Should Teleprompters Be Used To Tell People How to Vote?


I have been getting all kinds of questions about why would someone vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump. So, I took a look at the two candidates to see if I could figure it out.

The most often repeated answer (from Democrats) about why someone would vote for Joe Biden is that they hate the other guy. The only way that I can explain this is because liberals are all about feelings and Trump supposedly is racist, homophobic etc. etc. I said supposedly. The problem with that rationale is that Joe Biden has a reputation of being both a racist and a sexual predator. But heck, nobody is perfect. The thing is, though, if you don’t like someone you are often able to morally justify voting for someone who is even worse.

The rest of the questions about Joe Biden are really quite hard to explain.  For example, does someone decide to vote for Joe Biden because they want a tax increase? For that matter, do minorities want to vote for Joe Biden because of his stated preference for allowing in large numbers of immigrants (with the influx of crime, drugs, human trafficking and COVID19 that would entail). Obviously, they must be okay with losing their job (to an immigrant) or are okay with someone else losing their job. I guess 8% unemployment isn’t quite enough for them.

As to why someone would vote for Trump, there was this guy at a recent town hall of undecided voters. He thought that Trump was presidential in the second debate and that was a good reason to vote for him. I guess Bill Maher was right: the American voter is flat out stupid. That’s apparently the best that this guy could come up with. After all, if you were just interested in style over substance, it would be more accurate to say that Trump was more presidential than Biden because Joe can only read off teleprompters and lives in a basement.

By the way, how could this guy be undecided this late in the game, anyway?



Biden went full Ron Burgundy the other day while reading off a teleprompter.  After finishing his speech on social security he read (off the teleprompter), “end of quote.” Maybe, we should all just vote off the cues from teleprompters. I doubt that the result would be so very different.

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