War of the Worlds


In 1938, H. G. Welles’ War of the Worlds was broadcast over the airwaves, with the result being mass hysteria.  Although War of the Worlds was only fiction, its premise has piqued the imagination of people ever since.  Over the years, even science has slowly embraced the concept of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

First, it was the world-renown astronomer and astrophysicist Carl Sagan who stated that, “In an universe of over 100,000 galaxies, each of them consisting of several hundred million stars, the idea that our Sun is the only star with an inhabited planet is ridiculous.”   Astronomer and astrophysicist Frank Drake, the founder of SETI, echoed Sagan’s comments when he said that, “The probability for intelligent life to exist in another part of the universe is one hundred per cent….” Of course, now we have the Hubble Space Telescope which has dramatically improved our ability to peer into the previously dark reaches of outer space.  In a recent TV series, physicist Michio Kaku remarked on the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life saying, “The Hubble Space Telescope can see about a hundred billion galaxies. That’s the visible universe.  Each galaxy consists of a hundred billion stars.  Do the math!”

However, the man who probably gave the biggest impetus to the extraterrestrial question was none other than Francis Crick, who won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the molecular structure of nucleic acids.  As stated in his book, Life Itself, Crick is a proponent of a theory called Directed Panspermia whereby human beings were believed to have been intentionally seeded by an extraterrestrial race.  For further reading on the theory of Directed Panspermia, you can check out the recent  article in Scientific American.

Some people, though, seem to be worried that if there is an admission of extraterrestrial life that it would invariably lead to a string of other disclosures, namely:

That there is intelligent extraterrestrial life in the universe

Then, that intelligent extraterrestrial life has visited Earth

Then, that intelligent extraterrestrial life created homo sapiens sapiens

Then, that the discovery of a different origin of human life would result in an

    unwanted rewriting of the history books

Then… well if you pull on a string long enough, there’s no telling what you might discover…even the reason for the current geo-engineering of the planet.

In 2005, War of the Worlds became a movie, for the second time. Tom Cruise starred, with a $132 million budget. Extraterrestrials have indeed become part of mainstream consciousness.  Today, we’ve graduated from War of the Worlds to Prometheus and, like War of the Worlds, Prometheus is science-fiction (as far as we know).

Man’s curiosity apparently knows no bounds with respect to the subject of extraterrestrials.  Recently, both physicist Stephen Hawking, author of the popular book, A Brief History of Time, as well as the Vatican’s head astronomer, Father José Gabriel Funes, have made shocking statements about the existence of extraterrestrials. Yes, the Vatican has an astronomer and, yes, they even have an observatory (actually two).  They have spent billions of the Church’s money looking for what, gods in outer space.  Okay, but would you believe that they’re anticipating the coming of an extraterrestrial messiah?

“The falsification of history has done more to mislead humans than any  single thing known to mankind.”

          – Jean-Jacques Rousseau



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