Try Redistributing That


Although much has been said and reported about redistribution of the wealth, none of it cuts to the heart of the matter.  That’s because no one is going to tell the public the truth.  You see, the reality is that redistribution of wealth is a scam.

It’s motherhood and apple pie for Americans to want to provide for people in need. However, I don’t see Obama or Romney, or Bill Gates for that matter, offering to use large sums of their own money to address social issues in the country.  They want government to solve those kind of problems.  But there’s just one small problem, the government is broke.  In order to pay for social services, taxes have to be raised.  Even if you could increase taxes on the 1%, the increase in revenue would be insignificant. In any event, the tax codes are the work of lobbyists who are paid by the 1% so tax codes will always have loopholes for the 1%.

But who exactly is the government anyway?  Why, it’s you and me.  The truth is that we (the middle class) have to pay the taxes that keeps the government going which, in turn, provides food stamps to the 47 million people receiving them.  Despite the rhetoric of taxing the rich, politicians realize the sobering fact that the middle class would have to bear the brunt of any tax increases.  That’s why during the last presidential election campaign the definition of “rich” dropped all the way to under $100,000 of annual income.

Redistribution of the wealth was a concept spawned by Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto.  It’s the cornerstone of communism and we all know how well that turned out.  Marx’s core belief was that the masses should be reliant on the government for their subsistence (and as a result would become subservient to the government).  As history would show, it’s against man’s nature to work for the benefit of the common good over himself.  This is what the Laffer curve clearly demonstrates.  The Laffer curve is a term in economics which describes what happens to government income tax revenue at different tax rates.  According to the Laffer curve, at a 100% tax rate, government revenues are zero because there is no incentive for people to work.  The maximum income tax revenue is therefore produced at a tax rate far below 100% because only then are people properly incentivized to work hard and risk their own capital.

The truth is that redistribution of wealth is a buzz-word for control of the masses by the elite (through the government which the elite control). This is why the issue of big government vs. small government is crucially important.  Only by limiting the size, and power, of government can Americans protect their rights and their liberty.

Try redistributing that!

“Government is too big and too important to be left to the politicians”.

– Claire Huchet Bishop

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