Hope and Change and the End Times


Mankind’s destiny is based on hope and change, but it’s not the same hope and change that some people have previously voted for.  That’s because no politician can alter the natural course of human events; they can only promise… and then fail to deliver.  Now by hope, you need to understand that I’m simply referring to man’s eternal quest for a better life and by change I mean the evolution of the species.

With the so-called end of the Mayan calendar nearly upon us, and the related 2012 Doomsday Prophecies, some people are concerned that this is the much referred to and highly anticipated End Times.  The thing about the End Times is this.  If this were the end of life, why does there have to be so much hysteria accompanying it? Anyway if it is truly the end, there’s nothing that one can do to prevent it and no way for one to prepare for it either.

However, I can assure you that it’s not the end.  Believe me, God has no intention to stop playing his video games.  After all, why would a creator decide to quit doing the only thing that he knows how to do – create?  By the way, does an unemployed creator qualify for food stamps?

Considering all the human drama of these trying times, one does have to wonder though where it’s all heading.  Now, that’s exactly where hope and change come in.  Upon looking into my slightly faded crystal ball, I can tell you that the two major changes that you can expect in the upcoming year are as follows:

  • An official announcement of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life.  The importance of that announcement will not be that other kinds of intelligent life forms exist (a majority of people already believe that they do), but the realization that they have, in fact, always been with us.  The potential implications of this new paradigm is that it could have a dramatic impact on both religion and governments since people will have to sort out exactly what this new higher authority (God) means to them.
  • The planet will begin an evolutionary change, of sorts, as the result of natural cycles in the universe.  These earth changes could be accompanied by major disruptions in the weather and the biosphere. Translation: It could be a rocky year… unless the extraterrestrial life forms mentioned above decide to impact how these changes will play out on planet earth.

Of course, hope springs eternal in the human heart; that’s one of things that distinguishes us from the animal kingdom.  However, hoping won’t make things better; people have to actually be the change that they want to see in the world.  Ultimately, it all begins and ends with us.  Evolution is, in reality, the process of saving yourself.  That’s why we were given the gift of free will.  In the end, you truly need to become the master of your own destiny and the creator of your own hope and change.  As for the End Times…well, that’s simply for God to contemplate.


3 Responses to “Hope and Change and the End Times”

  1. johndwm said

    You are clearly an original and intelligent questing thinker. i look forward to reading more!

    • chicagoja said

      If you liked that one, you might want to go back and look at some of my older posts. I might suggest looking at “The Origins of Evil” or “The Lost Civilization”.
      I would appreciate any comments that you may have, even if you don’t agree. That’s how we evolve and grow.

      • johndwm said

        Thanks I will follow this up when I return. Keep in touch. I agree with you by the way with what you say here.

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