The Mind Of God


Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku says that he understands the mind of God! In an interview, he said that, “The mind of God that Einstein eloquently wrote about…would be cosmic music resonating through eleven dimensional hyperspace.” So, the question is this: Exactly what kind of a god would that be?

Without really defining God, Kaku said that the laws of physics can give us an idea about what God is like. That is, God would not be a personal god or a god of intervention, a god who parts the waters.  However, a universe created by God would be a universe of order, beauty, harmony and simplicity.  In short, Kaku believes in the god of Einstein and Spinoza. No doubt, Kaku’s perspective won’t make either religious leaders or atheists very happy.

So, let’s take a look at the beliefs of Einstein and Spinoza.  Einstein said that, “I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings.” While most people are familiar with Einstein, not too many people know about Spinoza. Baruch Spinoza was a famous 17th century Dutch philosopher.  According to Wikipedia, Spinoza believed that “…everything is a derivative of God, interconnected with all of existence.” Further, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy states that Spinoza’s God is an “infinite intellect.”

While some might disagree, it appears that both Einstein and Spinoza believed in Intelligent Design. However, there’s not much doubt that neither Einstein nor Spinoza believed in the god of the Bible, the god of intervention. So, who exactly, then, was the god of the Bible?  Well, let’s just say that the god of Genesis was an interloper of sorts. He definitely had a big ego since he told man that there were no other gods besides him, even though the Bible says that he was not the god Most High.  In any event, he certainly would not qualify as the god of either Einstein or Spinoza, that’s for sure.

“Beyond all finite experiences and secondary causes, all laws, ideas and principles, there is an Intelligence or Mind, the first principle of all principles, the Supreme Idea on which all other ideas are grounded.”

    – Plato

3 Responses to “The Mind Of God”

  1. babarahs said

    All Religions should be put aside and each person should go on HIS/HER journey to find a PROVABLE God and let go of the handed down god that no one can PROVE exists. What good is some god that you personally can’t prove….Yes there is a mighty something, but for me….it is NOT the bible god….

  2. As someone who considers himself an Atheist, I see no conflict in Michio Kaku’s understanding of “god.” I think the issue arises in a fundamental understanding of how atheist see no proof of, or need for, a god in the religious sense. We discount the concept of an involved supernatural being capable of suspending the laws of physics.

    Each day our knowledge of fundamental particles, the very fabric of the universe, increases. Sometimes this happens by disproving previous theories, sometime by developing new ones. In either case, it arises from our quest to understand.

    Einstein and Spinoza expressed their definition of god in the context of differentiating the “infinite intellect” of nature from the anthropomorphic gods of most religions. I think they would both concur with Maku, in light of the progress of our understanding since their respective time.

    We may ultimately find out there is in fact no beginning, and thus no cause, and no need to plan for the end of time.

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