The De-Evolution of Man


Science says that man evolves by natural selection, although it’s never been shown exactly how that works. Along comes molecular evolutionary biologist Masatoshi Nei who says that mutation, not natural selection, drives evolution. Whether its natural selection or mutation, or a combination of both (or neither), it has never been enough to sustain a species since 99% of all species that ever lived, including every one of man’s hominid ancestors, have become extinct. As the fossil record demonstrates, extinction is a perfectly natural response to changing environmental conditions. So, is man next?

We have been taught to believe that man is constantly, yet ever so slowly, evolving in an upward direction over thousands, if not millions of years. At least, that’s what we have been taught to believe.  At the end of the last ice age, man was barely eking out an existence, all the while living in caves. Suddenly, in the 4th millennia B.C., man overnight (in evolutionary terms) started doing miraculous things, like building fantastic pyramids. This process occurred supposedly over a period of two thousand years, give or take. Again, that’s what we’ve been taught.

There is a certain amount known about the two great civilizations that developed after the last ice age – ancient Egypt and Sumer (Mesopotamia).  Strangely enough, though, both of those civilizations arose abruptly and disappeared almost as abruptly.  So, the question is this: Where did the knowledge and advanced technology come from to build these civilizations and why did their knowledge simply vanish? Great pyramids were built in China, Egypt, Eastern Europe, South and Central America, among other places. The thing is: Has anyone built a great pyramid lately? Why not? From the end of the Indus Valley civilization in 1300 B.C. to the nineteenth century, a period of over 3,000 years, man actually accomplished precious little.  Having built the pyramids, among other great archaeological works, man was still  driving around in a horse and buggy (chariots having been first invented around 2500 B.C.).  That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Here’s how it’s possible, though. You see, underwater ruins from around the world are an indication that an advanced civilization existed on this planet prior to the end of the last ice age. The rise in the world’s oceans that accompanied the end of that ice age, sent monolithic structures, and even whole cities, to the bottom of the sea where they remain today. The world is just now rediscovering such sites – from India to the Black Sea to the North Sea to the Caribbean to the South Pacific, among others. This radically changes the evolutionary timeline for modern man, pushing it back by thousands of years, assuming, that is, that modern man even built these sites. Perhaps, there were even two different civilizations living side-by-side with one another.  After all, a recent genetic study shows that in ancient times modern man had sex with an unknown species. 

Unbeknownst to many, de-evolution has already been observed in nature. For example, recent genetic research has shown that the worm has evolved to be less sophisticated than its ancestors. The implications of this discovery are quite profound in that it shows that a species can de-evolve to a more primitive form. That really shouldn’t come as a big surprise because man used to have a much bigger brain as revealed by scientists’ discovery of the remains of a 28,000 year-old Cro-Magnon man.  Further, the results from recent scientific studies show a decline in man’s intelligence. Exactly in what direction, then, is the species really headed? It might just be possible that man has actually been de-evolving.



Some geneticists claim that man’s DNA is currently in the process of evolving from a 2-strand double helix to a 12-strand helix. So, possibly we could see yet another dramatic spike in evolution, not unlike the Cambrian Explosion which was biology’s equivalent of the Big Bang whereby a vast number of life forms came into existence in a blink of an eye, so to speak.  Either way, de-evolution or evolutionary spikes, evolutionary theory will need a major rewrite.


“Trying to read our DNA is like trying to understand software code – with only 90% of the code riddled with errors. It’s very difficult in that case to understand and predict what that software code is going to do.”
– Elon Musk

21 Responses to “The De-Evolution of Man”

  1. Nan said

    As usual, you offer another fascinating (albeit sometimes puzzling) perspective. Always enjoy reading your posts.

    • chicagoja said

      Thanks for commenting. You always have an interesting take. So, why puzzling? What part was confusing?

      • Nan said

        Wasn’t speaking necessarily of this particular post as being puzzling. More that overall, your perspective causes one to ponder a bit since it’s considerably unique to “general opinion.” This is not to say it’s wrong … just different, which, to me, is always fascinating. 😉

      • chicagoja said

        I’ve never worried about general opinion. Anyways, great discoveries are almost always made by people who think outside the box.

  2. Arkenaten said

    You use the term, ”advanced civilization” as an explanation for some of the more extravagant constructions across the earth yet offer no explanation as to how these structures were built and for what possible purpose they could have served for these advanced civilization?

    Also, why have no other aspects of these advanced civilizations been discovered? No art and no technology, for example?

    Any thoughts ?

    • chicagoja said

      I can’t tell you everything, now can I? I have to leave something for your imagination and curiosity.

      • Arkenaten said

        Meaning … ”Oops, I never thought of that

      • chicagoja said

        Meaning I wasn’t moved to tell you.

      • Arkenaten said

        *Smile* If you say so. But then why not do a post and explain it so we can all learn something?

      • chicagoja said

        Some people never learn, or so the saying goes. So, I just try to stir up people’s curiosity so that perhaps they will reexamine their belief systems, as all learning begins with a willingness to grow beyond what a person thinks that they already know.

      • Arkenaten said

        I agree. And a speculative post such as this is intriguing. Let’s face it, growing up, have we not all enjoyed Daniken etc?

        All I am saying is that surely you must have some thoughts on others aspects of technology such an advanced race would no doubt have employed if they were in some way responsible or inspirational for pyramids and similar architectural anomalies?
        What do you, personally, think became of this technology from such an advanced civilization?

      • chicagoja said

        Sure, lots of thoughts, but they’re all irrelevant to the post. The larger question is how does the possible existence of an advanced civilization in ancient times affect things like history and evolution.

      • Arkenaten said

        There is an inherent assumption in this statement that suggests there was an advanced civilization. And to assume this surely as with any archaeological claim, one must at least try to demonstrate what became of this technology? Hence my question regarding the technology such an advance race/civilization must have had .
        I am not at this stage demanding any sort of evidence merely walking with you along this speculative path.
        What are your thoughts?
        And why do you believe these architectural marvels are evidence of an advanced civilization in the first place?

      • chicagoja said

        In life, there are no real answers – only questions. If you ever arrive at the point that you think you know the answer, then you have basically stopped living. So, you have to ask yourself this question. Is this important to me? If it is, then by all means pursue it (without my help). As the Buddhists say, “If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him.”
        That is, I’m only here to pose the questions, not answer them.

      • Arkenaten said

        As there is no concrete evidence, I am not expecting concrete, irrefutable answers. We are, after all, simply having an open-ended conversation.
        What do you attribute for the apparent complete lack of evidence for any signs of technology in this regard?

      • Nan said

        Chicagoja, I appreciate the way you look at this, but I tend to agree with Ark. If you’re going to post something that is somewhat questionable or controversial, it seems like a cop-out not to at least discuss the issue by offering your perspectives and allowing others to offer theirs. After all, isn’t that one of the reasons for having a blog?

        Also, although we may never find the one “true” answer to life’s questions, it’s enjoyable to at least offer our various opinions.

      • chicagoja said

        I appreciate your opinion, but I don’t I have a blog to try and convince people of a particular belief system. As a result, I don’t feel compelled to answer every question that is raised by a post. To the contrary, I want people to do their own research and, perhaps, come to a better understanding of a particular issue.

      • Nan said

        Well … OK. To each his own, I guess. Although you do post some intriguing ideas that would be fun to discuss. Nevertheless, it is your blog.

        BTW, I’ve never got the impression that you were posting to “convince” anyone.

      • chicagoja said

        Like I said, I encourage people to do their own research. I’m always interested in discussing any information that they may uncover as a result.

  3. Arkenaten said

    What do you think of the hypothesis that the pyramids were cast as huge concrete blocks in situ?

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