Secret Science


In 1989, some of the world’s top scientists started one of the most ambitious scientific projects of all time – to fully explore man’s DNA.  Some of their conclusions were absolutely startling.  First of all, science had previously theorized that 90% of our DNA was simply useless, junk as they called it.  New research, however, has determined that the primary purpose of that “junk” DNA is that it provides a network of human consciousness, a living internet inside of each and every one of us. Our DNA is literally alive and, much like other life forms, it is self-organizing, self-directing and auto-correcting.

In mapping the human genome, scientists have identified 223 genes in our DNA that have no predecessor on the genetic evolutionary tree.  They have stated that these genes have a genetic code that come from 20 unknown extra-terrestrial life forms.  That, in effect, makes man an extra- terrestrial, just like Nobel Prize-winner Francis Crick said.

Their research further demonstrated that our DNA can literally communicate with all other DNA, functioning much like a holographic computer.  This has the potential to radically change the fields of medicine, energy, weather, agriculture, communications and nearly all scientific investigation. Some twenty years later, however, the general public still has not been told about this earth-shattering discovery.  It’s what I call secret science. The masses are not supposed to find out about it.  But, of course…now you know.

9 Responses to “Secret Science”

  1. I seem to recall having read something elsewhere which references this suggesting that it explains how Jesus was able to appear to his apostles after the crucifixion (as a hologram projected from the next dimension). I thought it was an interesting suggestion to consider. Do you think it has weight?

    I wonder why the decision was made to withhold it from the public? Scientist generally seem eager to publish most of their discoveries and promote their theories.

    • chicagoja said

      Perhaps you were remembering one of my articles, “The Holographic Jesus.” Since we exist in a holographic space/time continuum and our physical senses are extremely limited, it’s almost impossible for man to properly grasp reality. So, yes, it is possible. Think of it this way: The impossible always exceeds the possible. With respect to withholding information from the masses whether it be scientific discoveries or knowledge about our divine heritage, consider this: Information is power; therefore, those that have the information will always be in power.

  2. Arkenaten said

    They have stated that these genes have a genetic code that come from 20 unknown extraterrestrial life forms.

    A citation would be nice, please?

    • chicagoja said

      Here’s the cite:

      The important research on DNA was done by the Human Genome Project but their results have never been made public, except for the book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” by Grasyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf. It’s based on the work of Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev.

      • Arkenaten said

        I read your link then found this…..

        Any comments?

      • chicagoja said

        Not sure what part of the article you found interesting or had questions about so feel free to amplify. A general comment though. The Human Genome Project is a top secret, hush-hush program whereby man is hoping to become like God. The future of the human race will be greatly affected by their work and the direction that they take it (cloning, for example). Nobody is talking about this work even though the implications for mankind are beyond the pale. There is also a level of disinformation about this work, so caveat emptor. One question you have to ask yourself is this. Who has the power to bring so many of the world’s top scientists in this field together to collaborate on this project and how have they been able to keep their discoveries under wraps?

      • Arkenaten said


        John McPherson, Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Human and Molecular Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, and former Co-Director of the Genome Center, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri:


        Sam Chang. Not, it does not ring a bell.


        No, not that I’m aware of. There are a lot of people involved we never got to meet, but we only met through emails. But that name does not ring a bell.


        Most of the main characters, yes. Although it was very international and there were some labs that we never got to go to or meet the people from. So, some of the names don’t stick in my head from back then.

        The first link I offered in the previous comment expands on this interview.

        Seems Prof Sam Chang is unknown.

      • chicagoja said

        Careful of the disinformation. By the way, much of what is known, or at least presumed to be known, is info that has been leaked from inside the project. In addition, there are other scientists outside of the Human Genome Project that are pursuing similar research who I understand have reached somewhat similar conclusions.

      • Arkenaten said

        I am as wary of disinformation as i am of so-called ironclad information presented by people such as Dr. Steven Greer.
        One minute he comes across as genuine then the next….hoo boy.

        In addition, there are other scientists outside of the Human Genome Project that are pursuing similar research who I understand have reached somewhat similar conclusions.

        You see, the term ”I understand” is one of those vague phrases that could mean everything but without such conclusions being made public and recognised as such by the mainstream scientific community there is >em>always going to be doubt.

        Did jesus die on the cross and come back to life?
        A couple ofl billion humans believe he did. Doesn’t make it true, does it?
        And this is the problem such assertions concerning ‘ET claims” etc will always face.
        People like Daniken were making a career out of this,30 years ago but turned out to be a bit of a fraud. so….

        Who knows, right?

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