The Lost Civilization


According to the Bible, man was first created about 5,800 years ago.   Likewise, the Jewish calendar, which is dated from similar biblical texts, is currently in the year 5,773.  Science, on the other hand, dates man’s first appearance (in Africa) to roughly 200,000 years ago.  Since many Christians take the Bible literally, religion and science have been at loggerheads ever since.  The conundrum for religion is that if it were proven that man was born 200,000 years ago, then the Bible would be wrong and, by extension, could not be taken literally at all.  It’s an even more precarious position for scientists, who are at the same time Christian, and want to believe in the Bible but are faced with the results of their own scientific research.

Now the history books state that man evolved slowly and gradually from 200,000 years ago and, according to science, the first significant milestone for man was the development of agriculture at least 10,000 years ago (as opposed to the Bible’s rendering of 5,800 years ago for first man).  Prior to that, man was a hunter/gatherer who had not yet even invented anything more than very rudimentary tools… and yet.

The world of archaeology is currently upstaging both religion and science.  Everyone has probably heard of the more famous sites like the Great Pyramid or Machu Picchu.  However, some of the more recent discoveries are truly amazing.  For starters there are the pyramids in Bosnia, which are larger and significantly older than the pyramids in Egypt.  In addition, there are pyramids and whole cities that have been discovered beneath the oceans.  Underwater ruins have been discovered around the world, from Japan to Cuba to India to the North Sea (just to name a few).  What makes these discoveries stand out from discoveries on land is that these sites mostly can be dated to the ending of the last ice age, some 12,000 years ago, when the world’s sea level rose significantly.

Now progress in civilization normally takes thousands of years.  To understand when life began you have to work backward from what is known to the beginning.  In the case of these latest archaeological finds, fully developed civilization existed in some places prior to 10,000BC and you need to then work backward from there.  This makes the scientific estimate of 200,000 years ago for the appearance of man seem reasonable, although it does raise other significant issues.  Even more recent developments surround the discovery of cities in Mexico and South Africa that have both been dated to at least 200,000 years.  If true, that would blow any and all theories out of the water.

In any event, pre-history was apparently witness to an advanced civilization of some kind that was light years beyond what otherwise was in existence at that time.   As one civilization morphed from hunter/gatherers to farmers and later into the Bronze Age and the development of more sophisticated weapons and even later to the advent of Greek Civilization and then 3,000 more years to modern man and his string of impressive technological discoveries (beginning in the 20th century), a more advanced civilization somehow came and went.

How does one solve this enigma?  Well to begin with, religion needs to admit that man existed before Adam and Eve.  Perhaps, that’s the real story of how Cain was able to leave the Garden of Eden and find a wife.  As for science, they need to stop being politically correct and admit that the process of gradual evolution is not a completely workable thesis.  After all, there apparently were two completely different civilizations living on this planet at the very same time (overlapping for at least some period of history).  So many ancient cultures, the Mayans and Incans included, were visited by “gods” who brought the seeds of civilization with them.  Mayan legend states that these men came from and returned to the stars.  Other cultures, like the well-documented Dogon tribe of West Africa, tell a similar story.

The story of this lost civilization has been suppressed for thousands of years.  Most legends and religions do state, however, that the gods will return.  However, I can only imagine what would happen if they do and found that the masses didn’t even know that they had been here.


6 Responses to “The Lost Civilization”

  1. scotsman said

    I’m not aware of the earlier-dated finds you mention, but I DO know that two entirely different species of human being, Neanderthal and Early Modern Humans, have long since been proven to have coexisted for at least several thousand years. BOTH are known to have possessed what are arguably the highest refinements of human thought: Art and Religion. The ancient cave-paintings at Lascaux easily demonstrate the former, while burial rituals of the Neanderthal, which included flowers, and implements, signifying a belief in an afterlife demonstrate the former. The fact that the Neanderthal buried their dead at ALL, in cave systems they were inhabiting, suggests reverence for ancestors – else they’d have tossed out like the rotting remains of the animals they consumed. As for Technology, the other much spoken of development of man, THAT predates BOTH species: Homo Erectus, long before Neanderthal, is known to have created and used tools, suggesting brain development enough to adapt something as accidental as a chipped stone flake into a tool that could skin, eviscerate, and butcher anything from a gazelle to a mammoth – and then they learned to make more or the same, and eventually better tools still. Then there’s fire: no one knows for sure exactly when human beings learned to create and use it – but it was certainly present in Neanderthal cave-dwellings as far back as 160,000 years, and perhaps further …

    What I’m saying is, regardless of any finds of ancient ‘gods’ or past super-civilizations, there is plenty of evidence, widely accepted by the entire scientific community, that human beings, with spiritual beliefs, artistic skill, medical knowledge sufficient to allow patients to survive trephining (cutting holes in the skull), a medical procedure STILL practiced well into the 20th century, and technological capabilities that clearly set them apart from every other animal on this planet, ALL existed 160,000 or more years before the Jewish or Christian calendars say mankind was created by God on the 6th day.

    As I’ve said in earlier posts and comments, this does NOT mean the stories in the Bible are wrong – only that they should be seen as stories: oral traditions handed down, embellished, and eventually put on paper by fallible human beings, who, however devout, probably couldn’t resist this or that adjustment that every story-teller makes to the tale he was told.

    You want to look at some interesting finds? Have a look at the Persian Gulf. This, with the Gulf of Oman, shows every evidence of being a great river valley, far in the distant geological past. Villages are being discovered on the sea floor in the gulf, not dated, as yet, but they could NOT have been constructed except when that land was above water, and that must have been tens of thousands of years ago … no one knows whether the flooding of the Gulf was gradual, slowly claiming the villages built in the rich river valley, or a sudden geological catastrophe.

    I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. Eden is described in Genesis in association with 4 rivers: Look at the Geography of the Gulf: Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, and Euphrates. The first two names are lost to time. But the Tigris and Euphrates BOTH flow into the northern Persian Gulf and are certainly the head waters of the mighty river that once flowed through that valley.

    Ancient settlements in a rich and fertile land fed by two great rivers mentioned as associated with Eden. The name ‘Eden’ itself, many scholars believe is derived from an Aramaic root meaning ‘Fruitful’ or ‘well-watered’.

    And it was eventually destroyed by a flood, whether gradual, or sudden and catastrophic.

    Troy was found by seeking the kernel of truth in an old, old, old tale … it would never have been found if people had dismissed the entire thing as fiction, nor yet could it have been found if each and every word of the old story had been taken to be literally true!

    I’ve said it before, and it remains my steadfast belief: the truth is almost NEVER in the extremes – you’ll find it somewhere in the middle.

  2. scotsman said

    (Need I add that the Epic of Gilgamesh, which far precedes the Hebrew Bible but came from the regions bounded by Tigris and Euphrates – and, in fact, is one of the oldest human stories yet discovered in written form – also speaks of a rich and fertile land, in that same region, destroyed by a mighty flood … coincidence? Did the Epic contribute to the stories recorded in the Talmud, or were they each entirely separate tellings of ancient events barely remembered in oral traditions? I don’t know – but obviously I have my suspicions … )

    • chicagoja said


      Thanks for all of the links and references. With respect to the Epic of Gilgamesh, many scholars say that it was indeed the basis for the creation story in the Bible. Religions are almost always borrowed in part or layered on top of an older religion. The Torah, for example, was written when the Israelites were in captivity in Babylon. The Levites, the priestly caste, who wrote the Torah had access to one of the world’s great libraries in Babylon. Cyrus the Great, who ruled most of the Middle East at the time, was a Persian and the religion of the Persians was Zoroastrianism. It could be more than a coincidence that Judaism would reflect Zoroastrianism values, including monotheism.


  3. scotsman said

    Here is an article detailing some of the information I refer to: I hope it will be as interesting to you as it was to me! There are other Archeological articles, published in peer-reviewed Journals, and therefore agreed upon by the scientific community as having enough evidence behind them to be worthy of serious debate.

  4. God gave man the freedom to choose to do right or wrong but He didn’t give man freedom from worship. If man don’t believe one thing he will believe another thing. The same people who ask me how can I believe in a God I can’t see, will tell me that they believe the Lock nests monster, big foot or men from outer space is real. Everyone on this planet believe in something that can’t be proven. We all have no doubt the air we breath is real. However, you’ll never hear someone say that he or she believe in air. The things we know is real require no belief from us. Only the things that we can’t see or prove is real require our belief. However, the belief in God, no matter when the first man was created, is the only concept I know of that encourage man to guard from evil and be a dignified good human being. I have no doubt that doing good and guarding from evil is the best way of life for everyone who live on this planet. And for those of us who believe and understand this it doesn’t matter when the first man was created. When I choose to believe in God I also choose to believe in nothing else. This is called worshipping God alone or associating nothing else with my worship of God, the Creator. What good is this super advanced world if everything has become evil and we can’t solve any of the problems we are facing today? How bad will our society need to get before the people who do worship God, the Creator, decide to stop giving their money to those who are worshipping something else? Stop fueling the fire against yourself.

  5. john richardson said

    The bible is utter nonsense,so to argue with it,is validating it. jesus was no more a messiah than i am.the concept of god is nothing other than man claiming a higher power than himself.if there
    was or is a god ,god would be lesser for love is below,ego is above

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