Who Are The Yazidis?


The recent news from Iraq about the plight of the Yazidis has a few wrinkles in it.  First of all, the media typically identifies the Yazidis as Christians, although they are not. The media also has overlooked a major element of the story. You see, the Yazidis are Caucasian and some of their children are indistinguishable from many American children.  For example, here’s a picture of one Yazidi child.


Historical background

Historically the Yazidis, mostly Kurdish-speaking people, have lived primarily in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey as well as further north (e.g. Armenia and Georgia). Yazidis are monotheists who trace their roots back to Adam (sound familiar).  Many of their religious beliefs were derived from Zoroastrianism, arguably the first monotheistic religion and a forerunner to Christianity, Judaism and Islam.


Yazidis, Aryans and the pharaohs

So what do the Yazidis, Aryans (ancient Persians) and some of the Egyptian pharaohs have in common?  Well, for one thing, they were all Caucasian. So too, the mummies of other ancient Caucasian people have been found ‘round the globe (from China to North and South America to the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa).  According to the history books, this is considered to be impossible. Yet, impossible it is not (for obvious reasons).


DNA tells the story

So you might ask how come we haven’t heard of this before?  Well, the story has been intentionally suppressed for hundreds of years.  However, DNA testing has recently cracked the door wide open.  DNA tests on King Tut, the famous child pharaoh of Egypt, proves that he is directly related to most men in modern day Europe.  Further, King Tut and these European men all have a common Caucasian ancestor who lived in the area near the Black Sea some 10,000 years ago.

Aside: The Black Sea is bordered by Turkey and Georgia, among other countries.  Turkey and Georgia, can you spell YAZIDI?


The origins of Caucasians

The history books say that the Caucasian race can be traced back to the Caucasus Mountains of the Black Sea some 10,000 years ago.  While Caucasians still live in that area (Russians in the south of Russia, for example), some of them were said to have migrated in ancient times with many migrating into Europe which resulted in the establishment of Western Civilization.  That theory is based in part on language with respect to the Indo-European family of languages (which include Spanish, French and German, among many others) which is said to have originated in the area generally between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.  Today, over 3 billion people on the planet speak a Indo-European language making it the largest language family in the world.

Of course, Caucasians also migrated east to China and to parts of India and Pakistan.  Anatolia (modern day Turkey), which lies just south of the Caucasus Mtns. was originally home to various groups of Caucasians.  Caucasians also migrated  to Iran (where they were known as Persians or Aryans).  Then to, there are the Yazidis who migrated to Iraq and Syria (where they still live today).  In North Africa, the Berbers and the Tuaregs have been the dominant ethnic groups for thousands of years and they are also Caucasian.  So Caucasians have lived from China all the way to America, including portions of India, Pakistan, the Middle East and North Africa.  After the King Tut DNA results, plus the existence of assorted mummies of Egyptian pharaohs, Egypt was definitely home to a Caucasian population in ancient times and still is today to some extent.

Aside: I’ve left out the Middle East’s Arab population although as Semites they’re also Caucasian!


A biblical perspective

The Hebrews of the Old Testament and the ancient Egyptians both descended from Noah, the Egyptians from Ham and the Hebrews from Seth. So to begin with they were kissing cousins (literally). They lived a stone’s throw away from each other.  At times Egypt controlled Canaan and at times the Hebrews migrated to Egypt, often because of famine. Their bloodlines, especially that of the royal families, were mixed many times.  One of the most famous mixing of the bloodlines was Sarah’s marriage to the pharaoh Tuthmosis III.


History, the lie commonly agreed

So what’s been missing from the history books?  Well for one thing, the Yazidis look pretty much like some of the major figures of the Bible – and why not.  Caucasians originated from the Caucasus Mountains which is very close to the Middle East (something akin to New Yorkers crossing the Hudson River to live in New England).  After all, Abraham’s ancestors hailed from Turkey at one time. The Bible even states that Esau and King David had red hair.  So too, Mary Magdalene has always been portrayed by artists as having red hair although it is uncertain where that idea originated from.  Even today, you can go to Iraq, Iran and Syria and see children with light-colored hair and eyes. Just ask the Yazidis.

What’s missing is the history of the Caucasian race in the ancient Middle East, where they originally came from and where they went to.  Ancestry is a funny thing.  You never know who you’re related to.  Just ask the U.S. presidents (who are virtually all related) – even Barack Obama!


 “History is the lie commonly agreed upon.”

– Voltaire



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