The Vatican Surprise


In Vatican City, lies perhaps the world’s greatest library, aptly named the Vatican Library.  Recently, certain documents were made public by the Vatican from its Secret Archives which lie in a labyrinth of underground tunnels.  Nevertheless, the files concerning the Vatican’s role in World War II and the Holocaust and their relationship with Hitler are still completely under wraps, as are many other documents (i.e. any documents about the Vatican and its faith which are too dangerous for the general public to know about).

To add to the intrigue, the Vatican has in recent years constructed a new telescope at its observatory on Mt Graham (in Arizona).  The telescope has been named Lucifer which is a direct reference to what they are looking for (i.e. the return of Lucifer).  In that vein, Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a member of the Vatican Curia, has previously gone on television a number of times to talk about the extraterrestrial phenomenon and has stated that extraterrestrials are real – that they exist.

Father Jose Funes, the Director of the Vatican Observatory, went even further in his infamous “The Extraterrestrial is My Brother” interview by stating that Christians will eventually need to reevaluate their faith and come to a new understanding of the Bible.  In effect, the Word of God will morph into the Word of the extraterrestrial gods.  This is something that I have previously gone into some detail about in previous posts such as  “Who Were the Gods of the Bible?”, “Whose God Is It?” and “The God Below God”.

The real Vatican Surprise, though, is when they announce that mankind’s savior is an extraterrestrial.  They will undoubtably state that, since God was an extraterrestrial, Jesus was the son of a union between an extraterrestrial (The Holy Spirit) and Mary.  As for fate of the Catholic Church, the Vatican believes that the prophecy of St. Malachy will come to pass and that the current pope will be the last!

For more on this subject, you can read Tom Horn’s series “Exo Vaticana” (



3 Responses to “The Vatican Surprise”

  1. Ex cathedra, I’m sure. If it ever was cathedra. Where is that anyway?

  2. Mike said

    Why in Arizona? Don’t they have enough places in Italy?

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