main course on the menu.  As for the kids, they have been intentionally brutalized by an education system that has taken this country from first to worst.

Now I know that some of you think that none of this applies to you.  If so, you probably listen to public access TV and politically don’t call yourselves either liberals or conservatives.  Similar to Bill Maher then, you might call yourself a progressive which essentially means that you can’t identify with “the little people.”  If so, you feel that you belong to a small, elite group of people whose mission in life is to tell others how to live theirs.  Unfortunately for them, intellectual dishonesty doesn’t equate with intelligence either.

They say that there is nothing so uncommon as common sense and, in that regard, I’m still looking for someone (dare I say anyone) that understands that they’re talking about them when someone speaks about a general lack of common sense.  So go ahead and make my day by telling me that this doesn’t apply to you.   Go ahead – I dare you and, while you’re at it, also tell me that you’re not one of the 300 million Americans who have taken their freedom for granted.   You could say that you’re not one of them… but you’d be wrong.

Like I said, Bill Maher was right.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

– President Ronald Reagan

Down through history, many wars have been fought over who had the right to rule.  In the end, it was all about the bloodline.  If you had the right pedigree, you might possibly lay claim to the throne.  But just where did this idea about bloodlines come from anyway?

It has been said that kingship was handed down by the gods.  The basis for determining who the new king would be was simply a matter of direct descendancy.  It was always kept in the family.  For example, the Bible speaks of a time when the sons of the gods married the daughters of men.  From those unions, then, kings were born.  From that time forward, royal bloodlines were firmly established.  Therefore, kingly authority was based on blood or, more to the point, on DNA.  Kingship was deemed to be a matter of genetic right.

Since their right to be king was the result of their desendancy from the gods, it was said to be a Divine Right.  In order to establish such a right, royal families of Europe have traced their lineage back to Jesus (and then usually back to King David ).  This bloodline through Jesus is referred to as the Grail Bloodline.  The importance of the Grail Bloodline in choosing kings is based on the belief that the bloodline of Jesus survived the crucifixion!

In reality, the bloodline goes back much further than Jesus or King David.  In fact, it goes all the way back to the fallen angels of the Bible.  The Book of Revelation says that the number of the Beast is the same as the number of man – 666.  What people don’t realize is that this means that man evolved from the fallen angels and both have a physical basis within the universe of that of a carbon-based life form.  Science and religion come together on this point, inasmuch as carbon-12 atoms each have 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons – in other words 666.

The intrigue surrounding the royal bloodlines has been the subject of many best-selling books, including most recently Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code.”  Many researchers and authors have noted that these bloodlines have always been incestuous, where family members have had to marry strictly within the family in order to maintain their genetic code (and their right to the monarchy).  In ancient times, because of the lack of a ready gene pool, mothers married sons and brothers married sisters.  Even today, royal marriages between cousins is commonplace (e.g. Prince William and Kate).

With respect to American presidents, almost every president can claim a royal British/European heritage.  As shocking as this may sound, these American presidents are related to each other and are part of the same bloodline, a bloodline that stretches back through the Roman emperors to the Babylonian kings and the Egyptian pharaohs.  So tell me then, exactly who is it that has been ruling America for the last 200+ years?

This information is new for most of you and there is a reason why you haven’t been told about it.  It’s a dirty little secret that some people prefer that you never learned – a secret that has been reserved for members of the elite and their secret societies.  It’s the story about man’s true origins.  Dr. Francis Crick, a world famous biologist who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the molecular structure of DNA, was responsible for letting the cat out of the proverbial bag when he announced to the world that human DNA has an extraterrestrial origin.  The scientific community has been scrambling ever since to mitigate the damage caused by his disclosure.  As secrets go, this one is a doozy. The possible implications are staggering, with ramifications that could shake the very foundations of government, religion and virtually all other social institutions.

To fully understand the secret you have to connect all of the dots.  Extraterrestrial origins…one family…one rule.  Like I said, it’s a dirty little secret that some people don’t want you to know.  But, of course…now you know.