The Cave Man, God and the Missing Link


An old, well-known ad jokingly stated that, “It’s so easy, even a cave man can do it.”  As it turns out, however, our predecessors were not as stupid as they have been made out to be.  In fact, many of them could do even more than we can today.

The fact is that the ancients knew things that modern man has discovered only in recent times, if at all.  In the intervening millennia, man could only stand back and marvel at their achievements and wonder how it was done.  Even today, we have been unable to determine how some of their great structures were built, especially given the known technology of the time.

The monoliths that dot the landscapes around the world are really only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The ruins that lie underwater, on the other hand, are altogether beyond imagination, at least in terms of chronology.  It’s nothing less than a rewriting of the history of man’s evolution.  These underwater ruins have been discovered in various places around the world, from Japan to the South Pacific to Cuba to India to the Black Sea and to the North Sea.  What makes these discoveries stand out from those on land is that these sites, by definition, have to be dated prior to the end of the last ice age some 12,000 years ago when the world’s sea level rose significantly, putting these sites under water.  The thing is, man was supposedly living in caves 15,000 years ago.

What kind of civilization could have possibly built these magnificent structures? How is it possible that such a civilization even existed?  Where did they come from?  Where did they go?  So many questions with so few answers.

Where they came from is a matter of some debate, with science offering up their theory of evolution. I say theory because evolution is not supported by the scientific record. The first big problem with evolution is that the fossil record increasingly does not support it. Steven Jay Gould, a well-known evolutionary biologist, has described this situation as “the trade secret of paleontology.”  Rather, the fossil record shows the sudden emergence of new species out of nowhere, fully complete with all their characteristics and then rarely changing over time. What’s missing are any intermediate life forms evidencing evolution. This, then, is the infamous “missing link.”

The theory of evolution requires that atoms organize themselves into  complex arrangements.  Never mind that evolution has no explanation for just how the first living cell arose spontaneously from a bunch of “dead” chemicals.  That’s why molecular biologist, and Nobel Prize winner, Francis Crick supported the theory of man’s origins known as Directed Panspermia.  For Crick, there was no primordial soup that gave rise to the first living cell on Earth; not possible he said.  Instead, the seeds of life came from the Cosmos and were directed by intelligent life forms.

Further, some scientists would say that evolution is contradicted by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which stipulates that all biological and physical processes naturally diminish to lower levels of organization. For example, the sun will burn out one day.  Instead evolutionary theory says that atoms are supposed to become increasingly more and more complex.  The fossil record, however, shows the exact opposite – decreasing complexity. Even in man, you can find decreasing complexity. Scientists have recently discovered that a 28,000-year-old Cro-Magnon brain is about 15-20% larger than our brains today.

The results from a recent scientific study of human intelligence show a decline of over 13 IQ points since Victorian times.  It seems that man’s intelligence may be in decline.  Another study by Stanford University professor Gerald Crabtree also reflects that humans are getting dumber. Crabtree believes that had the average Athenian from 1000 BC lived in modern times, he would be considered a genius, IQ wise.

How is that possible?  Well, consider that some of the greatest civilizations in history appeared out of nowhere already fully developed, including the Sumerians and the ancient Egyptians, and then diminished over time.  The Sumerians were advanced well beyond the great Greek civilization which came two thousand years later.  As for the Egyptians, they haven’t constructed anything of note for 4,000 years or so.  Until the 19th century, all the brilliant scientists and linguists of Western Civilization had been unable to translate the ancient hieroglyphics of Egypt.  They were finally only able to translate them when an ancient translation table fell into their laps.

There are probably only three possibilities as to how this all happened and who this ancient civilization was, as follows:

  • They were a prior human civilization which was for the most part decimated by a natural calamity.  For example, according to Hopi and Mayan mythology, other civilizations have come and gone in this world prior to modern man (homo sapiens sapiens).
  • They were a group of extraterrestrials who subsequently left the planet, and/or stayed here and were virtually decimated by a natural calamity.
  • They were the gods of mythology and religion.

I actually have reason to believe that all three scenarios are, at least partially, true. By that I mean that intelligent life has existed on this planet for millions of years.  The terraforming of the planet, including the seeding of intelligent life, was the result of very advanced, inter-dimensional beings.  Therefore, in this respect, I agree with Crick. These higher level beings were considered by the ancients to be gods.  Why not, if in fact they created man. Their technology was incredibly advanced and was considered by ancient man to have created miracles.  By definition, then, they had to be gods.

By my reckoning, man has in some respects de-evolved from ancient times.  The brain is smaller and intelligence has apparently decreased.  We haven’t even learned some of the basic lessons of life such as the environment is way more important than progress, for example.  As for where we came from, evolution has shown that it doesn’t have the answers.  How could it when man has, in reality, evolved from consciousness rather than matter!

 “I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings.”

     – Albert Einstein

5 Responses to “The Cave Man, God and the Missing Link”

  1. On a simpler note it occurs to me how my generation and those subsequent to mine would fail in comparison to the survival skills of my grandparent’s and prior generations. Not that I am a prepper but I do think that we are technology dependent with many us lacking the basic skills to live off the land and survive.
    For me it rings true with your statement that our intelligence is de-evolving. Through technology advancements we appear to be gaining knowledge, but I question if without the support of our technology that our knowledge and ability to thrive has not diminished below that of our predecessors.

    • chicagoja said

      Very true. Further, we had outside help with respect to some of our technological advancements. The rest of our progress is primarily due to our system of education. As a result, progress is simply a matter of “accumulation of knowledge”. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Arkenaten said

    You mention the legends of the Hopi and Mayan indians
    You might find the novel Cyber Way, by Alan Dean Foster entertaining.
    It is a Sci Fi crime thriller set in Navajo country and involves ancient rituals and ….‘stuff depicted in sandpaintings. Won’t say more or it’ll be a spoiler alert!

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