The Sons of God


According to the Bible, “The sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves… when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them….”(Genesis 6: 2-4).  In addition, ancient works such as the Book of Enoch, the Book of Jubilees and Ugaritic texts also recorded somewhat similar stories. However, no one has ever explained who exactly these Sons of God (bene haʼelohim) were.  Although unknown to Anthropology, the Sons of God had to have had a genetic impact on human evolution.

Some researchers have done a wonderful job showing that the construction of the Great Pyramid utilized technology superior to what exists today, and incredible underwater discoveries speak to a lost civilization in the very distant past.  However, no one has ever addressed the issue of how it was possible for mankind to have evolved on this planet so as to produce such a civilization (for further discussion you can go to my article “The Lost Civilization” which was posted 10/26/12).  The implications of this missing civilization are rather staggering because it implies that man has in some respects de-evolved since that time.  After all, how do you lose the knowledge that came with such technology?  Further, where did the super-advanced people go and why did civilization regress?

Genetic testing is certainly in the forefront these days.  A current study relates to the ancestry of people with blue eyes.  Researchers now claim to have traced the blue-eyed gene back to one person in the Caucasus Mountains area near the Black Sea some 10,000 years ago.  However, where did that one person get their blue eyes from?  No one really seems to know.

It’s been suggested that perhaps the blue-eyed gene is a genetic defect, a mutation in effect, but there’s no explanation for how that could have happened.  It’s problematic as to just how the blue-eyed gene could have spread throughout a significant portion of the world’s population. This enigma is complicated by the fact that the blue-eyed gene is recessive, which requires that both parents have a blue-eyed gene.  This means that blue eyes could only have originated in a group of people that had only blue eyes.

According to current evolutionary theory, that is not even considered to be a possibility.  All blue-eyed people supposedly evolved from dark-eyed people and all light-haired people (the light hair gene also being recessive) supposedly evolved from dark-haired people.  We all came “out of Africa”, right?  As for skull types, forget it.  Despite the fact that it would have taken millions of years for a separate skull type to evolve, the human species nonetheless has three very distinct skull types.  The only possible explanation for this is that either there were multiple Adam and Eves and/or that there was off-planet interference with man’s natural evolution, such as the Sons of God or genetic manipulation.  Either of these scenarios could explain the recent results of genetic research into the origins of Ashkenazi Jews.  That research demonstrated that 40% of the Ashkenazi population are descended from just four women; further, that those four women are not genetically related to one another nor to any current Middle Eastern ethnic group.  So their civilization apparently materialized out of thin air.

DNA testing has also been done on the mummy of King Tut (who ruled Egypt circa 1300 BC ).  The conclusion of the testing was that half of the men in Europe (and 70% of men in England) are direct descendants of King Tut!  This demonstrates that the ancient migration of Indo-Europeans is far more complicated than ever imagined.  The DNA testing also disclosed that both King Tut and Europeans have a common ancestor, the very same blue-eyed ancestor (see above) who once lived in the Caucasus almost ten thousand years ago!

Although Indo-Europeans today include a wide range of skin color, hair color and eye color, this group was originally known for a Nordic skull, blue (or green eyes) and blond (or red) hair.  In America, for example, over half of the population at the turn of the 20th century still had blond hair.  Excluding the Americas, Indo-Europeans geographically have ranged from the Guanches of the Canary Islands (off the west coast of Africa) to the Uyghurs of Western China, as well as the Tarim mummies of China.  In between, there are the Tuareg/Berbers (of North Africa), the Aryans (of the Indus Valley civilization/modern day Pakistan) and the Persians (of Iran).  Of course, Europeans, Russians, Turks and Semites generally have Indo-European ancestry as well.  It should be noted that despite all of the cross-breeding over thousands of years, one can go to Iran today and see any number of blond hair and/or blue-eyed children.

Of all the recessive gene traits, including white skin color, blond hair and blue eyes, Rh negative blood may be the most interesting because it does not share an evolutionary background with the ape family. Rh blood acts as a universal donor since people with Rh negative blood can give their blood to a Rh positive person, but not the other way around.  Rh negative blood is therefore pure, the blood of the gods.

With respect to biblical civilizations, the Kolbrin Bible says that the red-headed Scots have their ancient roots in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) while some of the Egyptian pharaohs were also Indo-European as can be witnessed by the Nordic skull and light-colored hair of their mummies, and by their DNA as is the case with King Tut.  Further, the Bible mentions that Esau and King David had red hair.

The Panspermia Hypothesis originated with the Greek Civilization.  It holds that the seeds of life have an extraterrestrial origin.  In that vein, world-famous biologist Louis Pasteur is well-known for demonstrating that life has to come from life, and not from a spontaneous generation of life from some primordial soup of molecules.  Panspermia became popularized in the 19th century by physicist Lord Kelvin and in the 20th century by astrophysicist Sir Fred Hoyle, among others.  Francis Crick, a theoretical molecular biologist who was the co-winner of the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the molecular structure of nucleic acids, took this theory to a whole new level by suggesting that Earth was intentionally seeded by an extraterrestrial race.  Genetic research supports Crick’s theory in that it has identified 223 genes in our DNA that have no predecessor(s) on the genetic evolutionary tree.  Scientists have reported that these genes have an extraterrestrial origin.

With respect to the out of Africa theory, there is another way, genetically speaking, for Indo-Europeans and “first man” to have had the same genetic marker.  It’s really quite simple.  They both could have evolved separately from a common gene pool!  It is this gene pool then that is actually the real missing link in evolution, which explains all of the pervading problems with evolutionary theory.  One thing is for sure.  Each of these recessive traits came from an original donor(s) who had that trait and that that trait has an extraterrestrial origin, be it the Sons of God or whoever.  Francis Crick was spot on when he said that humans were an extraterrestrial race.

The origins of man have been forever shrouded in mystery.  Some people would like to keep it that way.  That’s why they will never tell you that the three races were seeded separately and that’s why they will never tell you about extraterrestrial involvement in the creation of homo sapiens sapiens.  You’ll never hear about the true origins of the white race because it’s supposedly not politically correct.  You’ll never hear that in the ancient cultures of Egypt, the Middle East and the Indus Civilization a white race was in every case the ruling elite.  All that they’ll ever tell you is that they mysteriously appeared in the Caucasus about 10,000 years ago.  They won’t even tell you where they migrated to; that they were known as Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Germans, Vikings, the Irish and Scots, among other names in other places at other times, and they definitely won’t tell you that this group included the Lost Tribes of Israel!


The information presented above is to demonstrate that there’s always another perspective to any issue, another path to the truth.  Science and religion are not absolutes, far from it.  Information is power and there will always be people who seek to control it (and you).


“What luck for rulers that men do not think.”

– Adolf Hitler


25 Responses to “The Sons of God”

  1. Nan said

    Excellent food for thought.

  2. I descend from the viking kings themselves. I have made the connection in my ancestry to the vikings kings right to my ancestors in Babylon and the Jews 😉 Your not far off my friend 🙂

    • chicagoja said

      Thanks for the comment. Curious as to how you were able to trace your lineage back to the Babylonians.

      • I was floored to be honest with you. Lets just say I have been studying ancient bloodlines for years. Some stories are not myths. They are true 🙂

      • One clue an Ancient line of Kings. I descend from many Kings Not just the Vikings but they connect through many lines and many cultures . I am their Granddaughter. There is a specific line that connects to Jews in Babylon 😉

  3. joecruzmn said

    You are only scratching the surface of a bigger conspiracy and it has nothing to do with extraterrestrial, but you did put in the right quote of the Bible that explains it all.

    • chicagoja said

      I love to simply scratch the surface and then see what develops. You’re right, there is a larger conspiracy although I don’t know if we’re referring to the same thing. What is the larger conspiracy that you were referring to?

  4. It is interesting to contemplate those odd scriptures in Genesis, like the Sons of the Gods, the Nephilim and who were the people that Cain feared when he was cast out of his tribe. It seems fairly obvious that the Adam and Eve tribe were not the only people who existed.
    I read somewhere that Cayce stated in one of his readings that Atlantis was among advanced civilizations and this technology became lost over time which suggests that mankind may have de-evolved.
    So many of the questions on origins can make better sense when explained through an extraterrestrial presence so I can’t completely dismiss it as a possibility. It is another interesting proposal that I like thinking about.

    • chicagoja said

      Science has never had an answer for why the first pyramid built (in Egypt) used, by far, the highest level of technology. Before long, man couldn’t even build a pyramid. After that, man continued to live primarily in huts and tents. No schools. The basic elements of advanced civilization were totally missing (until the Greeks).

      • cabrogal said

        Science has never had an answer for why the first pyramid built (in Egypt) used, by far, the highest level of technology.

        That would be because it didn’t.

        The pyramid of Cheops is the oldest surviving Giza pyramid, but the more primitive pyramids at Saqquara are at least a century older and there’s remnants of yet older ones scattered around the Nile valley.

        Considering that first dynasty Egypt had developed writing and was clearly part of a sea trading network that stretched as far as the Indus valley I’m not sure what constitutes the basic elements of an advanced civilisation in your eyes. Ouzo?

        Scientists have never been able to explain why the Mughal empire was never able to reproduce a building like the Taj Mahal either. But economists sure have.

      • chicagoja said

        Advanced civilization, in this case, would be a history of development in all facets of society over an extended period of time that would logically lead up
        to the construction of the Great Pyramid. You don’t go from living in mud huts or tents to building pyramids without a whole series of events taking place in between. If you were able to progress to that point, you certainly wouldn’t go back to mud huts again.

      • cabrogal said

        They didn’t live in pyramids anymore than the residents of sometimes rather squalid European cities lived in cathedrals.

        However their ruling classes lived in very impressive palaces and built some even more impressive temples. They were no slouches at masonry and did not restrict themselves to pyramids.

        Egypt certainly wouldn’t be the only civilisation in history to dedicate far more resources to religious observation than day to day living. In fact elaborate ritual burial is generally considered one of the first markers of the development of civilisation.

        The error lies in assuming that our ancestors were substantially less intelligent than we are and therefore needing to ascribe an outside agency whenever they did something clever. That was pretty much Erich von Daniken’s business model. That and falsifying evidence.

      • chicagoja said

        Your right. Some of our ancestors were quite intelligent and their history has been totally suppressed, which was the point of my article. However, the error lies in assuming that the “native” Egyptians had the intelligence to build the pyramids (as opposed to a group of people who lived in Egypt at that time and then left). You don’t build pyramids and then totally lose that level of the knowledge. You don’t go from one of the great civilizations of all-time to the backward country it’s been for the last couple of thousand years.

      • cabrogal said

        I wonder if future von Danikens will note that the US empire continued for some time after the moon landings yet was unable to repeat the achievement and theorise that therefore Armstrong must have hitched a ride with ET.

      • chicagoja said

        Love the humor. Thanks for commenting.

  5. cabrogal said

    This means that blue eyes could only have originated in a group of people that had only blue eyes.

    Nah. It’s simple when you think about it.

    Mutant with one blue eyed gene (but brown eyes – it’s recessive remember) has a stack of kids, half of whom end up with one copy of the gene but still have brown eyes.

    A few generations down the track (hopefully) two of that person’s still brown eyed descendants mate. One in four of their kids has two copies of the mutant gene, ergo blue eyes.

    Hubby grabs his club and goes off looking for the blue eyed space alien SOB who’s been messing with his missus.

    Oh, and Crick suggested that life on earth may have been started by extraterrestrials planting simple organisms such as bacteria (assisted panspermia). Perhaps they didn’t wash their hands before leaving the saucer.

    He sure didn’t suggest space aliens mated with ancestors of modern humans. He knew enough genetics to recognise how ridiculous that suggestion would be.

    • chicagoja said

      Thank you for your comments. I appreciate the attempt to explain something that science cannot, and has not, answered. Genetic mutation is a theory without an explanation. Otherwise, monkeys could be the offshoot of mutated humans. As for Crick, it’s a well-established fact that he put forward the theory of Directed Panspermia. Try reading his book “Life Itself: Its Origins and Nature”.

      • cabrogal said

        Genetic mutation is a fact that can easily be demonstrated in laboratories (or in Hiroshima, or in thalidomide kids or …). Its place in evolution is just a theory, albeit one with a very impressive mass of circumstantial evidence supporting it.

        While I haven’t read “Life itself” I am quite familiar with much of Crick’s work – I had to study it for an unfinished microbiology degree – and I can assure you that he would not have credited the notion of interbreeding between humans and extraterrestrials for an instant. He may have had a poor grasp of astrophysics but he did understands genetics.

        If you look up ‘directed panspermia’ on any reference website you will find it refers to microbes or self-replicating protein/amino acid systems. Not interbreeding or genetic modification of advanced organisms.

        Given the genetic and fossil evidence for monkeys before apes and apes before humans (also apes) I’m not sure where you’re coming from with the ‘monkeys as mutated humans’ remark.

      • chicagoja said

        All you need to do is google Crick and extraterrestrials, or some other appropriate wording. There’s all sorts of references on this. With respect to mutations, I would refer you to a mathematician/geneticist who would no doubt tell you that extrapolating a recessive mutation into a population the size of the world’s blue-eyed population defies all the odds, not to mention that they would probably all be insane because of the inbreeding. Science needs to find another answer even if it’s one they don’t personally like. Mutation in this case is not even a theory, it’s the result of grasping on to the only possibility that will fit their theory of evolution.

      • cabrogal said

        With respect to mutations, I would refer you to a mathematician/geneticist who would no doubt tell you that extrapolating a recessive mutation into a population the size of the world’s blue-eyed population defies all the odds

        I’m very tempted to give you my real name so you can google that.

        But I’ll just leave you with two points.

        1. The term you are reaching for with ‘mathematician/geneticist’ is ‘population geneticist’.
        2. You are wrong. I would tell myself no such nonsense.

  6. joecruzmn said

    well sorry to reply so late bud. I have been a little busy. Where some believe that the pyramids were built by Aliens I believe that angels “the sons of god” who fell from heaven and married earthly women created a race that help built the pyramids. They created a race of Giants that can explain how some of these structures were built. I know some people will laugh at the idea and scream where is the evidence, but I tell you what bud, there is countless and countless newspapers in the late 1800 that actually reported people finding very large skeletal remains. Some as high 15 feet . There is a conspiracy afoot and someone is trying to hide our past from us. I like ur blog and u have some really good stuff in here that I am reading

    • chicagoja said

      Thanks for the comments. Giant skeletal remains have indeed been found all over the world. My father-in-law himself dug some up as a young man. Certain Native Americans tell of fighting a race of red-haired giants. Recently, an underwater discovery was made off the coast of Georgia, supposedly a lost city of giants. The history of giants has been largely suppressed and is just now starting to come out.

      • joecruzmn said

        Oh my goodness. You have to tell your father in laws story. That was a bombshell ever if I ever heard one. Does he have pictures or any relics from what he found. Man you really have to tell that story. The story about Georgia is the first I have heard about. I will look that up. So what happen to your father in laws find. Don’t leave me waiting like this lol.

      • chicagoja said

        Just a bunch of kids poking around in the desert (some eighty or so years ago).

      • joecruzmn said

        still he needs to tell his story. That is unbelievable. I want to know what happen to it and where it was found

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