A Man Named Yeshua


Once upon a time many years ago, there was a man named Yeshua.  Some time after his birth, he was visited by Persian Zoroastrian holy men because he had been born of the proper lineage (from a great king)  to become a messiah.   You see, his people had been hopefully expecting a messiah to come and save them from their oppressors.

Once he was old enough, his parents shipped him off to India to learn from the great Buddhist masters, rather than study the local religion.  As a result, he became an extremely enlightened person and eventually returned to his homeland.  Upon his return, he found himself in direct conflict with the religious leaders who he thought were leading the people astray.  His message of hope, love and redemption would largely fall on deaf ears.  Even his closest followers would admit that they did not understand his teachings and some of them said that there were great mysteries surrounding those teachings and that the truth was only disclosed to a privileged few.

Because of his opposition to the religious authorities, he would be labeled as a troublemaker and, eventually, his enemies would conspire against him with the result that his life would be cut short.  In the end, he was never considered to be a hero even in his own hometown.  Neither was he ever thought of by his own people to be a messiah. Nevertheless, his legend lived on in the minds and hearts of those that had known him best and they would form a movement in his honor.  Oddly enough, though, he would eventually become a savior in the minds of people who had but heard of his legend.

So goodbye, sweet Yeshua. I wish that I could have known you better; I wish that I could have called you friend.  Now, I can only listen to all the stories that people still tell about your greatness and wonder what it might have been like if you had only lived longer…and wonder if the truth of your teachings will ever be disclosed.

15 Responses to “A Man Named Yeshua”

  1. jomr53 said

    Do you honestly think we all crawled on all fours till some Yeshua came along and enlightened us.

    • chicagoja said

      Thanks for your comment and apparent concern. To answer your question:No. Your comment implies that you missed the whole point of my post though.

  2. jomr53 said

    I didn’t read it wrongly,your story pointed to the person Yeshua, no man is wiser than another,our own wisdom carries us throughout life,
    whether it

    be good or
    bad. Nobody taught me right from wrong it was in my DNA,its whether I used it,that mattered,as of love ,love is surrendering yourself,I choose to surrender,for I see the senseless in doing otherwise.

    • chicagoja said

      Your right about the DNA, you can read about it some of my prior posts. However, you totally missed the point of my post. Try reading between the lines.

      • jomr53 said

        Okay,I am missing the point…what I am reading ..your saying there was this person…Yeshua, then you go on to say goodbye.. if we only knew your true meaning…Are you saying the story is a fairy tale, which it is..the bit I don’t understand is…if only you lived longer we would know the true meaning of what you were trying to say…nobody said anything its all a fabrication.

      • chicagoja said

        There’s a biblical expression that says “To those who have eyes will see”. But you’re not into the Bible, so there isn’t much reason to try and explain it.

  3. jomr53 said

    You asked me to futher go on to explain god, there cannot be a higher being ,god,for being higher would therefore be ego,as Yeshua,Jesus whatever wasn’t god he was ego. god is a concept we created,as faith is a belief in the supernatural..its not real,whatever real means..we could say life is an illusion, if so that would mean the illusions go on into infinity…we don’t know what we are…we have named ourselves as something,but what we are ..WE DON’T KNOW…

    • chicagoja said

      It’s true that God is not provable, but everyone needs to believe in something even if that something is that they don’t believe in the concept of God. Belief systems, however, can become a hinderance when we take them, or ourselves, too seriously. For example, how can we with our finite minds expect to understand the infinite? Yes, you could say that life is an illusion and I might tend to agree with you. Certainly, science has done research that demonstrates that our reality springs from a deeper invisible reality. However, there are ways of experiencing life that gives us reason to have faith in certain things (e.g. we observe the cause and we experience the effect). The trick is to let go of what you think you know and just experience life (with or without God).

  4. jomr53 said

    God…that means nothing, its only a safeguard for your insecurity. It’s very selfish believing in a deity, me comes first in that framework of belief. Also its impossible to believe in nothing,for the belief in nothing is believing nothing.We do not know what we are.so how can we now what something is,its a bit like the naming of the animals,they aren’t their names nor are they animals ,they are something else to which we don’t know of. We are fools in a paradise,anything after that is conjecture. Which again is nonsense, conjecture is assuming, what’s to assume,we k
    now nothing. 0

  5. jomr53 said

    That my friend is a judgement,to which I have no time for,as for the bible it is no more than folklore past on from one campfire to another.I was very involved in the church,I used to evangelize with a well know author of biblical instruction on the street of London, I was friendly with Lord Soper, a Christian socialist.I have a history that goes back near forty years ,I worked with drug addicts prostitutes in the streets of Glasgow for many years.. I attended Glasgow bible college as it was known then…Now as for the bible ,there is no historical evidence of Moses other than in the Bible, slavery of the Jews for four hundred yours has no historic evidence..wandering around the desert for 40 years has no evidence..Noah and the animals two by two, cannot explain the billions of life forms on the earth that weren’t taken in.The holy grail which was so sacred to the Jews they carried about where ever they went for it was their protection has never been carried into the present day,it was sacred to them ,so where is it? It didn’t exist. The virgin birth WHO verified that,Mary never mentioned iit.Jesus conversation with the samaritan woman,who recorded that,for only the two were there the disciples came later…the list goes on and on till it becomes farcical. Your living by faith,which is your living in the belief of the supernatural,that’s faith,no basis on reality. You believe in fairy tales but they are selective ones ,the ones that suit your taste. Don’t come across as a wise person for you then become a fool. If you believe in the judgement then you shall he judged,..by yourself..judgement has to be just therefore it cannot be applied. We have the right to believe what you want, that’s choice,oh you haven’t got choice your a believer in the bible that’s a restriction of choice.enjoy your streets paved in gold and singing praises to Jehovah’s or whoever for all eternity,you can hardly keep them in the church sing for an hour before the craving for chicken sets in ,prasing for all eternity,that’s known as hell.

    • chicagoja said

      Thank you for your comments. As i said, you’ve misunderstood my beliefs. If you go back and read my older posts you’ll probably see why.

  6. chicagoja said

    Discourse requires that you at least listen to the other person. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with me, if my thoughts mean nothing to you why do you bother posting comments?

  7. alexd281 said

    “Once he was old enough, his parents shipped him off to India to learn from the great Buddhist masters, rather than study the local religion.”

    What is your source for this? I would like to know. I commend you on your thirst for truth. May we journey together for it and may our paths be enlightened that we may enlighten others. To God be the Glory.

  8. alexd281 said

    “Once he was old enough, his parents shipped him off to India to learn from the great Buddhist masters, rather than study the local religion.”

    What is your source for this? I would like to know. I commend you on your thirst for truth. May we journey together for it and may our paths be enlightened that we may enlighten others. To God be the Glory.

    Sorry for the repost. I think I may have accidentally posted as a reply to another comment. Can you delete the other one?

    • chicagoja said

      thanks for your comment. Indian writings refer to Jesus as Saint Issa. There’s all sorts of books and documentaries on the subject. If you’re interested, just Google Jesus in India.

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