The Coming Revelations


Recently, the Vatican and the Pope have been in rare form making statements that can only leave the average Christian scratching their head.  Has the Pope gone completely mad or does he know something that we don’t know?  Let’s try to break it down.

First the Vatican goes on television several times to declare that extraterrestrials are real.  Second, they have publicly stated that Christians will eventually need to reevaluate their faith and come to a new understanding of the Bible. Finally, the Vatican has recently constructed a new telescope at its observatory on Mt Graham (in Arizona).  The telescope has been named Lucifer and the ambitious project can be nothing less than a search of the heavens related to the Second Coming.  As for the Pope, he declared that God has already saved everyone, even the atheists.  Because of the public outcry, they’ve been forced to backtrack ever since on that last one.

So what’s really behind all of this?  Well for starters, one needs to begin in the caverns beneath Vatican City which are known as the Secret Archives.  The Vatican’s Secret Archives contain ancient manuscripts that explain all of the curious disclosures noted above, and a lot more. I say disclosures because the truth eventually finds a way to finally be revealed.

Since the days of the great Greek philosophers, if not before, the secrets of enlightenment were passed on through something called The Mysteries.  The Bible confirms the process of hiding the truth from the masses in a number of places, including Romans 16:25 where Paul says, “… according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began.” and also in Matthew 13:11 where Jesus said,  “To you, the disciples, it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them, the masses, it has not been given.”

What Jesus was talking about, as is clearly recited in the Gospel of Matthew, is that he, Jesus, preached in parables with an outer message for the masses but with the real knowledge about the Divine restricted to those that, as the Bible says, had eyes to see and ears to hear.  As Jesus told his disciples, “Unto you it has been given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, but to the rest it is given in parables, that seeing they may not see, and hearing they may not understand (Luke 8:10).” Yet, even the disciples admitted to not understanding the teachings of Jesus.  As a result, the Bible is sorely lacking in its description of the mysteries of the Kingdom of God.  How could it be otherwise since the truth was never told to the masses; not then and not now.

However with their recent announcements (see above), the Vatican has signaled that this is all about to change.  The coming revelations will be extremely unsettling to many, especially Christians. As for what the Vatican will ultimately disclose, you can only assume that some of it will be true, which will undoubtedly show the Bible in an entirely different light.  You can also assume that some of it will not be true.  After all, humans were never meant to eat from the Tree of Knowledge lest they realize that they were naked.

“No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says – he is always convinced that it says what he means.”

– George Bernard Shaw

4 Responses to “The Coming Revelations”

  1. babarahs said

    I always new something was odd about the Bible. So now with help of dictionary I try my best to see what makes sense to me…and every time I do this I really find meanings that DO make sense…and I LOVE….

    Love how you think.

    • chicagoja said

      Thanks for commenting. It takes a person like yourself who is an old soul to see beyond the veil of cultural indoctrination. Life is a riddle wrapped in an enigma and trying to solve the puzzle leads one on an interesting journey. Stay in touch.

  2. The most important thing you mention in this post, imho, is that Jesus spoke in parables, teaching differently to the disciples and the masses.
    I think the bible hints at a great deal of mysticism, but I had to release the hold of my dogmatic teachings to begin to see them.
    Perhaps the Pope is realizing that the new age has dawned, and the way of the past is no longer viable in the course of spiritual awakening.

    • chicagoja said

      Thanks for commenting. The mysticism in the Bible, that you noted, is the true teachings concerning the Kingdom of God. The Pope is just getting ahead of the curve as this is the Age of Disclosure and the truth will eventually come out anyway. He wants to remain relevant with regards to the new spirituality which will follow.

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