Lost History


It was Winston Churchill that supposedly said, “History was written by the victors”.  If so, Churchill should have known inasmuch as he was also an historian.  But then, just what part of history could stand some revisions?  Well, I would personally opt for that part of history that hasn’t even been written yet, a time that is generally referred to as prehistory (or before events were recorded by man).  I’ve obliquely mentioned this void in history in prior blogs, such as “A Dirty Little Secret” and “The Lost Civilization”.  So here’s another piece of the puzzle.

The earliest writing systems are generally credited to Mesopotamia circa 3500BC.  Although there were some creation stories that survived (like the “Epic of Gilgamesh”), there was no written history of prior civilizations (that we know of).  Certainly, there were great libraries in ancient times, in Babylon and Alexandria for example, that were said to contain all the wisdom in the world.  But, those libraries were destroyed or abandoned and most of their great writings were lost to humanity.  It is said that there are still some private collections in the world today, the Vatican library being chief among them, that have extremely old books that only a few men have ever seen in modern times; but again, such texts have never been made public.

As a result, history books generally only go back to about 3500BC.  However, recent archeological finds, especially cities found in Mexico and South Africa, suggest that civilization goes back more than 200,000 years, and by inference first man goes back much further yet.  The strange thing about these discoveries is that Mexico and South Africa have never been considered to be possibilities for the Cradle of Civilization.  Adding to the mystery is the fact that the Mexico discovery has been suppressed for over fifty years by mainstream archeology because it breaks the chronology timeline and would cause the history books to be rewritten.

If that wasn’t jaw-dropping enough, there are some researchers who believe that the origins of man on this planet go back millions of years.  Historian Michael Cremo, for example, has written a book entitled “Forbidden Archeology” suggesting such a theory and NBC did a TV special, “The Mysterious Origins of Man”, many years ago based in part on his work.

Further, other cultures like the Mayans and the Vedic culture have creation stories that go back billions of years. That’s billions with a “b”.  In addition, the Mayan calendar which has been proven to be as accurate as our own modern calendar has a great cycle that lasts millions of years (into the past).  The burning question is this: Why were these incredibly long cycles necessary and who was on this planet back then to make such an observation?

Now, I can just hear all of the objections to this scenario.  But the Bible says …and science has proven that… and if it’s true, why haven’t we heard about it before?  The answer is that we have heard it before, but mainstream historians and scientists (at least in western civilization) refer to it as mythology, instead of the true history that it really represents.  How arrogant are we to assume that other cultures couldn’t possibly understand things that we ourselves haven’t yet learned.  Ergo, it’s mythology and, therefore, the history books don’t have to mention it.  So that brings us back full circle to “history was written by the victors”.  I’ll leave it up to you to decide who the victors were (assuming that I haven’t lost you already).  However, it’s probably not what you think.

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