It’s A Radioactive World


The world is overflowing with toxins.  Everything is toxic including the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we consume. Add to that the harmful environment caused by modern technology and you get a deadly mix.

Here’s a brief overview:

The air is poisoned by nanosized aluminum, a result of geoengineering. Aluminum is also found in deodorants, food packaging and vaccines.

Our drinking water is poisoned with highly toxic fluoride. Fluoride is also included in pesticides, antibiotics, tea and toothpaste.

Some of the food we eat is poisoned with glyphosate, which is found in pesticides that are sprayed on crops. Also, many foods are genetically modified (GMO) resulting in harmful effects. As a result, GMOs have been banned in many countries – but not here.

In addition, wi-fi radiation (EMP) attacks the body’s immune system making it vulnerable to disease and other toxins. The worst of them all is 5G.

Why do you suppose that our environmental experts haven’t warned us about these things? Where’s the Sierra Cub when you really need them? Their voice has been muted. “Welcome to the new age, to the new age. I’m radioactive, radioactive.”



And don’t get me started on vaccinations.


Recommended reading:

“Toxins in the Bodies of Babies Leads to a Contaminated Generation”



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