Your New Prison


Well, it’s official.  The inmates are in charge of the prison.  The results of the election prove just one thing – that the have-nots now run the country.  As a result, we’re going to follow Europe down the path to socialism and eventual self-destruction.

Now by socialism, I mean a form of government where the government provides for all the needs of its citizenry.  I’m talking about the few supporting the many; the productive supporting the unproductive; and the workers supporting those who don’t work.  The net effect of this will inevitably be a redistribution of the wealth. This may come as a shock to you but most of the burden will have to fall on the middle class since they earn the lion’s share of personal income in this country.

So look at Europe and you’ll see where we will be in the near future – even higher unemployment; rioting in the streets and a middle class that has all but disappeared.  Strangely enough, socialism there has brought on some of the very things that it was meant to cure, turning them into a floundering welfare state in the process.  They started by expanding the role, and cost, of government in order to provide for their new welfare state.  This eventually led to inefficiencies in their economy which in turn undercut their ability to produce and compete in the world marketplace.  This, in turn, led to higher unemployment and finally to rioting in the streets by the unemployed.

The result of socialism is always a large, bureaucratic and corrupt government.  That sucking sound which accompanies socialism is the energy, vitality and wealth of a country going down the drain.  It’s also accompanied by a reduction in personal freedom.  After all if the government is going to meet all of your needs, they are also going to tell you how to live your life.  However, the really scary part is that socialism will usually lead, at some point, to either communism or fascism.

So the election last night was a victory for all those that have their hands out for the government to support them.  In these tough economic times, their ranks have swelled and as a group they voted overwhelmingly for a continuation of the hand-outs.  What else would you expect anyway?  The demographics in this country have changed dramatically.  By that, I mean that the rich are getting richer and the rest of us are getting poorer, with the inevitable outcome that the people in the middle will get squeezed from both sides.  With the have-nots in control of the voting booth, things can only get uglier from here on out.  I hope that you enjoy your new prison.

“When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end

of the Republic”.     – Benjamin Franklin


4 Responses to “Your New Prison”

  1. What you said in this blog very well could be true about the future of the United States. However, please share with us your understand on what the United States must do to get back on the right track.

    • chicagoja said


      Thank you for your comment.

      Obviously this country has lost its way from the principles of the founding fathers and we desperately need to reconnect with our spiritual roots. We have become a nation of individuals who want to know what the country will do for them as opposed to what President Kennedy said (that people should ask what they can do for the country). With respect to the current situation, the political landscape didn’t just get this way overnight. Most people don’t realize that it’s been 60 years in the making. What’s required to reverse course is for people to realize that the only solution to returning this country to greatness is to put aside their differences and come together because the country is headed down a path that will eventually result in everyone losing. Neither Republicans nor Democrats, nor liberals, nor conservatives can make this happen on their own; it will require a grass-roots movement that will embrace a majority of people, especially those that are in the political middle.


  2. vam said

    The election in itself will not make life hell… the economic order will, in which 80% of th profit eddies within 20% of the population. The profit inflationarily scours up the money from 100% of the population.

    With Mitt Romney, the economic order would have worsened.

    I agree with your views on the bulk of the Govt but, again, find your projection of it turning “socialist” in US, or even close, a hyperbole.

    An interesting blogger you are, though. Glad to follow the blog.

    Thanks for that comment on “Alternate History” post of mine !

    • chicagoja said

      The reason that I wrote the blog is that people don’t realize just how far down the road to socialism we’ve gone and that the election perhaps is a sign that we’ve crossed over the threshold. Here’s other signs that we’re moving more and more to socialism: (1) as you mentioned,80% of the profit going to 20% of the people (2)a liberal bias in the media (3) people are for big government (4) increasing shift in demographics towards minorities and senior citizens (5) the swelling ranks of people dependent on the government. The last one is the crusher and I believe that it was a major factor in the election just concluded. Obama ran on a platform of four more years and won despite the failing economy because he represents socialist ideals whereas Romney represents the free-market system and the privileged class. What we’re going to get in the next four years is a lot more government regulation, of just about everything, and a corresponding loss of personal freedom. Welcome to socialism.

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