A Man Named Cain


In a place referred to as the Garden of Eden, lived the biblical couple of Adam and Eve.  They became man and wife (although undoubtedly didn’t marry) and had children.  There was much controversy surrounding one of their children, a son named Cain (the black sheep of the family we are told).  But the real mystery surrounding Cain, is rarely if ever discussed because of the possible scandal that it would cause (the family skeleton in the closet, so to speak).

The issue is one of kingly descent.  As homo sapiens sapiens proliferated, there had to be a way to determine who the king would be.  So a rule was born that kingly authority was a matter of direct descendancy based on bloodlines, or more specifically on one’s DNA.  Kingship was, therefore, deemed to be a genetic right.

Now, the Jewish tradition of kingship has always been one of a matriarchal descent, the first son of the mother.  Then why the conflict between Cain and Abel?  After all, Cain was the first son, wasn’t he?  Well, that depends on who you ask and how you define “first son”.  The Bible story is couched in terminology that clouds the issue over Cain’s paternity although it does say that Eve “had gotten a man(Cain) from the Lord”.  Ancient Jewish esoteric teachings such as the Zohar and the Cabala, and even the Talmud itself, are much more informative about this issue and state that Cain was, in fact, the son of an angel of the Lord by the name of Samael.  Symbolically then, the Mark of Cain was a unique DNA which was inherited(on the male side) directly from the gods.  This then created the issue of who exactly was the “first son”; was it Abel the first son who descended from man (Adam) or Cain the first son who descended from the gods?

This would help explain a lot.  Two family lines descended from Adam and Eve, one through Cain and one through Seth(the later son of Adam and Eve) that would eventually lead to Jesus; a line from man in direct opposition to a line from the gods.  It set into motion a cosmic struggle for supremacy that still rages today.


10 Responses to “A Man Named Cain”

  1. Wouldn’t Cain’s descendants have died in the flood?

    • chicagoja said


      That is what many people believe, but the Bible actually refutes that. Besides, the Great Flood of the Bible was actually limited to Mesoptomania.


  2. Darrell Barnett said

    Why would you belive that they were not married?

    • chicagoja said


      Good to hear from you my friend. Hope all is well in the Springs. I assume that they weren’t married because (1) there was nobody to marry them (since they were the only two people in existence) (2) there were no laws that required marriage; and (3) the Bible didn’t say that they got married.

      Hope that explains it.


      • Darrell Barnett said


        I believe that Adam and Eve were indeed married, but by God himself. I must belive that the word “wife” has the same meaning that it does today. That is my reasoning. Keep up the good work. I trust all is well with you. Like I mentioned elsewhere, I do enjoy reading your posts.


  3. Darrell Barnett said

    I’ll have to disagree on the flood answer too. The entire Earth was flooded, the planet needed to be baptized by water. The baptizm by fire is yet to come.

    • chicagoja said


      Archeological evidence is overwhelming that there was no “global” flood, particularly in the timeframe of the Bible (4000BC).
      It appears, though, that there could have been a massive flood throughout Mesopotmania.


  4. Darrell Barnett said

    John, I certainly enjoy your postings. There sure is a lot for me to learn. You make me think. Hope all is well my friend.

  5. Hi!
    Hope all is well! I just returned from a women’s encounter retreat with my church, what an amazing weekend. I just read this post, intereating. My question to you? Are you searching for truth or running from something? I hope you don’t mind me asking, I’m just curious? You said at one time you believed like me, I believe? Maybe I’m making that up and not remembering correctly. Would u mind giving me insight?

    • chicagoja said

      Glad to hear that you had a great time at the retreat. It’s a good way to get to clear your head and connect with others. To answer your question, I’m an ordinary truthseeker, not unlike others I know. However, I feel fortunate enough to have had some extraordinary experiences which resulted in certain truths being revealed to me. This was one of them.

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