A Democracy or a Republic, That’s The Question



Question: When is a country a democracy?

Answer: When it’s ruled by the majority

Point:  Some people missed the most important point about my recent republic/democracy conundrum post. If you want to protect the rights of minority groups, then a republic is a much better choice than a democracy.

A finer point: If you already had a republic and you didn’t want minority interests to be hard-coded into a Constitution, how could you get rid of it?  By convincing people to change to a democracy.  That way, the majority could rule (unencumbered).

Follow-up question: But if you changed from a republic to a democracy, what happens to the Constitution?

Answer: It’s then referred to as a “living document.” In other words, it would be reinterpreted for the benefit of the majority.


All this discussion about “our democracy” is just a smokescreen.  It’s just so much talk amongst politicians, liars and thieves.  Nobody wants a democracy unless they will be “the majority.”



“The end of the Republic has never looked better.”  – Barack Obama, the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, April 30,2016.

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