Is Man The Center of Creation?


Human nature being what it is, people’s memories are often selective.  Case in point is whether man is the center of Creation.  Some may think that this question is passé, but I believe it’s far from the case.

Perfection in paradise

When Christianity first became a major religion, one of its major tenets was that man was the center of Creation, born perfect into Paradise.  Of course, in the very beginning man did not yet have the wisdom of the Tree of Knowledge (according to the Bible).  Presumably then, he was created perfect without such wisdom!

Great minds disagree with the Church

The concept of man as the center of the universe was faithfully observed for well over a thousand years.  Accordingly, the sun was said to have revolved around the earth.  However, along came a man named Galileo to upset the apple cart.  The Church had to discredit Galileo because people had to believe that the sun rotated around the Earth, which it certainly would have if man was indeed the center of Creation.

As the years went by, great men like Copernicus, Freud and Einstein added fuel to the fire.  Were the masses suppose to believe that they too were wrong about man and his place in Creation?  Finally in 1992, some 359 years later, the Vatican officially admitted that they were wrong about Galileo.

So where exactly does that leave us?  Well for starters, man obviously is not the center of Creation.  Otherwise, why would God wait around for billions of years (i.e. the age of the universe) before deciding to create man as the object of his Creation!

The Vatican no longer believes that man is the center of Creation

The Earth itself is just a speck in a vast ocean of stars and planets that make up a universe that is infinitely large.  Obviously, there is other intelligent life in the universe.  For example, Francis Crick, who won the Nobel Prize as the co-discover of the structure of DNA, shocked the scientific world by announcing that homo sapiens sapiens is an alien race (i.e. came from the stars) and the Vatican recently announced that extraterrestrials are real.  The Vatican’s announcement, by the way, amounts to a tacit admission that man is not the center of Creation!


Since man is not the center of Creation, the perfection of the Garden of Eden is then called into question.   Without Eden, there could not have been any Fall of Man and, without the Fall there could have been no selling of salvation by the Church.  The only conclusion that one can draw is that it’s not man who needs to be saved.   Au contraire, it is Christianity that is in need of saving.  I suspect that’s why the Pope recently stated that God has already saved everyone, even the atheists.  As outlandish as his announcement was to many, I believe that it’s very close to the truth as the Church’s credibility, dare I say it’s very existence, may now be at stake.



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