CHAZ By Any Other Name Is Still Domestic Terrorism



I have no words to describe what has been happening in Seattle.  I’m pretty sure that you have probably heard about the occupation of downtown Seattle by a bunch of anarchists. The CHOP (originally called CHAZ) it is called, with CHOP standing for Capitol Hill Organized Protest. Some protest, as they have literally taken over physical possession of the area.  The U.S. constitution does not apply there – only the new rules imposed by their leader, the self-styled warlord Raz.

Today, however, the story takes a new twist as Seattle city government officials negotiated a deal with the anarchists. The anarchists gave up part of their space in exchange for concrete barriers to fortify their position. It really sounds like the city officials are not going to try to retake the space (at all). How is that even possible?

Here’s what’s happened. The U.S. has ceded this area in downtown Seattle to, in effect, a foreign power – without a whimper and without a shot being fired. We have literally surrendered to domestic terrorism. Please explain to me how this could be happening in America?

So, apparently, anyone who wants to protest over whatever they’re upset about gets to take over any space that they want and dispossess the people who are living there if they so choose and in the process strip away any and all of their civil rights. The only possible rationale is that the “rights” of the anarchists to protest trumps the civil rights of the people.  Only in Seattle could this be happening.



Meanwhile in nearby Olympia, Washington, the home of Mayor Cheryl Selby was vandalized by Black Lives Matters rioters.  Here’s the ironic part. Mayor Selby is a vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter. Afterwards Mayor Selby said, “It’s like domestic terrorism. It’s unfair.” Perhaps, now, she finally understands what happens when you condone this kind of behavior.


“It’s going to be a summer of love.”  – Jenny Durkin, mayor of Seattle

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