Left and Right In The Shark Tank


I was watching an interview with a political commentator recently and one of the topics was a possible future reconciliation/accommodation between the political left and the political right.  Not sure why this topic was terribly relevant just prior to the mid-term elections so maybe they just ran out of things to talk about.  Unlikely, right?

Putting aside the question of relevance, I’d like to talk about why and how there could ever be a reconciliation between the left and right.  Granted, most people are probably unhappy with the current state of affairs. Nevertheless, I would argue that getting the two sides to agree on anything would be like asking atheists and deists to agree as to whether or not God exists.

To begin with, liberals and conservatives have never liked each other, not even a little bit.  The difference in the past was at least they somewhat tolerated each other, with the party on the outs hoping all the while to get back in power.  Ever since the election of Trump, however, the two sides have been at each other’s throat. Putting aside for the moment how we got here, the question is how do we return to a saner environment?  Certainly, Hillary Clinton saying that civility can return only after the Democrats regain power did not help.  Nor did it help when Nancy Pelosi recently said that there would be collateral damage for those who did not agree with the Democratic Party agenda.

While liberals and conservatives have never been exactly bosom buddies, they have had, in the past, some important things in common.  For example, both sides were for the most part patriotic, with an appreciation of what made America great.  Both sides went off to fight (to presumably defend freedom) in two world wars with many giving up their lives for the cause.

However, somewhere along the line, patriotism became a dirty word, for some.  Somewhere along the line, free speech became only a right for those who could shout down opposing viewpoints.  Somewhere along the line, violence was rationalized as being okay if it were in “self-defense” of their own belief systems.  As irrational as those points of view are, at least to some, those same points of view are quite permissible to others.  How did we ever get to this point?

I have been a spectator standing on the political sidelines for most of my adult life.  Perhaps, that’s why I have what I think is a somewhat different perspective on what is happening.  In my opinion, what has been playing out on the stage of American politics can be seen more clearly against the backdrop of world politics (globalism vs. populism). More to the point, a wave of nationalism has in the last few years upset the monopoly of world governments by the elite. Countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Austria and very recently Brazil now have populist governments.

The wave of populism may well have carried Donald Trump into power as well.  Trump promised exactly the same thing that Barack Obama did eight years earlier (hope and change). That formula obviously really sells politically.  However, Trump’s election was almost completely unexpected in all quarters. Prior to that, the Democrats had been in power for sixteen years and had already counted on another eight years under Hillary Clinton.  It was not to be, though, and the reaction to the election loss has led to the near civil war that we are experiencing today.

The tipping point, in what I refer to as the war between two worlds, is that the left was poised to move the country further left politically if Hillary had been elected. Much further left.  I believe that can be borne out by the extreme left-wing rhetoric, violence and protests which have characterized the last two years, all of which has culminated in the rise to prominence of a new type of Democractic political superstar; namely Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Andrew Gillum and Beto O’Rourke. Their brand of politics would create a nation without borders, a nation which would protect the interests of would-be immigrants over the interests of citizens (including previous immigrants). That brand of politics only fits the globalist model.

An article on Zero Hedge today also discussed a call for unity between the warring parties. They recommended that an uneasy co-existence of respectful disunity is the only way forward. I disagree. There is no way forward. Simply put: something has to give. As I’ve said before, globalism and populism are mutually exclusive political belief systems.  They can’t co-exist.  America can either become the new Sweden, with everything that implies, or it can try to return to its roots (both culturally and politically). It’s probably time to choose.

“Look at the tyranny of party — at what is called party allegiance, party loyalty — a snare invented by designing men for selfish purposes — and which turns voters into chattles, slaves, rabbits, and all the while their masters, and they themselves are shouting rubbish about liberty, independence, freedom of opinion, freedom of speech, honestly unconscious of the fantastic contradiction….”  –  Mark Twain




















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