Do You Believe? Why?


“A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses. It is an idea that possesses the mind.”

– Robert Oxton Bolt


Everyone has beliefs. Those beliefs are based on a person’s perception of reality which is, for the most part, limited to what their physical senses tell them the world is like. These physical senses give rise to logic, a reasoning process which is an intellectual exercise in taking the available information and then trying to determine the truth of the matter (e.g. what is reality?).

However, the best that we can do is come to some approximate understanding of what the physical world is like. That’s the best. Of course, we know that humans’ senses of hearing and seeing are very inadequate so our view of reality is also likely to be lacking.

Interestingly enough, quantum physics tells us that there is a reality beyond the observable universe. Our universe is not all that there is to creation!! Beyond our universe is a non-physical world where consciousness is all that is. As Max Planck, the father of modern physics, stated, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. We cannot get behind consciousness.”  Yet from a scientific standpoint, scientists cannot prove (scientifically) what lies beyond our universe – because it is not observable. That’s the dilemma that John Horgan discussed in his book The End of Science.

So, where does this leave us?  All that we have to try to understand life is our physical senses. Yet, our physical senses cannot grasp the physical universe let alone the quantum world that our reality arises from. Michael Talbot, in The Holographic Universe, explained just how our reality is shaped by unseen forces from beyond, as follows: “Our brains mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately projections from another dimension, a deeper order of existence that is beyond both space and time….”   Carl Jung expressed a similar concept when he said that the psyche and reality are not limited to space and time.

Yet, people generally resist anything that they can’t see for themselves.  Instead, they simply label things they can’t explain as “supernatural.”  This is particularly true of atheists as they reject anything that smacks of the supernatural (which they equate with an admission that God exists).

However living, in my opinion, does require a leap of faith. By leap of faith, I’m not talking here about religion. Rather, I’m talking about having an open mind with regards to the unseen forces of Nature that shape our world. Unfortunately, though, if you’re looking for hard and fast answers you can forget it.  There really aren’t any. The thing to remember, though, as Bernard Werber said is that, “The point is not to 
believe or not believe. 
What matters is to ask 
as many questions as possible.”



The human species has been taught to believe that it is a physical species. If so, then why do you not fall out of bed at night?  Yes, the physical body is asleep but something keeps you from falling out of bed when you roll over at night. Further, what part of your body makes you human?  If you lose a hand, arm or leg, do you stop being human? Of course not. Exactly what makes you human then?

So, why is man the only species that can ponder his own existence? The only one. What part of his physical body does man use to do that?  His mind? Well, you should know that scientists have been unable to locate the “mind” in our physical body.  However, they have determined that the “mind” makes decisions before you are even consciously aware of those decisions. So, where exactly do your beliefs come from?  Better yet, who are you?


The universe does not exist ‘out there,’ independent of us. We are inescapably involved in bringing about that which appears to be happening. We are not only observers. We are participators.”  – John Wheeler, physicist

14 Responses to “Do You Believe? Why?”

  1. Arkenaten said

    Whatever lies beyond our physical universe, (multiverse) if anything at all, is currently pure speculation.
    To assign the term ”God” is more than a little misleading, especially with the religious implications you must surely be aware of.


    • chicagoja said

      Funny, I never mentioned the word God , or even implied it for that matter.

      • Arkenaten said

        Not on this post, no, but in older posts you have used this term.
        But you are a proponent of ID if memory serves, am I correct?

      • chicagoja said

        Yes, along with the likes of Albert Einstein, Max Planck, John Wheeler, Stephen Meyer, Michio Kaku, Paul Davies, Arno Penzias and Sir Fred Hoyle, just to name a few. Even Richard Dawkins admits to the possibility of Intelligent Design. We’ve discussed that previously unless you have conveniently forgotten.

      • Arkenaten said

        I read you interaction with Tildeb from 2013.
        You are a disingenuous twit.

      • chicagoja said

        Great minds think alike, except that you think that you are smarter than everyone else.

      • Arkenaten said

        Not at all.
        And that is as an arrogant assumption as I have read, and it almost sounds like you are now whining.
        You make presumptions based on what appears to be some sort of religious – divine creator conviction and this is why I accuse you of being disingenuous.
        If you reject this then please have the integrity to be specific about your personal position and I will gladly apologize.

      • chicagoja said

        The closest thing to my position are the great scientific minds I mentioned in an earlier reply. If you are interested, do a little research on your own. Of course, we both know that will never happen, don’t we?

      • Arkenaten said

        Your sarcasm is not at all appreciated. And I fully aware of the position of several of the people you mentioned.

        If you consider yourself t be an atheist then say so …

      • chicagoja said

        Since you are fully aware of the work of some of the scientists I mentioned, I assume that you don’t hold them in very high regard, especially as they all believe in Intelligent Design of some sort. As for myself, I agree with them that some form of intelligence(life) created life in the universe, just like Pasteur proved. It’s not for me to prove their work to you. You are obviously smart enough to have an opinion on their work or to review their research. My opinion, compared to theirs, is pretty irrelevant. Again, we both know that you are not going to do the research I mentioned with regards to those scientists because you already believe that you know the truth and they don’t agree with you so you would not want to be confused by the facts, right?

      • Arkenaten said

        Once more, your views on Einstein, for example were shown for what they are by Tildeb … spurious and quoted out of context.
        The same goes for Louis Pasteur, and yet you still have the lack of integrity to quote him once more four years later!
        To state ID is fact is completely erroneous.

        Again, if you are afraid to actually reveal your true position in this it speaks volumes.

      • chicagoja said

        The only one quoting out of context is you. You offer no proof, just the usual accusations. Pasteur is considered the father of the Law of Biogenesis. Enough said. I assume that since you mentioned only Einstein and Pasteur, you agree that the others believe in I.D. My position as I have said before is that the work of theses scientists speak for themselves and that I generally agree with them. I never said that I.D. is a fact. You’re completely erroneous in that assertion. I wish that you would quit wasting my time with such nonsense. If you would just stay within your little circle of friends, I’m sure that they will be impressed by you. After all, you are quite intelligent. Since I won’t be exchanging comments with you any more, I hope you find the answers to your questions somewhere, although the truth is rarely what we think it is.

    • chicagoja said

      I try to suspend belief and just experience life. Unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps) the universe has other plans for me. So, I speak my truth (actually its truth) and let people decide for themselves.

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