The Cosmic End Game


The great unknown in evolution is how it all works (i.e. what animates life?).  Not knowing, there are some people who will stop at nothing in order to be the first to figure it out.  Failing that, they will try to steal your soul.

There’s been a battle going on for control of this planet for literally thousands of years.  The forces of light and dark, good vs. evil – call it what you will.  Some people would like to keep man’s consciousness enslaved in matter in order to prevent his evolution.  As it says in the Bible, the Gods don’t want man to be like them (see Genesis 3:22).

Evil is a concept that man has grappled with since the Garden of Eden.  In the Lord’s Prayer, man prays to an invisible spirit (“our Father who art in Heaven”) to deliver him from an ever-present evil.  This would have been necessary only if evil existed as the result of external forces. In a biblical sense, only an evil being (e.g. the god of the Old Testament) would threaten to punish those who would refuse to worship or obey it.

Even today, evil plays a prominent role in the events that shape society.  There’s a reason for all the evil in the world, beyond man’s poor choices resulting from his own free will.  That reason is that our genetic disposition is prone to evil, due to genetic manipulation.  DNA research has identified 223 genes whose source, scientists say, come from 20 unknown extraterrestrial life forms.  In other words, the human race is the result of genetic hybridization.  In effect, evil has been embedded in the collective unconscious of mankind!

The war between these powerful forces extends out into the Cosmos and has been ongoing for eons. Perhaps evolution even requires it, since positive change seemingly always comes out of chaos.  The myths of the Mayans and the Hopis both refer to worlds that have come and gone before us, with the destruction of life leading to regeneration just like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

These opposing factions are locked in a battle of the present and the past in order to determine the future, our future. You could say that they both belong to civilizations which exist outside of time. They are time-travelers then, of a sort, who are trying to influence the timeline which links us to our various probable futures. Unfortunately, in one of those futures, your soul may have all but died out.  Therefore, it may well be up to humanity to make a collective choice as to which way we need to go.

If instead your waiting for Christ to return, you ought to be forewarned that he isn’t coming.  More correctly, he’s already here. That is, the spark of divinity (Christ Consciousness) is in each one of us and is ready to be awakened.  That awakening, should it occur, would be the much talked about Second Coming. The cosmic clock is about to strike midnight. It’s time for everyone to wake up.

“Reality is not confined to space and time. The psyche is not under obligation to space    and time alone.”

     – Carl Jung


One Response to “The Cosmic End Game”

  1. Nan said

    Pretty deep stuff …

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