So, the great debate (part 1) has come and gone.  Fortunately, I missed it.  As some commentators remarked, it was a real s**t show. I’ve intentionally avoided all the hoopla, including the Monday morning quarterbacking.  However, an article by Andrea Widburg of caught my eye so I’ll pass it on to you.

According to Widburg, there are two important takeaways from the debacle (I mean debate):

  • “If he wins, Biden will almost certainly sign off on ending the filibuster to pack the courts and add two new states for a permanent Democrat majority that will leave the Constitution behind.”
  • “Trump may have announced that he’s about to reveal that the Democrats, from Obama on down, engaged in a coup against an American president.”


The reason that this article caught my eye is because it is the most visible discussion I’ve seen about what happens after the 2020 election, regardless of who wins. Democrats have made clear that they will fundamentally transform the country, if they win. Both their party platform and their public rhetoric spell out their radical vision for America. Republicans, on the other hand, believe that if they lose power they will never get back in office.  In their minds, the only long-term strategy has to entail martial law. Either way, it’s the end of the Republic.

Both sides have war-gamed the election and the election consequences. That’s why Nancy Pelosi has been talking about ways to remove Trump from office should he lose. The election outcome will no doubt wind up in the Supreme Court, the issue being whether mail-in votes are legitimate. Now, you know why the death of RBG was such a game-changer.


“Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.” – from the Commission on Federal Election Reform, co-chaired by former President Jimmy Carter

Here’s a link to the full article:

The Covid Flu



According to CDC stats, Covid19 is pretty much like the flu. That’s what Fauci has said. Here’s a few fun facts:

What are the chances of not getting infected with Covid19?                                        Answer: 98%. That’s right, only 2% of people have been infected with Covid19.

What are the chances of dying if you do get infected?                                          According to the CDC, almost zero for people under age 49, less than 1% for people 50-69 and around 3% for people over 69.

What are your actual chances of dying from Covid19?                                                Answer: Almost zero for people under 69 and just .15% (or 1.5 per every 1000 people) for people over 69.

It does sound a lot like the flu, doesn’t it?



There has never been a lockdown for the flu – not even for the Swine Flu, the Bird Flu, SARS or MERS. Lockdowns for Covid19 were never necessary.  Just ask Sweden.


The WHO guidelines call for non-pneumonia deaths to be excluded with Covid19 stats. So, what does the CDC do? They include non-pneumonia deaths with Covid19 fatalities.

The result is that deaths reported by the CDC are more than double the WHO reporting guidelines. If you dig into the CDC stats, there were, therefore, only some 86,000 actual Covid19 deaths of which less than 10,000 were for deaths attributable to only Covid19.  For example, if one died of lung cancer but also tested positive for Covid19, the CDC requires hospitals and physicians to record it as a Covid19 death.

It’s all irrelevant anyways. Remember, Fauci said that over 2 million would die in the U.S. and that was the reason for the lockdowns. So, if we had followed the WHO guidelines, it would have been reported that less than 100,000 died so far from Covid19. If Fauci had said in the beginning that 100,000 would die (or even 200,000 for that matter), it would not have caused the mass panic and there would have been no lockdowns.

Lockdowns were never necessary.  Just ask Sweden.


Besides, the lockdowns were not expected to reduce the overall number of deaths. The same number of people would have died anyway, according to the experts. Lockdowns were only supposed to smooth the curve so that hospital emergency rooms wouldn’t be overrun. That’s not even an issue any more, yet many states have still not returned to “normal.”

According to California Governor Gavin Newsome, the state will not return to normal until there is an effective vaccine.  In other words, vaccinations will be mandatory. Here’s a few other things that you need to know about vaccines:

  • Viruses mutate quickly. The result is that vaccines, in effect, have a very short shelf life.
  • If something goes wrong with a Covid19 vaccine, Big Pharma has immunity. So, they have no incentive to ensure that the vaccines are safe.
  • Speaking of unsafe vaccines, the U.N. admits that polo vaccines from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are actually spreading polio throughout Africa.
  • Bill Gates admits that flu vaccines are ineffective for the elderly.

As always, caveat emptor.


“#Vaccines, for #BillGates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including #Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy….” – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.




Have you wondered what’s causing so many Dems to leave their party (#WalkAway)? It’s a whole litany of things. Check it out.

If you wanted secure borders to prevent drug and human trafficking and illegal immigration, you certainly wouldn’t be voting for Joe Biden.

If you are in favor of keeping jobs in the U.S., as opposed to sending them to China, you certainly wouldn’t be voting for Joe Biden.

If you are in favor of trade deals that gives America a competitive advantage in world trade, you certainly wouldn’t be voting for Joe Biden.

If you wanted to bring U.S. troops home instead of fighting endless wars abroad, you certainly wouldn’t be voting for Joe Biden.

If you wanted someone who was tough on crime and rioters and supported the police, you certainly wouldn’t be voting for Joe Biden.

If you were pro-life, you certainly wouldn’t be voting for Joe Biden.

If you are against the continuation of the Covid19 lockdowns, you certainly wouldn’t be voting for Joe Biden.

If you are against increases in taxes, you certainly wouldn’t be voting for Joe Biden.


So, who will be voting for Joe Biden, then.  Here’s a short list:

  • Those who blindly vote Democratic regardless of the issues or the candidates.
  • Those who hate Donald Trump.
  • Those who align themselves with groups like Black Lives Matters and Antifa.
  • Those who favor radically transforming the country into a socialist state.

Kamala Harris in a recent speech praised Black Lives Matters saying, “…these protests as an essential component of evolution in our country, as an essential component or mark of a real democracy….” The problem with her statement is that she doesn’t understand that one of the core tenets of a democracy is change through the ballot box. That’s why you have elections. Further, she is actually promoting violence and the idea that change can be achieved by violating the civil rights of others. Change through violence is actually the hallmark of Marxists’ movements.

People voted Democratic for generations because their core constituency was the little guy, especially the blue-collar workers. They were, at least superficially, the anti-establishment party. Now, certain elements within the party have decided that they want to be the establishment and have abandoned most of their previous core constituency, including minorities and Catholics.

Voters aren’t as stupid as we think they are. They can feel the affects of government and politics on their pocketbook.  They can see the erosion of their cultural values.  For the most part, they lead simple lives and simply want to have a job and be able to raise a family…and they definitely don’t want to see a mob of rioters suddenly appear in their neighborhood. In 2020, many of these people are going to WalkAway.


The Great Debate



So, it seems that perhaps the Great Debate is off. I say that because Nancy Pelosi has tipped off the world. However, does anyone really care?

Joe has been told not to come up out of his basement because, quite frankly, he is in no medical condition to debate, or to run for president for that matter.  It’s also been announced that Jill Biden will replace Joe on the campaign trail as the campaign enters the stretch drive with stops in each of the critical swing states.  Jill was just in Nebraska where she supposedly was visiting with veterans and military families.  Eight people showed up.

Anyway, does the campaigning really matter? After all, isn’t the election going to be decided by the Supreme Court with Amy Coney Barrett?


“The reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf.” – Joe Biden

I had several people ask me about the quote I used in my recent post In Search of Nothing. The quote compares the spiral in a snail’s shell to the various patterns in nature/creation, as follows:

“The spiral in a snail’s shell is the same mathematically as the spiral in the Milky Way galaxy, and it’s also the same mathematically as the spirals in our DNA. It’s the same ratio that you’ll find in very basic music that transcends cultures all over the world.” – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Nature has patterns everywhere, like fractals or the Fibonacci sequence for example. So, the question is how does science explain such phenomena? 

Math has always been used by scientists to try and describe the universe. Cosmologist Max Tegmark believes that’s because the universe, itself, is actually part of a mathematical structure. In that vein, physicist James Gates Jr. has stated that the fundamental nature of the universe contains 1s and 0s, just like computer programming utilizes.

So, what to make of the universe, then?

MIT professor Seth Lloyd believes that “The universe is a physical system that contains and processes information in a systematic fashion…. it really is a computer as scientific fact….” So, if the universe is a computer or a computer program that uses advanced algorithms that even super computers do not possess… who programmed it…

and exactly what does that make us?



Noted astronomer Carl Sagan believed that “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”  According to Sagan, then, our purpose in life must be to allow the universe to know itself. Knowing obviously implies consciousness and intelligence. So, I believe that eventually science will be forced to turn to metaphysics to try and understand creation and the immutable laws of nature… since the answers lie beyond space and time.


“Astronomy leads us to a unique event, a universe that was created out of nothing and delicately balanced to provide exactly the conditions required to support life. In the absence of an absurdly improbable accident, the observations of modern science seem to suggest an underlying, one might say, supernatural plan.”  – Arno Penzias, physicist


The Democratic Party keeps bleeding voters. The defectors include Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, the police, the suburban vote and anyone who opposes the riots.  We even got political movements with their very own hashtags: #BLEXIT and #WalkAway.  Now, the latest issue is abortions.

According to The Hill, a Catholic voters group is running an ad campaign targeting Catholic voters in swing states attacking Biden’s position on abortions. Then, we have a group of more than 100 current and former Democratic leaders who have run a full-page ad in the New York Times saying that the party’s position on abortion is alienating voters.

However, as is so often the case in politics, there’s a story within the story. The rabbithole can run very deep. Opposition to pro-life groups can have other implications.  One of the storylines is opposition to religion, another is connected to the world-wide Pizzagate scandal which includes human trafficking and pedophilia. Actress Blake Lively recently went public about the horrific trend of raping and murdering newborn babies. I’ll let you connect the dots.

So, the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett will be a real three-ring circus.  She’s religious (Catholic) and she opposes Roe v. Wade. Interested bystanders, like myself, should really enjoy this one.


Joe Biden has serious health issues.  By now, most people realize that. However, his dementia, or whatever it is, may be the least of his problems.

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs just issued its long awaited report on the Hunter Biden scandal.  Not only do we have the Burisma affair in the Ukraine, but Hunter Biden apparently was also knee-deep in other scandals in both Russia and China. This is the kind of stuff that would take down governments if it happened in other countries, although I seriously doubt that it will happen here.

Instead, what I suspect will happen is that Joe Biden will be replaced as the Democratic Party’s candidate prior to the first debate on September 29th, just five days from now. They may even plead health reasons! Besides, how can you have a man who hides out in his basement (instead of actively campaigning) run for president?

If Trump is elected… of course you get the Orange Man Bad with all the ridiculous “I love you” chants.

If Biden is elected… I’m pretty sure here’s what you’ll get:

The economy                                                                                                            Spend trillions on the New Green Deal and increase taxes trillions of dollars.

Immigration                                                                                                              Open the borders and let in all the illegals, even though the country already has a serious homelessness problem that no one is addressing.  Never mind what this will do to unemployment.

Crime                                                                                                                           Defund the police while being soft on rioting.

Foreign policy                                                                                                               Pro-China and Iran, two of the most repressive and dangerous governments in the world…and  we will be embroiled in a war…somewhere.


In effect, it’s fascism (Trump) vs. totalitarianism (Biden). Did I miss anything?



After 9/11, our government imposed the Patriot Act and created the Department of Homeland Security. It was a day of infamy, as FDR was famous for saying. Americans’ civil liberties have never been the same ever since. Now the excuse is the pandemic that never was.

Covid19 is not a national emergency and it certainly is not a pandemic. Besides, the country has never been locked down, ever, for any previous pandemics. It simply wasn’t necessary under the circumstances. They lied to the public about the severity of Covid19 and later admitted that they were wrong. Yet, they didn’t cancel the lockdowns. Why?

Covid19 mostly affects old people and/or those with underlying medical issues. In that regard, it is not much different than the flu. Besides, the CDC’s fatality stats show that Covid19 has run its course. Yet, some state governments continue to lockdown their states. Why?

Statistics from American universities show that there have been no deaths of patients that were treated at university hospitals for Covid19. Young people are particularly not at risk yet their livelihoods are being jeopardized.  Most cannot physically go back to school and many are out of work. Why?

Sweden is widely accepted as being the model for the response to Covid19 and Sweden never locked down anything. Yet, we are not following the Swedish model. Why?

The wheels of justice move slowly but already there have been two states (Pennsylvania and Illinois) where lockdowns were ruled unconstitutional. When it’s all said and done, I believe that few of the lockdowns will have been shown to have had a legal basis. Yet, states lockdown anyway, constitutional or not. Why?



What do 9/11 and Covid19 have in common? The answer is that these two events resulted in the greatest reduction of civil liberties in the nation’s history.


“Putting a national lockdown, stay at home orders is like house arrest. Other than slavery…this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history.” – Attorney General William Barr