Name Calling


Name-calling has become the favorite weapon of people who have nothing to say. I’m talking about the whole racist, homophobic, islamophobic, white supremacist thing that is rampant today. The following headline perfectly demonstrates that point:

Headline: Antifa Calls A Black Man A White Supremacist

Comment: The man they were referring to is Daryl Davis who is an expert in race relations. Antifa was protesting his talk on “Ending Racism” and even threatened to burn down the venue. Davis had this to say about what occurred: “What it proves is that they had no point…They [Antifa] want to shut down any dialogue with racists, people who have differing views of their own. Their thing is, you know, just beat it out of them or make it impossible for them to meet.”

Comment: AOC and some other members of Congress are apparently okay with that…the “beat it out of them or make it impossible for them to meet” part since they support Antifa.

Comment: Whatever happened to free speech? I guess it’s been redefined by at least a segment of our population, including Antifa. For them, speech isn’t allowed if it differs from their own views.

Other Headlines of the Day:

Headline: Bernie Sanders Trots Out Linda Sarsour As A Campaign Surrogate

Comment: Bernie, you’re supposed to be representing the common man. So, quit surrounding yourself with people who are anti-Semite, support terrorist organizations and are for Sharia Law.


Headline: Report: Obama Spied on Israel Using American Satellites

Comment: Not sure what all the fuss is about. Everybody spies on everybody else. However, here’s something to be upset about – Obama even spied on American citizens.

Headline: Joe Biden Forgets Barack Obama Was America’s Last President

Comment: Say it ain’t so, Joe.



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