Sharia Law: No LGBT Allowed



I wonder if the LGBT community realizes the ramifications of Sharia Law.  That is, homosexuals are executed under Sharia Law in most Muslim countries. Here’s the rundown.

Brunei, a predominately Muslim country in Southeast Asia, recently converted to Sharia Law and will now be executing gays. Their crime – homosexuality.  Of course, Brunei is not alone as homosexuality is punishable by death in most Muslim counties including Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.  Of course, Sharia Law applies to all people in those countries whether they are Muslims or not.

In this country, the problem is that Sharia Law is incompatible with American law, American culture and American values.  For example, under Sharia Law, women are treated as possessions and it’s allowable to rape non-Muslim women (see what’s happening all across Europe, for example), or even kill them in the case of “honor killings” …and, of course, there’s the LGBT issue.

So, as Islam becomes more prevalent in this country, it’s inevitable that some Americans, and especially LGBT, will become increasingly threatened by the lack of assimilation on behalf of Muslims.  After all, while Muslims may feel perfectly comfortable under Sharia Law, many Americans will not.

One Response to “Sharia Law: No LGBT Allowed”

  1. BlackSheep said

    It is strange when archaic traditions bump into modern society. “Hold my iPod while I kill my daughter for eating a banana in public”.

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