The Global Cooling Phenomena



Global warming was supposed to be bad for the planet, but I’m here to tell you that global cooling is so much worse.  All the cold weather this past winter produced record snowfalls, especially across the Midwest.  When spring came, the snow melted and now we have an apocalypse of flooding.  The following article refers to it as “an agricultural disaster without equal in modern American history.”– see link

Get ready for a disaster at the supermarket.

Of course, weather runs in cycles and we know from past cold weather eras, like the late 17thcentury, that cold weather can wreak havoc on the planting and harvesting of crops.  Never mind the loss of animal life which we are experiencing in record numbers across the Midwest and in Australia in particular.

The real key to understanding the whole global warming/cooling debate is this. Food can’t be grown when it’s cold but can when it’s warm.  If temperatures got real hot and the major ice floes melt and sea levels rise, that would be a problem for populations along coastlines.  However, the planet would survive.

Note: We all wouldn’t perish in 12 years even if CO2 levels increased dramatically. That is, CO2 is good the planet, not bad. It’s a scientific fact that we need to have CO2, and lots of it, to exist on this planet despite what Al Gore thinks.

However, with cooling, things could get really bad especially in the Northern Hemisphere. There’s a reason why the Northern Hemisphere was not populated during some ancient periods (ice ages). To survive, the northern populations, which constitute 90% of the world population, would all have to move way south.  Good luck with seven billion people trying to survive on one-third of the planet’s land mass and with very little in the way of food production because food is primarily grown in the Northern Hemisphere.

Here’s the rub.  The media isn’t reporting on the implications of our weather problems.  That’s because they might have to explain why cold weather is far worse for us than warm weather.  Fancy that. However, when people wake up to the reality of major increases in food prices and/or empty shelves in the supermarket, there will be hell to pay. Better get the parkas out as the cold weather isn’t likely to end anytime soon.



A study published in Nature Climate Change looked at the four major warming periods of the last 5,000 years. Of the four, the coolest one was for the period recently ended in 1980. in fact, the Minoan warm period approximately 3,500 years ago was 4°C warmer than today. None of the four warm periods were associated with failing ecosystems despite being warmer than the 20th century.  So much for the threat of global warming.

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