Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform has recently written one of the better analyses of where we’re at as we approach election day, and why this is happening at this point in our nation’s history.  Whether you agree with Quinn’s assessment or not, it’s a fascinating read.

Quinn refers extensively to The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe. Strauss and Howe believe in a theory of recurring generation cycles in American and global history. According to their theory, America is about to pass through a gate in history similar to the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Great Depression or World War II. 

Here’s a few excerpts from Quinn’s article:

  • “Real hardship has beset the land, for those not in the .1% or Deep State lackeys being rewarded for propagating mistruths, outright lies, fear, and propaganda on behalf of their oligarch benefactors. These apparatchiks mainly consist of corrupt politicians, central bank lackeys, mainstream media hacks, neocon warmongers, surveillance state traitors, and big pharma captured health ‘experts’. The severe distress does involve class, race, nation and empire, but most of the distress has been artificially created by those pulling the strings – Bernays’ invisible government manipulating the masses.”
  • “I wish it were not so, but most human beings seem incapable of critical thought regarding how history follows a cyclical path due to human nature retaining its flaws, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and fortes throughout history. We believe we have advanced because our inventions, discoveries, and technology, but the desire for wealth, power and control over others still consumes a sociopathic portion of mankind who tend to rise to the top through any means necessary. As Huxley lamented in the 1950’s, technological progress has actually propelled mankind backwards in terms of its humanity and relationship with nature and other human beings. The very technology we glorify as an example of our advancement is now being used by the totalitarians to imprison us. It has happened slowly and methodically over decades as generation after generation have entered the government indoctrination centers (public schools) to be taught ignorance and obedience to the state. This indoctrination has been reinforced by ceaseless propaganda injected into their brains by media conglomerates doing the bidding of the state.”
  • “These anti-rational propagandists are enemies of freedom, as they systematically pervert reality and knowingly manipulate the minds of the masses towards how they require them to think, feel and act. After years of socialist indoctrination in government schools and universities, the masses have been taught to feel rather than think. Victimhood is celebrated, while personal responsibility is scorned.”
  • “As Huxley predicted, the controlling oligarchy has used technology to convince people to love their servitude, while unthinkingly believing what they are told by their government and media mouthpieces, doing the bidding of the government and oligarchs who control the government. The goal of the ruling class is to keep people from thinking, and most willingly oblige because thinking is hard and the uncomfortable truths are too much to bear for the satiated masses.”

Here’s a link to the full article: https://www.theburningplatform.com/2020/10/22/fourth-turning-election-year-crisis-1/#more-226563


“Today’s war has been an economic war of the oligarchs against the republic, and it increasingly appears that the coronavirus pandemic is being used, on the political end, as a massive coup against pluralist society. We are being confronted with this ‘great reset’…and the never-ending greed and lust for power which defines whole sections of the sociopathic oligarchy.”  – Joaquin Flores, Strategic Culture Foundation





Politics is all optics, strictly smoke and mirrors. Nothing is as it seems. There’s the world you see and the world that’s unseen, and most likely you’ll never know the difference.

Alexandra Bruce recently wrote an illuminating article entitled Corporate Communism And The Deep State. It’s about the connection of the current political turmoil in this country to historical events. Bruce’s article drew from a four-book series by Antony C. Sutton, including Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution.

Bruce wrote the article “…to help people understand how the same corporatist banksters that financed the Communist Revolution in Russia in 1917 are now financing the Communist insurrection in the United States.” Here’s some excerpts from her article:

  • “Sutton’s subsequent books were Wall Street and FDR and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, in which he detailed Wall Street’s involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution to destroy Russia as an economic competitor and to turn it into a captive market and a technical colony to be exploited by a few high-powered American financiers and the corporations under their control and its involvement in the rise of Adolf Hitler and Franklin Roosevelt, whose policies he saw as essentially the same ‘corporate socialism,’ planned by the big corporations.”
  • “Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization that claims to fight the power on behalf of the powerless, yet they have the backing of the most powerful corporations on Earth. It may come as a surprise that the same can be said about the original Communist Revolution, which was financed by the banker elite. In fact, we see the exact same tactics being used by the Deep State today to finance the current Communist insurrection in the US as was used by them for the Russian Revolution in the early twentieth century… When you make a donation to the Marxist group, Black Lives Matter, the payment is processed by ActBlue. ActBlue is the activist arm of the Democrat Party, a party that has become Communist, almost overnight. ActBlue distributes these donation funds as they see fit, with most of it going to Joe Biden’s campaign.”


Here’s a link to the full article: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/corporate-communism-and-the-deep-state/

ET Go Home



Ever since the supposed crash of an unidentified flying object in the New Mexico desert in 1947, the UFO community has been awash in fantastic claims about aliens. It’s a fascinating subject that seemingly won’t go away. For example, Forbes Magazine recently ran an article which says that, “Documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden conclusively prove that the United States has been ruled by a race of tall, white space aliens who also assisted the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.”

I bring this issue up because of a recent article in the New York Magazine which states that “the Pentagon has reportedly found off-world vehicles not made on this Earth.” Right on the heels of that article, Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, tweeted that aliens built the pyramids. Well, I don’t know about aliens but I can assure you that ancient Egyptians, who could not even read or write, did not.

Even scientists have jumped in on this subject from time to time. Francis Crick, who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the double-helix structure of DNA, popularized the theory of Directed Panspermia which states that life began on other worlds and was brought to Earth by intelligent beings. Then, there’s NASA scientist Dr. Steven Dick who published a paper in the journal Acta Astronautica entitled The Post Biological Universe saying that AI is the logical evolutionary path for the human species.

However, the story that I keep hearing from intelligence circles is that AI controls the matrix.  Oddly enough, the roots of that belief go back to the Gnostics of biblical times. The Gnostics believed that an evil AI race they refer to as archons controlled the planet. Who knows, maybe ET never went home.


“Our sun is one of 100 billion stars in our galaxy.  Our galaxy is one of billions of galaxies populating the universe. It would be the height of presumption to think that we are the only living things within that enormous immensity.” – Wernher von Braun








The world has many secrets. The average person is not even aware how much of what goes on in the world is driven by these secrets – backroom deals, black ops, spying and shadow governments. It’s a real Wizard of Oz show, a lot of which comes direct from Davos.

There are many different types of secrets. For example, a few definitions from Merriam-Webster are as follows:

  • remote from human frequentation or notice
  • revealed only to the initiated
  • not acknowledged

Further, some things are classified as top secret by the government, for example information that might jeopardize national security. Unfortunately, this can also be used as an excuse to keep information from the public that they’re entitled to know. Interestingly enough, “secrets” are sometimes hiding in plain sight. That is, it’s not unusual for discoveries in some fields to be published in journals which are generally read only by other people in the same field or discipline.  Even though the information has “been made public,” very few, if any, people in the general public are aware of it and usually there are minimal efforts to disseminate the information.

Esoteric knowledge is “intended for or understood by only a small group, especially one with specialized knowledge or interests” (according to the Free Dictionary).  Religion is a good example of that. In Christian theology, church father Clement of Alexandria admitted that the esoteric wisdom was withheld from the masses. According to the Bible, others said more or less the same thing:

  • Paul – “However, we speak wisdom among those who are mature… But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the ages for our glory,which none of the rulers of this age knew” (Corinthians 2:6-8).
  • Jesus – “To you, the disciples, it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them, the masses, it has not been given” (Matthew 13:11).

The Bible, itself, is full of hidden meanings. For example, Jesus’ parables were not understood by the disciples because his teachings were heavily disguised in symbolism and allegory, which even the disciples could not interpret because they were not enlightened enough; they had not been initiated into the secret societies where this information was revealed. Further, Christian luminaries like Paul, St Augustine and Origen all agreed that the Creation Story should not be read literally as the true meaning of the Garden of Eden was veiled in allegory.

Besides, most of Genesis is not part of the Hebrews/Israelites history. It’s a remake of ancient Sumerian writings. It’s a story that relates to the Sumerian Kings List, a list that includes the kings who ruled for 400,000 years before the flood (as opposed to the Bible’s rendition of a little more than 1,000 years).

Shhh, but let’s not tell the sheeple who the gods really were. It’s a secret.


“Most people don’t really want the truth; they just want reassurance that what they already believe, is the truth.” – Unknown





Secret Science



Science has a secret, a secret that they have been keeping for over two hundred years. It was first discovered in 1801 as a result of scientific research that is now generally referred to as the Double Slit Experiment. That experiment changed everything that science thought it knew about reality, namely:

That consciousness is the most basic, the most elemental building block of the universe.


As the Double Slit Experiment showed, an observer changes the outcome of the experiment. That is, our consciousness affects how the universe functions and, therefore, how it ultimately evolves. As physicist John Wheeler put it, “The universe does not exist ‘out there,’ independent of us. We are inescapably involved in bringing about that which appears to be happening. We are not only observers. We are participators.” The reason for that is that we are an integral part of a unified field of consciousness which extends throughout the universe, a universe that is a sea of quantum energy which is constantly creating reality.

Further research on the Double Slit Experiment led to the Copenhagen Interpretation by physicists Heisenberg and Bohr. They postulated that all possible realities initially exist simultaneously. This led to the creation of a new field of science called quantum mechanics. For a mind-bending experience on quantum mechanics, you should check out the famous Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment in which a cat is possibly both dead and alive at the same time!

However, all sorts of people have reasons for not telling the general public about  consciousness (and the power of the mind). For atheists, it would mean acknowledging that there is “intelligent design” in the universe; for deists it would mean that although there is a creator it is not the god of their holy book; and for the elites it could very well mean losing control over the masses. So, instead we have secret science for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.



Secret science isn’t just confined to a discussion about consciousness either. Genetic research has also had its issues. For example, in 1987 when genetic research was in its infancy, molecular biologists Alan Wilson and Rebecca Cann popularized the Out Of Africa evolutionary theory on the origins of man. However, genetic research has come a long way since then. The latest genetic research from Wilson and Cann says that life began in Australia, not in Africa. A separate study showed that European haplogroups did not descend from African haplogroups. Yet, the scientific world is silent about theses findings. So, it just may be that life began in Australia, mate.


“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”  – Carl Sagan





The Real America


The story of the real America is not in the history books. It’s kind of a scary story, one you probably won’t like. In fact, many people will find it impossible to believe.

Here’s a few of the key events that have contributed to the real America:

By 1871, the nation had become bankrupted due to the Civil War. In the resulting bailout by foreign bankers, the U.S. government was converted into a corporation. This was accomplished by an unconstitutional act of Congress called The Act of 1871. As a result, this new corporate government has been able to operate outside of the organic Constitution.

In 1913, the Federal Reserve was established to oversee the nation’s finances. However, the Federal Reserve is not part of the U.S. government but rather is a corporation owned by a group of private banks. In 1929, the Federal Reserve intentionally triggered the destruction of the U.S. economy leading directly to the Great Depression.

In 1933, a group of rich businessmen attempted a coup d’etat against President Roosevelt.  A leading role in what was called the Whitehouse Coup was played by Prescott Bush, a man who financially supported and aided Hitler, and the father of former president George H.W. Bush.

On September 11, 2001, a terrorist attack generally referred to as 9/11 resulted in the deaths of a number of Americans.  However, this was not a simple terrorist attack. Rather, this was a highly coordinated attack on American sovereignty that had been planned many years in advance. The fallout from 9/11 led directly to a reduction in American personal freedoms as a result of the passing of the Patriot Act and the formation of the Department of Homeland Security. The U.S. president at the time was George Bush, grandson of Prescott Bush.

All of the events listed above have a common link – a desire by some to “fundamentally transform” America. Perhaps, you’ve even heard that term in recent political rhetoric. Fast forward to 2020. Today’s riots, lockdowns and Cancel Culture are all a prelude to another reduction in personal freedoms. Get ready for the real America.


“For whatever reason, a reason that can only be attributed to inertia, Americans yet believe that their country is governed from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. Alas, this belief has no foundation in fact and bears no empirical scrutiny…Whoever is running America, they are not in DC. Your elected officials have surrendered the levers of power; some sold them, others just failed to protect them and had them taken away for free. The show is being run from elsewhere. You are ruled not from the neo-classical buildings in the national and state capitals, buildings that will soon be torn down for their ‘imperial’ and ‘racist’ origins, but from Silicon Valley, from Beijing, from Brussels, and from Davos.”  – Dr. Baruch Pletner



One of life’s great mysteries is who wrote the Bible and what was the basis for the material therein.  An examination of this cold case inevitably leads to the story of Genesis, the first book in the Bible. When one reads Genesis closely, you find that there’s a hole in the Genesis story. That is, almost two thousand years are missing.

The Bible begins with the Creation Story in Genesis, some 6,000 years ago.  Then, there’s a retelling of the family tree for the next 1,300 years or so until we finally get to Noah. After Noah and the Flood Story, there is more retelling of the family tree until we finally get to Abraham, the patriarch of the Hebrews, more than 600 years after Noah.  Except for the Creation Story and the Flood Story, there is essentially no information in the Bible other than the family tree over a period of 2,000 years.  So, why is nothing written about this 2,000 year period?


The background

The bible stories were not written down until almost 3,000 years after the Creation Story (some even later). Before that, legends, myths and belief systems were passed down from generation to generation orally. There apparently were some detailed stories about Abraham and his descendants, some of whom would later be identified as Israelites (through Jacob, a grandson of Abraham). However, there apparently were no stories that survived prior to the time of Abraham.  At least, no stories that the biblical writers wanted to pass along.


The Sumerian connection

All the scribes had was a family history. However, no new religious belief system would be complete unless it somehow told of how and why man was created.  What to do, then?  What the Israelites did was to borrow from the oldest known writings in the world, from Sumerian cuneiform texts some of which still exist today. Among the ancient Sumerian texts were two stories The Epic of Gilgamesh, the first great flood story, and Enuma Elish. “The Enuma Elish, which is sometimes referred to as The Seven Tablets of Creation, was written on seven tablets with the seventh tablet devoted to honoring God. Thus, the origins of the Sabbath on the seventh day of the week, from the Hebrew word shabbath that means day of rest” (TheEthicalWarrior,Evolution, Original Sin and Creation). That’s how we got the Creation Story and the Flood Story in the Bible.


The Bible chronology

There’s a reason why the Israelite scribes chose the Sumerian texts. The Hebrews/Israelites were actually descendants of the Sumerians. The Sumerian texts were, in effect, the written history of the origins of the Israelites. So, the Bible starts with two adapted stories from the ancient Sumerian texts and then segues, although many years later, to the oral tradition of the history of the Israelites dating back to Abraham (who was a Sumerian himself). In that way, the Israelite scribes created one mostly continuous narrative, except for the 2,000 missing years, which linked the Israelites to the Creation, and to God himself.



You should know, though, that the scribes left a lot of material out of the Bible, the most important of which was the Book of Enoch. The Book of Enoch was a revered text and was quoted in the Bible. Yet, it was intentionally omitted from the Bible because it told a story which ran counter to Genesis. The Book of Enoch tells the story of a man who was supposedly Noah’s great-great-grandfather. According to the Book of Enoch, Enoch was taken to heaven where he became an intermediary between two warring groups of angels. There are even snippets of the Book of Enoch in the Genesis story, itself, such as the Bible’s mention of the Nephilim, giants and fallen angels. In short, the Book of Enoch is an explosive story that completely changes the narrative of man’s origins.

Of course, the scribes also left out a whole plethora of Sumerian texts which give a detailed rendering of the origins of ancient man. However, those texts have been suppressed from the history books, a dirty little secret that you’re not supposed to know about…but, of course, now you know.








This from Sister Toldjah today at Red State:

“The mainstream media and Democrats simply can’t seem to make up their minds when it comes to the radical left-wing anarchistic group Antifa. They’re either 1) modern-day versions of the WWII Normandy beach heroes and saving America from alt-right racists, 2) a fringe group joining up with white supremacist agitators to disrupt peaceful protests in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, or 3) they … simply don’t exist. That they are a mythical creation was posited by Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) during a Thursday debate on the Democratic-led House’s police reform bill. Nadler, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, stated on the House floor that Republicans were ‘dealing with imaginary things like Antifa.’”

It would be downright laughable if this wasn’t such a serious issue.  Once again, politicians prove that common sense is not so common. Thanks Jerry.

“Friend points out on D-Day anniversary that the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy were the true and original antifa,” – Paul Farhi, journalist


Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC suggested on the air that Joe Biden’s presidential campaign should include setting up a “shadow government” in order to defeat Trump in November.  It’s remarkable that such journalism is accepted as the new norm because what she said is illegal and could conceivably get one arrested for treason.  Abraham Lincoln, for one, would have never stood for it.

It’s also remarkable because we already have a shadow government.  Most of the people inside the Beltway know about it. It’s called the Deep State. The Deep State has been extensively involved in the federal government for over 70 years and its origins go back to at least 1913 with the establishment of the Federal Reserve.

Eisenhower and JFK both gave speeches where they mentioned a shadow government. It’s called a shadow government for a reason, because historically it has operated behind the scenes manipulating both foreign and domestic policy. In recent years, however, people have openly discussed the Deep State, including a number of articles by the New York Times. As John McLaughlin, former acting director of the CIA, said, “Thank God for the Deep State.” 



Of course, any discussion about a Biden presidential campaign is irrelevant because Biden will not be the Democratic Party candidate once the smoke clears in Milwaukee.  Without a doubt, Biden will be flipped for another candidate. Can anyone tell me why we even bother with the primaries?

Recommended reading: “The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and The Rise of a Shadow Government” – Mike Lofgren

Christian theologian Brian McLaren once said, “One of the problems is that the average Christian in the average church who listens to the average Christian broadcasting has such an oversimplified understanding of both the Bible and of church history – it would be deeply disturbing for them to really learn church history.” So, let’s go back to the very beginning of Christianity to get a clearer picture of what actually took place.

Christianity, as a movement, can be traced back to the period immediately after The Resurrection. What would eventually morph into Christianity was practiced by what was then called the Jerusalem Church and was led by James, the brother of Jesus. The teachings of the Jerusalem Church were intended for Jews (on how to live their life according to the Torah). For example, Jesus and his disciples lived their life according to the Torah (Jewish law) because they were devout Jews.

Paul The Apostle was affiliated with the Jerusalem Church and taught in Antioch, an ancient Greek city in Turkey. Paul espoused a different version of the church’s teachings which he taught mostly to the Gentiles (non-Jews). Paul’s teachings would lead to Christianity.

In spite of the fact that Christianity has its roots in Judaism (the Old Testament), the similarities end there. Although both religions are monotheistic, the beliefs of Judaism and Christianity are really quite different.  The important differences between the two are Christianity’s beliefs in Original Sin, The Trinity, the messiah story and salvation through Jesus. Of those, the only thing included in Judaism is the belief in a messiah. Even though the Christian belief in a messiah came from the writings of Jewish holy men (in the Old Testament), the two messiahs are very different. Jewish holy men wrote of a messiah who would be a mortal man, not unlike King David who was considered to be both a king and a messiah.  Their messiah would deliver Israel from its enemies while Christianity believes in a universal savior that came to save all of mankind. In effect, two great religions separated by common religious scriptures.



Christianity would follow different paths in the generations to follow. Three hundred years after Jesus, Christianity would be swallowed up by the Roman Empire resulting in Roman Catholicism, centered in Rome with the Pope leading the church. Over time, large blocks of Christians moved away from Catholicism, first the Eastern Orthodox Church and then through the Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation would later fracture into a myriad of denominations. As a result, what passes for Christianity today in most Christian churches bears little resemblance to the teachings of Jesus. However, the major belief systems of Christianity (see above) still stand in stark opposition to the Jewish holy men who wrote the Old Testament.