Greenland Is Melting?


So, supposedly it’s getting warm at the Arctic Circle and the ice is melting.  I said supposedly.  Apparently, it ain’t so in Greenland.

A new NASA study published in Nature Geoscience has found that the biggest glacier in Greenland has been growing, instead of shrinking, since 2016, and growing rapidly at that. NASA has been using satellite data to monitor ice accumulation all over the world. For example, NASA’s website has a study of Antarctic ice accumulation that shows that Antarctica has actually been gaining ice. This challenges the conclusions of other previous studies, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC), which have said that Antarctica is losing ice.

As for the weather, somehow it’s supposedly warm in the Arctic Circle but cold further south.  The cold weather coming into North America, for example, is supposedly a by-product of the warm weather in the Arctic Circle. Of course, that’s completely counterintuitive.  To try and explain it, a new term, polar vortex, has been coined. I said to try and explain it.

In any event, NASA says that the whole planet can expect a lot more cold weather, really cold. The headline in NewsPunch reads, “Scientists Find Earth is Cooling, Not Warming; NASA Predicts Mini-Ice Age.” So, it turns out that we’re going to need all the greenhouse gases that we can get to help offset the global cooling! Another NASA climatologist, Dr. Kate Marvel, was interviewed recently and said,I’m not sure that climate change is an immediate threat to human existence.”  Obviously, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t convinced Dr. Marvel that we’re all going to die in twelve years.



Then, there’s the United Nations who are at the forefront of the global warming initiative. Basically what they have been doing is pedaling a political agenda as science consensus. However, Dr. Nils-Axel Marner who worked for the IPCC says that, “The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is misleading humanity about climate change and sea levels…In fact, it is more likely that sea levels will decline, not rise.” How’s that for a ringing endorsement!



“The sun is entering one of the deepest Solar Minima of the Space Age…The lack of sunspots on our sun could bring about record cold temperatures, and perhaps even a mini ice age.” – Dr. Tony Phillips, NASA



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