Saving The Planet



I’m having pizza tonight at the local pizza place and exchanging pleasantries with the owner. A really nice guy.  Very engaging sort.

He’s bemoaning the fact that the world is going down the tubes, times are harder with little hope for the future. He says that he thinks that we need to have a war to save the country. Well, okay wars do sometimes solve certain problems, but for every winner there has to be at least one loser, if not more. So, on a global scale that doesn’t solve anything.  Just more endless wars.

Being the outspoken person that I am, I say that there are really only two events that can truly save the planet.  One possibility is extraterrestrials and the other would be the next step on Nature’s scale of human evolution.  Why these two? Well, extraterrestrials (e.g. a type II Kardashev civilization) if they exist and if they are friendly and if they want to help (I know, it’s a lot of ifs) by definition would have to be a more advanced civilization than the human species, so perhaps we could learn something from them.

Evolution is the wild card in all of this. We know from looking at the geology of the Earth that the planet has gone through many evolutionary cycles, some of which happened almost overnight in evolutionary terms.  Why not a move by humans out of our three-dimensional universe into something whose energy vibrates at a higher rate.  We know, for example, that the Schumann Resonance (the heartbeat of the planet) has recently been skyrocketing up out of sight.  What if the increase in the vibrational rate of the energy in the universe turns the human species into a higher life form? I said what if.

Pooh, pooh these possibilities all you want. Unless you come up with a better idea, I’m the boss.  At least, I agree with AOC on something.



7 Responses to “Saving The Planet”

  1. Sam said

    I enjoyed talking to you tonight .. It was pleasure .
    Between the two options ,,
    b-Nature’s scale of human evolution
    I pick B. God Help us ..
    By the way I looked into Georgia Guidestones it is a mystery has not been solved yet . It was interesting .

    • chicagoja said

      The Georgia Guidestones Meet Clemson University
      Todd May, a professor at Clemson University, is calling for the complete eradication of the human species (according to an op-ed piece in the New York Times). Apparently, we’ve been so bad to the animals and to the environment that we all deserve to die. Problem is it’s just his opinion. Problem is, he isn’t God.

      Now, I do agree with a few of Professor May’s thoughts. For one, there has been a lot of damage done to the environment. For another, animals are subject to a lot of abuse including being raised for slaughter. After that, in my opinion, the professor goes off the deep end.

      For starters, I guess that Professor May sees himself as judge, jury and executioner. That takes a lot of hubris. What’s more, Professor May obviously values animal and plant life higher than human life, so I can’t exactly agree with him there either. Further, Professor May doesn’t explain who is going to carry out the dastardly deed of killing off all the people on the planet; perhaps, himself, as he mentions that he is going to dedicate his life to the cause of “mass abortions” in order to depopulate the planet (and eventually save it).

      Of course, I’m not sure what a saved planet would look actually like, although presumably there would be plants and animals except after an ELE (mass extinction event) when maybe only the planet existed and hardly anything much else. Rather a bizarre philosophy, I would say. After all, it seems rather pointless to have a world with no intelligent life, much less no life at all.

      Here’s my biggest objection, though, to what the professor said. He blames everyone, all human beings. That must apply then to the Mother Teresas of the world, the Dalai Lama and people like the Amazon rainforest tribes who have lived in peace and harmony with nature for thousands of years. Yeah, kill ‘em all.

      So, is there a logic to Professor May’s madness? Well, actually, there is and you can find it on a hilltop in Elbert County, Georgia just 50 miles from Clemson University. It’s called the Georgia Guidestones, a mysterious granite monument consisting of four giant stones which is engraved in eight different languages. The Georgia Guidestones give mankind a new kind of Ten Commandments including this one which I’m sure that you will love: world population should be no more than 500 million people. No indication, though, as to who will make the call of which 6.5 billion on the planet will be sacrificed on the altar of occult ideology. Perhaps, it’s Professor May.

  2. sam said

    Waww ,, I am enjoying your blog so much …
    The Prophet loved it …

  3. Nan said

    I’m just going to throw this out there — the actuality of its occurrence is nil, but IF it were possible, it might improve a few things as related to the future existence of human beings …

    Eliminate the emotion of HATE.

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