The Evolution of Truth


German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said that the truth passes through three stages.  First it is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed and eventually it is admitted that it is self-evident.  Men of truth who dared to challenge accepted practice typically went through the first two stages without ever arriving at the third stage. (e.g. President Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Christ), as truth can be a very painful thing for many people to face.

The three stages for men of truth were more typically as follows: first they were misunderstood; then even if they were understood, they were not believed; then if they were believed, they were killed.  The message of these men could not be tolerated if they attracted too many followers because the truth is too revolutionary in that it threatens the control matrix.

So where does their truth come from?  For that matter, where do paranormal events like intuition or inspiration come from?  Well, real truth only comes from God.  Here’s how it works.  Ancient mystics said that God came from Nothingness (the Void).  Christianity later had a similar idea – that man was created out of nothing (ex nihilo).  Now, nothingness is an impossible concept to define; by definition, it’s no thing.  So man’s feeble attempt to define the Absolute resulted in them describing God in human terms and relative to their own human experiences.  God, in essence, became an invention of philosophers and science based on a three-dimensional reality.

The problem with science describing God is that science is based on observation, as measured by physical instruments, and there’s no way to observe nothing.  Conceptually, the ancients knew that but science has come a long way since, especially in the last 30 years.  For example, electrical signals from the brain can be recorded on an oscilloscope.  When a person has a thought the electrical signal spikes, but exactly where did the thought originate?  Prior to the thought, the oscilloscope reading is zero and zero is always the reading both immediately before and after the thought.  Substituting nothingness for zero, we discover that God can only exist outside of our three-dimensional reality.

Science has theoretically demonstrated that there are various dimensions outside of this reality which are, in effect, unobservable.  So when energy enters our world from the outside, the oscilloscope first registers a spike at the point of entry. The great adepts, shamans and prophets understood those principles and were able to manipulate reality; but, of course, they were never able to truly understand God.

Today, the masses are asleep and impervious to the shaman power that they possess; and some people would like to keep it that way.  By asleep, I mean that they are continuously manipulated and controlled, from birth to death.  Just ask Morpheus.  For most believers, god is a person, a “him” at that.  Their belief system is based on whatever they have been told to believe in.  Now, I have nothing against belief systems, per se, but problems arise when people get emotionally attached to them (e.g. free will only works when you’re mind isn’t already made up).

The good news, however, is that our world is evolving (tied to the natural cycles of the universe), and with it so are we.  Best of all, the truth is evolving too.  However, it’s not necessary for man to struggle with the concept of God, as it was never intended that he would ever find God; only that some day he would return to God(dust to dust and ashes to ashes).  Some people will never accept the truth and that’s probably as it should be.  Religion and philosophy will continue to label God using human attributes and I suppose that’s also as it should be.  But I wonder… who are we to reduce God to human qualities, anyway?

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”.

   – George Orwell


5 Responses to “The Evolution of Truth”

  1. I followed your comment on my post back to your blog. I had read several of your posts with much interest. We have some similar perspectives. I’m glad I found your blog and will be following along.

  2. Oz said

    Awesome post, Ethical Warrior! I could not agree with you more, with regard to sleeping masses, truth as well as dimensions outside of our conventional physical reality. You hit the nail on the head with this one!

    You’ve earned yourself a trusty follower!

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