Are they all crazy? Or do politicians simply think that the voters are all stupid?

Headline: Joe Biden Campaign Demands Media Censure Rudy Giuiani

Are the Democrats going to out Joe for trying to bully the media?

Headline: Elizabeth Warren: I Will Eliminate Carbon-Emitting Cars, Homes, Buildings Within 16 Years

Somebody please tell Warren that if we do that (1) America will be the first nation to do so and, yet, China will be polluting more than ever and (2) America will become a third world nation because its economy will have been totally destroyed and (3) if we eliminate enough carbon, eventually all life on the planet will die.


There is so much more to the Ukraine narratives than just the Trump-Zelensky phone call and Joe Biden. Those are just the tip of the iceberg. The impeachment inquiry is going to expose much bigger stories like Crowdstrike and the hoax that the Russians hacked the DNC servers, the 2014 overthrow of the democratically-elected Ukraine government by the C.I.A., Pedogate and the run-up to WW3. All that, and more, may well come out. And you probably thought that this was just about Beltway politics. Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Humor of the day

On his HBO show, Bill Maher commented on the Ukraine dealings of Joe and Hunter Biden saying that if Donald Trump Jr, did what Hunter Biden did “it would be all Rachel Maddow is talking about.”

The Fabricators


Political campaigns seem to bring out the worst in politicians (and the media). Nearly every story seems somehow fabricated.  Today’s headlines tell the story:

Headline: Beto Makes Bizarre Claim That Trans Woman of Color Can Be Murdered With Complete Immunity

Comment: Desperate people do desperate things when they’re losing.  But who cares, since Beto isn’t long for the presidential race.

Headline: MSNBC Anchor Said There Is No Evidence Biden Pressured Ukraine, But Biden Admitted To Doing So In 2018.

Comment: Biden’s campaign is in serious trouble over this issue so the MSM is circling the wagons to protect him.

Headline: Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez Wants Answers Regarding Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Ukraine

Comment: Even some Democrats realize there is a serious problem.

Headline: Democrat Slams Ocasio-Cortez’s Fracking Claim: We Do Ourselves No Favors When We Ignore Science

Comment: And we do ourselves no favors when we manufacture bogus claims like this one.  Even the Democrats are objecting.

Headline: Newly-Hired NYT Reporter Accused of Fabricating Accusation Against Another Reporter

Comment: And now they’re doing it to each other.

Humor of the day

Headline: China Listens To The Public: Mike Bloomberg Says Communist China Is Not A Dictatorship

Comment: Last I checked, they were still in the streets protesting in Hong Kong. At least, the ones that the Chinese army didn’t arrest.

The fabricators: Beto, MSNBC, AOC, New York Times, Michael Bloomberg. Don’t you just love politics?



Humor of the day:

Headline: Overdue Tax Bill For Ocasio-Cortez’s Failed Business Remains Unpaid

Comment: You shouldn’t propose increases in federal income taxes when you haven’t even paid your own taxes.

What’s happening in the world today is the result of centuries-old drama coming out of the shadows into the light of day. Of course, the average person is not going to understand that the rabbit hole is very deep and they may not be aware that there even is a rabbit hole. Today’s headlines push back the curtain ever so slightly on the Wizard of Oz.


Headline: What Democrats Don’t Want You To See: Overview of Crowdstrike – Firm That Claimed Russia Hacked The U. S. and the Ukraine

Comment: The fake Russia-collusion narrative started with Crowdstrike, a company few have ever heard of (but is owned by Google). They operated in the shadows, but now they have been exposed. For a fuller explanation of who Crowdstrike is see the Daily Caller article “Crowdstrike: Five Things Everyone Is ignoring About The Russia-DNC Story.”

Headline: Putin Warns: Western Governments Are Destroying The Planet With Chemtrails For Control and Profit

Comment: Well the rabbit hole goes much, much deeper than that.  Of course, Putin knows that but he’s not going to let the cat out of the bag. In any event, Putin is a threat to the elites which is why Russia was used as the fall-guy in the Russia-collusion narrative. Russia-collusion was a two-for-one deal.  Get rid of the two major threats to the elites hold on world power (Russia and the U.S.).

Headline: Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Explains Why There Is No Possible Criminal Conduct In Trump-Ukraine Story

Comment: As I’ve said before, this is not about the law. Politics is all about doing deals in backrooms and in the shadow of the government. Impeachment was planned from the very day that Clinton lost the 2016 election.


Humor of the day

Headline: A Federal Judge Wants Ocasio-Cortez To Explain Why She Blocks Twitter Critics In Court

Comment: While they’re at it, they should have AOC explain how come she hasn’t paid her back taxes yet and how the political contributions to her PAC wound up in a company controlled by her and Chakrabarti.


I don’t know about you, but there’s so much news about impeachment that I’m fast approaching burnout (already).  Besides, this impeachment is not about the law, it’s simply about politics…and that’s when I tune out.  That said, here’s the latest developments.  As usual, the headlines tell the story:

Headline: John Kasich Stuns CNN Anchor, Cautions on Trump Impeachment Over One Phone Call, Says Nobody in Ohio Talking About This

Comment: I agree that congresspersons ought to represent their constituents and not their party, so I applaud Kasich on that. However, his viewpoint reinforces the notion that it’s all about politics (because we shouldn’t do anything since nobody is talking about it).

Headline: Flashback: Obama Admin Asked Ukraine to Investigate Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort

Comment: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Headline: Whistleblower Complaint Conflicts With Trump-Zelensky Transcript

Comment: There are three major errors in the whistleblower complaint raising questions about its credibility. Then again, what did you expect given all the hearsay?

Headline: Solomon Bombshell – Ukranian Prosecutor Shokin Details Biden’s Shakedown – Will Likely End Biden Campaign

Comment: Hate to say it, but you heard it here first.

Headline: Rumblings: Deep State Whistleblower is Brennan Protégé Planted Inside Whitehouse To Spy on Trump

Comment: This is related to Trump saying that the whistleblower was “close to a spy.” There’s a lot more to this story that hasn’t been made public yet.

Other Ukraine headlines

Headline: Ukraine’s Former Top Prosecutor Swore He Was Fired Over Refusal To Drop Biden Probe

Headline: State Department Already Refutes Partisan Anti-Trump Whistleblower’s Report – Says Senior Counselor Brechbuhl Was Not on Ukranian Call


The reason that I post Ukraine matters in with impeachment headlines is because the two are related. While there was no Russia-collusion, there was Ukranian interference in the 2016 election.  The new Ukranian government has publicly admitted it.  The Russia-collusion narrative actually has its roots in the Ukraine.

Politicians opine on all things big and small with rarely a thought about the voter. The voting public says that they can’t trust them but, interestingly enough, continue to vote them into office. That’s why I say that it’s a politician’s world. Today’s headlines tell the story:

Headline: Democrats Freak Out After Transcript Reveals Trump Is On Crowdstrike Trail

Comment: Russia-collusion is over, but the Russia hoax narrative is just beginning.

Headline: Wall Street Journal Columnist Nukes Democratic Talking Points on Ukraine Debacle

From journalist Kimberly Strassel: “Having read DOJ’s Trump-Ukraine release, here’s the real story: This is another internal attempt to take out a president, on the basis of another non-smoking-gun.”

Comment: But there is a smoking gun with respect to Ukraine and Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. The two of them even give conflicting accounts on how much Joe knew.

Headline: Hundreds of Documents Conflict With Biden’s Ukranian Prosecutor Story

Comment: No way that Biden can beat Warren after this.

Headline: 14 Million Illegal Immigrants Cost Americans $132 Billion A Year

Comments: Can you even imagine how much “open borders” would cost?

Headline: EU Could Be Spending More On Private Jet Travels For Climate Crusading Officials

Comment: So Al Gore and his Davos cronies get to have private jets but the masses will have to ride on trains (not even cars). However, AOC gets to use Uber rather than taking a train.

There’s really nothing to comment on today except impeachment. Impeachment this, impeachment that. So, are we headed for another Bill Clinton moment?

Politics has always been about blaming the other guy and that is about to be proven in spades. Both sides will be bringing out all the dirty laundry, and no doubt, there will be blood in the aisles before it’s all over. The interesting thing is that an impeachment of Trump will not be concluded in time for the 2020 election. Therefore, perception will be everything and fake news will abound.

Here’s the impeachment headlines:

The whistleblower

Headline: White House Whistleblower Didn’t Have Direct Knowledge of Trump Communications

Headline: I Was Not A Witness To Any of It – Whistleblower Complaint Released To Public

Comment: Yeah, it was only hearsay, but everyone still treated it as if it was the real deal. In any event, it accomplished the objective of getting the fake news industry going.

Headline: IG Says Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower Had Bias In Favor of Rival Candidate

Headline: Trump-Hating Whistleblower Based His Complaint on Anti-Trump Fake News Media

Comment: I’m shocked (not).

Headline: New York Times Outs Ukraine Whistleblower As CIA Officer 

Comment: That’s relevant because of what Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said about Trump taking on the intelligence community ala JFK. Said Schumer, “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

The political maneuvering

Headline: Rep. Schiff Fabricates What Trump said In Ukraine Telephone  Call Transcript

Headline: Adam Schiff Claims His Blatant Fabrication of Trump Quotes Was Parody

Comment: Nice try, but they don’t call you “shifty Schiff” for nothing.

Headline: Kevin McCarthy To Force Democrats On Record Again With Impeachment Inquiry Vote

Comment: Pelosi doesn’t want Democrats to vote publicly (on the record) for impeachment, but Republicans do. Boy, is the world upside down.

The hypocrisy

Headline: Top Dems Colluded With Ukraine Government To Interfere in 2016 Election

Headline: Democrats Wrote To Ukraine in May 2018, Demanding It Investigate Trump

Fake news corrections (already)

Headline: ABC, Axios Correct Stories About Trump and Ukraine

Comment: Of course, hardly anyone ever hears about the retractions. 

The strategy flips

Headline: Ukraine President Confirms “Nobody Pushed Me”

Comment: With the release of the transcript, everyone realizes that there was no ‘quid pro quo.’

Headline: Trump Doesn’t Need To Commit a Crime To Be Kicked Out of Office

Comment: So, the conversation quickly changes to impeachment without a crime ever being committed. 

Headline: Democrats Reveal The Real Purpose of the Impeachment Investigation

According to a Democratic strategist, “Looking at impeachment as a process for removing the president is the wrong way of thinking about it… But keeping him under investigation, at least through the November election, will increasingly erode the support of both Trump and the Republican party brand, making a Democratic takeover of the Senate and the White House, and an increased control of the House even more likely.”

Comment: It better work because your political careers are at risk.

The defense strategy

Headline: Democrats Want To Impeach Trump For What Biden Did

Comment: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who does the best mirroring of all.

Headline: RNC Calls on Joe Biden To Follow President Trump’s Example and Release Transcripts of Calls To Ukraine Pertaining To His Money Laundering Scheme

Comment: Of course, that’s never going to happen (at least until the impeachment hearings).


Headline: All Eyes On Ukraine: Deep State and Hillary Operatives Worked With Ukranian Government To Take Down Trump

So, it’s all part of the Deep State coup (see my prior post “The Coup Is On”).  You can, therefore, expect that any impeachment hearings will include Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and many world leaders to try to explain, or lie, to the American public about what really happened in the shadows. It’s going to be quite the show.

The Coup Is On


Tom Luongo wrote a terrific piece entitled “The Coup Has Begun – The Empire Strikes Back Everywhere.” I say terrific because Luongo understands the chess moves that are taking place in the shadows. That’s where the real action happens. The rest is just theater to be lapped up by the masses who really have no way of knowing what is really going on or why.

Here’s an excerpt from his article:

“It’s a coup folks. 

And the full court press is on in this coup for your sanity and to radicalize you into violence. They are daring us to strike back here so then they can be justified in going on full lockdown and cancel future elections.

They have to do this. Their financial markets are in the early stages of collapse…The elite reacting this way is predictable… Breaking the compact between rulers and the ruled sets a dangerous precedent for reciprocal violence. 

Because overthrowing a President for doing his job and destroying government to nullify a democratic referendum are points of no return.

Brits and Americans alike are learning the terrible lesson that it is time to put away childish things like representative government and that elections matter. They don’t…The image you hold in your head of your country is not the reality of the one you live in. 

The dystopia is real.”

The real-life application of what Luongo is saying is that the tide of world politics is threatening the lofty perch of the elites. It’s getting uncomfortable for them and they are pushing back. What you think you know about world affairs is only what the elite want you to know. Everything is heavily censored. For example, the threat of world war is not about East vs. West, America vs Iran or Jews vs. Arabs. That’s all theater, a giant Kabuki dance. It’s really about the elite making moves on a 4-dimensional political chess board, and good luck trying to interpret those moves.

Just know what Michael Ellner understood perfectly well, that “Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” Yes, governments destroy freedom, because governments are only there to serve the elite, not us. Your representatives in Congress don’t represent you. Rather, they are members of the government. Their loyalties are with the elite. There is no government of the people, by the people and for the people. Those are just words on a piece of paper.

So, the next time you hear a politician railing about the current state of affairs, remember that it’s all an ideological food fight, theater for your entertainment.  It’s a dirty little secret that you’re not supposed to know about…but, of course, now you know.


“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


When it comes to convincing Americans that they should be concerned about climate change, the political rhetoric has been a failure. So, now we have kids lecturing the adults in an attempt to have the kids do what the politicians have been unsuccessful in doing. Today’s headlines tell the story:

Headline: Macron Slams Greta Thunberg After Teenage Activist Sues France Over Climate – But Leaves Out China

After browbeating the U.N. for stealing her childhood, Thunberg proclaimed, “People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing…We are in the beginning of a mass extinction.”

The pushback, however, has been brutal: “Maybe China is backing her so she can destroy other nations’ industries so China gets what remains of Western manufacturing” and “Good morning to everybody except China for being the biggest polluter in the world yet somehow escaping the wrath of Greta Thunberg.”

Another headline reads as follows: Child Psyop Puppet Greta Loses It, Screams About Mass Extinction From Carbon Dioxide, Oblivious To The Fact That CO2 Turns The World Green

Comment: Apparently, some people still don’t understand that the core message of climate change is that CO2 kills the planet when the science is irrefutable – CO2 is necessary for life.

Headline: Depopulation Is The Answer To Climate Change

Comment: Actually, climate change is the tail wagging the dog. The real objective is depopulation. As Bill Gates told TED, we have to reduce CO2 to zero. In other words, everyone will have to die. No joke.

Headline: In Letter To U.N., Scientists Say There Is No Climate Emergency

Comment: And NASA, the World Meteorologist Organization and Nobel Laureate Ivor Giaever (among many others) agree.

Humor of the day:

Headline: Ocasio-Cortez Flew Plane Across The Country To Rally For Climate Change

Comment: What did you expect? There’s always been two sets of rules – one for the elites and one for the masses.  It’s always been that way and it always will.  Ocasio-Cortez does not represent the people – she represents the elites.




Human Roots



Many years ago, there was a TV mini-series called Roots which was extremely popular.  The answer to its popularity was really quite simple.  People wanted to know about their heritage. In the past, I have written extensively about the roots of the human species. However, readers seemingly can’t get enough. So, here is another installment. Hope you like it.

Man has been forever searching for himself, gazing up into the heavens hoping to find a clue about his past.  Movies have captured the general essence of man’s search; movies like ET, Close Encounters of The Third Kind and 2001 Space Odyssey come immediately to mind.

The thing is that man has been looking to the stars in search of extraterrestrials in an effort to better understand himself when the real answer lies much closer to home. It’s sort of like the Acres of Diamonds story. If you’ve never heard of it, you should check it out. It’s well worth the read.

Man really needs to look at himself before going off-planet looking for the unknown. After all, the physiology and chemistry of the human body is not natural to planet Earth. Then there’s the elephant in the room.  I’m talking about the different human races.

The different races are often distinguished by different colored skin, different colored hair and different colored eyes.  Most of all, there’s the differences in the human skull which cannot be explained by evolutionary theory. In fact, evolutionary theory can’t even explain evolution itself. Something as basic as the Cambrian Explosion renders evolutionary theory incomplete, at best.  The scientific record shows that evolution happens dramatically in incredible spikes, whereas evolutionary theory calls for inordinately long periods of time with only minor, gradual changes.

So, the $64,000 question is this: Why do we have different races at all?  Why are we so different and how did we get that way? The answer is, in reality, quite simple.  Unfortunately, for some, it is a truth that flies in the face of their own belief systems. The answer is that man, himself, is an extraterrestrial.

The theory behind this has been around since at least the 1970s.  It seriously started with Francis Crick, who got the Nobel Prize for his ground-breaking discovery on the structure of DNA. During his research, Crick realized that DNA could not have evolved naturally.  As a result, Crick and Leslie Orgel, proposed the theory of Directed Panspermia. Check out the movie Prometheus if you want to see what that might look like in real life. 

With respect to the question as to why there are different races, that answer is also amazingly quite simple. The human race was genetically engineered by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations… which is why man, himself, is an extraterrestrial.  For example, DNA researchers have found that Homo sapiens cross-bred with an unknown species in ancient times.

Of course politics being what it is, the masses are not supposed to know about their roots.  Otherwise, people might question who really holds the power, in which case governments and religions could fall.  It’s a dirty little secret that you weren’t supposed to know about…but, of course, now you know.

“Some of the aboriginals of Australia have blue eyes and blond hair.  How did that happen without blue-eyed gods?” The Ethical Warrior, Blue-Eyed Gods

The Ego People


Politicians are narcissists with crazy egos, and they don’t know how to tell the truth. As Joe Biden says, the truth is different from the facts (say what!). Today’s headlines tell the story:

Headline #1: Dead of Ego-Induced Psychosis: NY Post Issues Obituary For De Blasio’s Failed Presidential Campaign

Headline #2: NYC Police Union Releases Scathing Statement on De Blasio’s Failed Presidential Run

Comment: Who cares? He was never a serious contender anyway.

Headline: Ocasio-Cortez: House Democrats Refusal To Impeach Is A Bigger Scandal Than Trump’s Lawbreaking Behavior

Comment: She did everything but call the House Democrats racists.  However, she has already called Pelosi a racist so maybe that covers it.

Headline: Another New York Times Editor Made Racist, Anti-Semetic Comments

Comment: What do you expect from a den full of racists who call other people racist?

Headline: Biden Can’t Keep Ukraine Story Straight. Son Hunter Contradicts 2020 Candidate on Corruption Questions Surrounding Ukraine Government and Oil Company

Comment: Joe Biden says that he never discussed Hunter Biden’s Ukraine deal; Hunter says he did. Can you spell F-A-M-I-L-Y  F-E-U-D?

Comment: There’s even more to this story than what is being reported, as the origins of the fake Russia-collusion narrative leads to the Ukraine. Stay tuned.


Humor of the day:

Headline: Only Nine Students Show Up For White Privilege Workshop At School of 30,000

Comment: Apparently, this is a real serious issue, then.