Why Don’t People Like Me?


So, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(AOC) thinks that her bad ratings are due to bias.  Well, if you need a bogeyman to blame things on, I guess that’s as good as any…or it could mean that she’s simply out of touch with the voting public.

Here’s a little background to consider:

  • AOC’s legislative assistant Dan Rifle thinks that every billionaire is a policy failure and he thinks that the priority for Democratic staffers should be to burn the system down (per the Washington Free Beacon).

Comment: Burning the system down is about as out-of-touch as you can get. As for billionaires, every billionaire is actually a policy success. That is, if you don’t incentivize people to take risks, you won’t have a healthy economy. An economy with no billionaires is called communism and I haven’t heard anyone promote that since…well, since Bernie Sanders (and maybe Waleed Shahid).

  •  Waleed Shahid, a former aide to AOC, has said that,“Democracy should mean taking power and wealth and making sure it belongs to everyone.”

Comment: First, America is a republic, not a democracy. Secondly, in any context, democracy is never about taking money from people and redistributing it. That’s more like communism, my friends.

  • More Waleed Shahid: “…the Democratic Party’s voters look more like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez than Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi.”

Comment: According to Pew Research, about half of Democratic voters are white and half are persons of color. When Shahid and the Justice Democrats say that they represent the majority of Democratic voters it’s simply not true. They live in a bubble in New York City which is not representative of Democrats across the country. How’s that for diversity! Does Shahid even know where Keokuk, Iowa is or what the Democrats of that area want?  Of course not, and he could care less.  He looks around in their group and what does he see – mostly people of color, everyone is under 35 and virtually everyone is from the New York City area, and still he wants to claim that they represent the Democratic party better than Schumer and Pelosi.

  • AOC says that Democratic Party should target Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar from Texas in the 2020 election because his political views don’t match her own. She says, “Do we really want someone like that in the party?”

Comment: His views don’t match hers that’s true, but they do match a majority of Democratic voters from his own district.  After all, they elected him…to represent them in Congress. That’s true democracy in action.


So, when AOC complains about her ratings, here’s what’s she’s missing.  People dislike her because she’s for “open borders” which 75% of voters oppose  (according to a Gallup Poll).  Likewise, 75% of voters endorse “America First” which AOC opposes. Are you starting to get the picture, because apparently AOC does not.  Her poor ratings are not due to bias as she claims but to her simply being out of touch with mainstream America. What’s more, almost half of all Millennials polled by Gallup had an unfavorable opinion about AOC. Besides, Americans are a proud bunch. They don’t like their elected officials to tell them that they (the elected officials) are the boss. Especially, people in Keokuk, Iowa.



A new poll from Sienna College Research Institute shows that AOC’s favorability ratings in the state of New York have tanked. She’s at -13% as compared to Chuck Schumer at +10%. AOC’s approval rating is even lower than Trump (31% to 36%, respectively).  I wonder what AOC will have to say about that?

Or it could be that the following quote has something to do with why AOC’s favorability rating is so low. From AOC: “Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs.”



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