Revolution In Philadelphia



Now the riots have reared their ugly head in Philly – home of the Constitution, the Liberty Bell and American Bandstand.  Hey, Dick Clark, where does this rank on your Top Ten list?

I don’t know about Dick Clark, but I’ll tell you where it ranks for people in Pennsylvania, though. The Pennsylvania governor, Tom Wolfe, said that it was just a “peaceful protest.” Then, he ordered up the National Guard.  I guess it really wasn’t all that peaceful was it?

A young male local resident interviewed outside a Walmart that had just been vandalized said that the ongoing BLM riots & civil unrest would lead people in Philadelphia to vote for Trump. Of course, people in any neighborhood affected by a riot become fearful with respect to breakdowns in law and order and blame local government for the problem, and are, therefore, likely to vote against that party in a presidential election.

This was not an issue in the recent past as riot-torn cities like Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis and Chicago were in states that were deep Blue politically. The riots would change some votes but it wouldn’t matter in the presidential election as the state would still vote Blue. Now, this close to the election, BLM has seemingly made a major miscalculation in deciding to riot in Philadelphia which is in the key swing state of Pennsylvania.  What were they thinking? How does this help the candidate they endorsed (Biden) get elected?

The answer may surprise you. Insiders already believe that Trump will be re-elected. For them it’s a foregone conclusion. So, Pennsylvania doesn’t matter… revolution does…and the revolution will go on in the hearts and minds of the anarchists. As James Carville put it, if they are not going to elect our guy then we’ll have to start the revolution. This was the plan from day one, even before George Floyd. They were just waiting for an excuse to light the fuse.  Losing the election may well push the Republic to the edge of the abyss.  In any event, don’t expect that life will return to normal after the election. The anarchists will see to that. The parallels to the Russian Revolution are eerily similar and the losers will not go down without a fight.




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