Real Life Time Travel


Time is speeding up…at least everyone says so. More to the point, we are speeding up as we accelerate through time. Time is simply a construct, as Einstein so aptly put it.

Everything is energy, as I’ve mentioned before. Earth has an electromagnetic field, with lightning, earthquakes and volcanoes all being part of that field. The frequency at which this field vibrates, historically 7.83Hz, is called the Schumann Resonance. This, then, is the heartbeat of the planet.

The planet Earth is about to transit from Pisces to Aquarius, which marks the end of a long evolutionary cycle. This cycle is talked about extensively in the ancient Mayan and Hindu texts. In many religions, this transit is referred to as the End Times. The human species is here to awaken and this is being accomplished through changes in the Schumann Resonance.

Interestingly enough, the Schumann Resonance has recently spiked to over 30Hz. The world seems to be literally spinning out of control. People are becoming irrational, with some of their actions bordering on the insane.  Hang on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.




18 Responses to “Real Life Time Travel”

  1. If time is simply a construct, why do we age and die and what are we to make of the seasons or the planets and stars which traverse the heavens in timely order?

    • chicagoja said

      Excellent questions. So here goes. We do not die; the body dies. We are not our bodies (e.g. if you lose your leg does that change who you are?). With respect to order in nature (and the universe): Sure, everything is orderly – in fact, everything is mathematical. When Einstein said that time was a construct, he meant that past, present and future all exist simultaneously. However, we “perceive” time to be linear. Much of this is impossible to know by observation through our physical senses. For a deeper discussion, I would refer you to my prior post ” God, Tron and the Matrix.” Hope that answers your questions.

      • Chicago,

        “We do not die,” is a religious statement not a scientific one.

        In fact, it is obvious that we do die. The cemeteries are full of the dead.

        There is no scientific evidence that we do not die.

        What Einstein said about time is pure conjecture as there is no evidence.

        In fact, it is obvious that the past, present and future do not exist simultaneously.

        Otherwise there would not be specific words for past present and future.

        The fact that we remember past events proves that the past is not the present.

        And the fact that we exist in the present proves that the future is yet to be.

      • chicagoja said

        I agree that that is our perception. That’s is all that we know and all that we experience (through our senses which are very inadequate to say they least). I’m trying to provide you with explanations that go beyond science and religion. For example, physicist John Wheeler stated that, “The universe does not exist ‘out there,’ independent of us. We are inescapably involved in bringing about that which appears to be happening. We are not only observers. We are participators.” What did he mean that we are participators? How do we do that, if not through the mind. In that vein, the father of modern physics, Max Planck, argued that consciousness/ mind is all that there is. And where is the mind? Well, Jung said that the psyche can not be limited to space and time. Further, DNA research has shown that our DNA is part of a connected energy field which extends beyond space and time. Taken all together, there is a part of creation that is beyond space, beyond time – an existence where time is not relevant. This reality is beyond our ability to perceive. By the way, the phrase I used that “We do not die” is not a religious statement, at least from my frame of reference as I am not religious.

      • Chicago,


        We are participants in the universe.

        Therefore, there exists death, past, present and future.

        To say otherwise is to divorce man from the universe and try looking at it from a non-human point of view.

        That is absurd on its face.

        Yes, I just stated that Einstein voiced an absurdity, which he was want to do from time to time.

        I mean, the man totally missed quantum mechanics which is pretty hard to do.

      • Chicago,

        There can be no energy fields that extend beyond time and space.

        That is because energy exists in our time and space. Energy is an integral part of our universe.

        There is no evidence that it can exist otherwise or other where.

      • chicagoja said

        The problem with evidence is that, even in science, it usually doesn’t exist. If you’re waiting for “evidence” you’ll be waiting forever. By the way, your comment that no energy fields exist beyond space and time is also without evidence. It’s just your opinion.

      • Chicago,

        That is not true at all.

        Evidence is the hallmark of science.

      • chicagoja said

        Science is first and foremost based on observation. There is no evidence if you cannot see and/or measure it. Further, many scientists will admit that something exits beyond space and time and that science has reached its limits in describing what that is (that lies beyond space and time). Again, you cannot see or measure it. Some religions, for example, may refer to it (correctly or incorrectly) as heaven. Furthermore, there is obviously no evidence that something doesn’t exist beyond space and time.

      • Chicago,

        Science is NOT based on observation.

        All the ancients observed many things in the natural world, but never, ever developed the scientific method.

        Science is about finding the how and why of something observed.

        Science is about evidence and proof based on the laws of nature.

      • chicagoja said

        Look up the definition of science.

      • Nan said

        In fact, it is obvious that we do die.

        SOM, I’m surprised that you, as a believer, would say such a thing. Yes, the BODY dies, the brain dies … but doesn’t your church teach that the “soul” continues to live on?

        From a scientific POV, energy (of which everything, including humans, is made) does NOT die so, in essence, while the individual person may cease to exist, their energy lives on. So in essence, there is no “death.”

      • Nan,

        This is a grown-up’s discussion about science.

        I invite you to join in.

  2. Nan,

    Energy dissipates.

    Think of life as the energy that make a light bulb light.

    If you turn of the power, the light goes out.

    You can actually see the energy dissipate into space if you look closely,

    From a scientific point of view, when the body dies, the energy in the body dissipates off into space.

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