The landscape of politics in America has completely changed in the past few years. One reason is that the Democratic Party has taken a hard turn left. The party is now dominated by the white, bicoastal elites who have alienated their previous core constituency of working-class voters and minorities. This change created a vacuum on the political playing field making it possible for a populist like Donald Trump to become president in 2016. This alienation led to the “America First” rallying cry that changed the outcome of that presidential election. This is exactly what the polls totally missed just prior to the 2016 election (and what they are still missing today).

In an environment where you have a small group of elites ruling over the working class, what you get is a top-down model where rules are imposed without consideration for the needs and rights of the general public.  Essentially, what you get is good old-fashioned class warfare.  This will eventually pit the working class directly against the government.

I know that will sound counterintuitive to some since the current protests and riots are driven by the far-left. However, the riots are only symptomatic of a movement to replace government institutions with a police state and eventually totalitarianism… and yes, you have to abolish the police first before you can have a “police state.” The first step is to replace the history (e.g. destruction of statues), then you destroy the institutions (e.g. abolish the police), and then you cancel the culture through things like groupthink. In the end, you create a hive-mind culture where the elites can pull the strings from behind the scenes.

This is what it means when someone says that they want to ”fundamentally transform” America. The fundamental aspect of America is freedom and personal liberties.  So, after the transformation, you will simply be a slave to micro-chipped technology. You will be tracked by the government in a myriad of ways, including biometric systems and facial recognition software. The NSA will eavesdrop on everything you do. In effect, 1984 will have become a reality. Welcome to the dystopian nightmare named America.


“The whole reason the world is the way it is right now is because people have been manipulated by the media-controlling class into accepting an absolutely insane status quo as normal.” – Kaitlin Johnstone





“Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” – Michael Ellner


More and more, every day, up is down and down is up. Now, right is wrong and wrong is right. Pretty confusing wouldn’t you say?

Our reality is so distorted that it is difficult for the mind to wrap itself around the world presented to it. The government lies about anything and everything and the media reinforces the lies. Historians write about the past but much of it is a fiction since the victors are the ones responsible for the history books.

As for science, the scientists realize that we live in a shadow world. As astrophysicist Arthur Eddington put it, “In the world of physics…the shadow of my elbow rests on the shadow table as the shadow ink flows over the shadow paper…the frank realization that physical science is concerned with a world of shadow…” Why are we unaware of the shadow world? The main things to understand in that regard are the following: (1) Our physical senses have a very limited range of perception. In effect, we live inside a bubble limited by what our physical senses can actually perceive; (2) The mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is vividly imagined. For all we know, dreams are real and life is a dream; and (3) The decisions that we make are made mostly by the subconscious mind, without our knowing that was even the case. The subconscious mind runs our lives and the conscious mind scurries about trying to make sense of it.

Orwellian doublethink pervades the shadow world. For example, politicians use terms that are pleasing for the voters to hear, not unlike motherhood and apple pie, but in reality these expressions mean something totally different, something that the voters would never vote for at all. George Orwell called this doublethink. It occurs when someone accepts two mutually contradictory thoughts as correct without ever being aware that there was even a contradiction in terms. For Orwell then, “war is peace and freedom is slavery.” The establishment uses doublethink themselves to deceive the public. Case in point is the politicians trying to convince us that you have to engage in endless wars to ensure peace.

Orwell warned us about the shadow world and the elites controlling it. He said that the elites “…learnt how to keep their position permanently – by cultivating ignorance among the other classes and by constantly surveying them through the Thought Police. Part of this strategy included the maintenance of a state of continual warfare…to keep a state of emergency always present as the surest guarantee of authoritarianism.” The objective of the civil war raging in the country is a police state. Orwell saw it coming and wrote about it in !984.



You may think that you’ve heard it all, but what if I told you that in the shadow world a city can actually be a State and what you think is a country might really be a corporation. Doublethink that!








The Cancel Culture


Who screams the loudest that whites are racist?  White people do.

Who complains about white privilege? White people do.

Who complains that we don’t have enough diversity in society? White people do.

And who screams the loudest for the eradication of the white race? Why, of course, it’s the white people who do.

Interestingly enough, it’s the same small group of white people who do – the white, liberal, bi-coastal elites.


In our “cancel culture,” it’s the whites who are being cancelled and it’s not even a racist thing.  After all, how could it be when it’s the whites who are calling for the end of the white race. Here’s why.

Every political ideology or system has a ruling elite.  It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about capitalism, socialism, fascism or communism.  What truly defines these systems is whether or not a country provides personal freedoms to its citizens. Of course, in totalitarian governments, citizens have little if any rights.

We happen to have a democratic form of government and it’s that democracy that is at stake in the recent upheaval in the country.  The buzzwords that are repeated by those wishing to make changes to our form of government is that they want to “fundamentally transform” America.  Part of the rhetoric is that they want to abolish the police and abolish capitalism. In fact, what they want is to abolish the whole system.

Basically, what that means is that they want to destroy the middle class…and the middle class is predominately white.  So, an attack on white people is really a disguised attack on the middle class. The middle class is the target because the middle class defines what America is all about and you can’t have a democracy without a middle class. More to the point, you can’t move from a democratic form of government to a totalitarian form of government without first removing the middle class.

Why now? Well, the current world financial system run out of the City of London is imploding.  Fiat money (of all countries) is now worthless. The U.S. government is bankrupt and the global pandemic crisis is just making things that much worse. The elites are in jeopardy of losing control. Their only real chance at survival is to change the financial system and to do that will require that world governments have total control of their countries. If they succeed, you may wake up one morning and find out that you’re whole way of life has been cancelled. Cancel that.


“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”  – George Orwell


One of life’s great mysteries is who wrote the Bible and what was the basis for the material therein.  An examination of this cold case inevitably leads to the story of Genesis, the first book in the Bible. When one reads Genesis closely, you find that there’s a hole in the Genesis story. That is, almost two thousand years are missing.

The Bible begins with the Creation Story in Genesis, some 6,000 years ago.  Then, there’s a retelling of the family tree for the next 1,300 years or so until we finally get to Noah. After Noah and the Flood Story, there is more retelling of the family tree until we finally get to Abraham, the patriarch of the Hebrews, more than 600 years after Noah.  Except for the Creation Story and the Flood Story, there is essentially no information in the Bible other than the family tree over a period of 2,000 years.  So, why is nothing written about this 2,000 year period?


The background

The bible stories were not written down until almost 3,000 years after the Creation Story (some even later). Before that, legends, myths and belief systems were passed down from generation to generation orally. There apparently were some detailed stories about Abraham and his descendants, some of whom would later be identified as Israelites (through Jacob, a grandson of Abraham). However, there apparently were no stories that survived prior to the time of Abraham.  At least, no stories that the biblical writers wanted to pass along.


The Sumerian connection

All the scribes had was a family history. However, no new religious belief system would be complete unless it somehow told of how and why man was created.  What to do, then?  What the Israelites did was to borrow from the oldest known writings in the world, from Sumerian cuneiform texts some of which still exist today. Among the ancient Sumerian texts were two stories The Epic of Gilgamesh, the first great flood story, and Enuma Elish. “The Enuma Elish, which is sometimes referred to as The Seven Tablets of Creation, was written on seven tablets with the seventh tablet devoted to honoring God. Thus, the origins of the Sabbath on the seventh day of the week, from the Hebrew word shabbath that means day of rest” (TheEthicalWarrior,Evolution, Original Sin and Creation). That’s how we got the Creation Story and the Flood Story in the Bible.


The Bible chronology

There’s a reason why the Israelite scribes chose the Sumerian texts. The Hebrews/Israelites were actually descendants of the Sumerians. The Sumerian texts were, in effect, the written history of the origins of the Israelites. So, the Bible starts with two adapted stories from the ancient Sumerian texts and then segues, although many years later, to the oral tradition of the history of the Israelites dating back to Abraham (who was a Sumerian himself). In that way, the Israelite scribes created one mostly continuous narrative, except for the 2,000 missing years, which linked the Israelites to the Creation, and to God himself.



You should know, though, that the scribes left a lot of material out of the Bible, the most important of which was the Book of Enoch. The Book of Enoch was a revered text and was quoted in the Bible. Yet, it was intentionally omitted from the Bible because it told a story which ran counter to Genesis. The Book of Enoch tells the story of a man who was supposedly Noah’s great-great-grandfather. According to the Book of Enoch, Enoch was taken to heaven where he became an intermediary between two warring groups of angels. There are even snippets of the Book of Enoch in the Genesis story, itself, such as the Bible’s mention of the Nephilim, giants and fallen angels. In short, the Book of Enoch is an explosive story that completely changes the narrative of man’s origins.

Of course, the scribes also left out a whole plethora of Sumerian texts which give a detailed rendering of the origins of ancient man. However, those texts have been suppressed from the history books, a dirty little secret that you’re not supposed to know about…but, of course, now you know.








Having attacked the decision to remove troops from Syria, politicians and the media alike are now focusing on attacking the removal of troops from Afghanistan. Almost twenty years now, we have been mired in an unwinnable war. Still, the pols would like to extend our run. Why?

Afghanistan is a prime example of how geopolitics determines what wars we fight and why. Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former top government official, was a leading practitioner of the art of geopolitics. His resume included the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, siding with China over  Taiwan sovereignty, relinquishing control of the strategic Panama Canal and founding of the Trilateral Commission.  It was the Trilateral Commission that Hillary Clinton invoked, as Secretary of State, by saying that it was good that the Trilateral Commission opened up new offices close to the Capitol so that when she needed a policy decision that it would be a short walk down the streetSo, now you know who sets government policy.

In short, geopolitics is the art of how to meddle internationally and sell your decisions to the public (through the media), and I might mention at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer and the loss of lives of U.S. soldiers. So, we’ve meddled in Afghanistan for almost twenty years now with no real explanation to the public of why we’re there. The explosive disclosures in the Afghanistan Papers established that the military always said that there was no reason for us to have gone into Afghanistan. However, in geopolitics you don’t need such a reason. Actually, there are a number of reasons why “special interests” would like us to stay in Afghanistan and I’ll give you one that I’m pretty sure that you are unaware of – the Afghan drug trade.

You see, you can make money in many different ways, either by controlling the government, by controlling how the government spends its trillions of dollars and through the influence peddling that goes along with all of it. If you want a primer on how wars are started off the books, so to speak, check out the movie Lord of War. The movie has implications with regards to the Benghazi affair and the supplying of arms to revolutionaries in the Middle East.

Tulsi Gabbard took a lot of flak for agreeing with the decision to remove troops from Syria.  It was very unpopular with the establishment (Deep State/military industrial complex). Well, the establishment would like us to stay in Afghanistan, Gabbard would not. So, this is more of the same double-speak on the part of the media and certain parts of the government – just more of the Tulsi Gabbard Syndrome that we’ve seen before.

Some people will, no doubt, not be uninterested in this topic. If so, they should just take the blue pill and go back to sleep.


“That is why the neocon/neolib warmongers will do anything to stop me.” – Tulsi Gabbard



Re-Election Anyone?



Politicians and lawyers are the two groups that are always the butt of the worst jokes (sorry used car salesmen), and for good reason. Politicians are scam artists who will do anything to get re-elected. So, in the middle of some of the worse political upheaval and riots that the country has ever seen, what exactly have the politicians been doing?

Let’s start with Congress.  Republicans, especially in the Senate where they have a majority, have shown a complete lack of leadership. Why is that? Are they afraid to confront important social issues because it could possibly cost them re-election?  As for Democrats, their voices are mute for the most part, probably because they’re afraid that they would have to admit that they support the protesters (Antifa and BLM), and are therefore condoning lawless behavior. That’s a real non-starter for re-election purposes.

However, the award for worst politicians during the riots goes to cities that are having the worse riots. Leading the pack are Minneapolis, where it all started, New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles and Washington DC. These cities have one thing in common. That is, all of these cities have city governments whose lack of a response to the riots has allowed them to proliferate (and to spread to other cities). Minneapolis, New York City and Los Angeles all have plans to abolish or defund the police and we all know what happens when there is no police.  The CHOP zone in Seattle is a prime example.

So, how will this all play out come November? The smart money seems to be on the side of taking a knee for the cause. It’s all about getting re-elected, baby.


It seems like every day I see a similar headline talking about how many new Covid19 cases there are in Texas or how many total Covid19 cases there are worldwide. No doubt, it’s because they want us to live in fear and accept the lockdowns and other draconian measures they impose.

There’s always a thing or two that they conveniently forget to mention, though.  For example, many more people are infected with the coronavirus than is what being reported. The CDC recently said that there are 10 times as many cases as what has been reported.  This is due to the fact that the vast majority of Covid19 infections are asymptomatic.  Actually, it could be much more than 10 times since a medical study by the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health indicated that it could be as high as 85 times more.

This is actually good news. The reason is that there is no known way to combat a virus – none. There is no vaccine that has ever been developed that will kill a coronavirus. Some people who take the flu shot still get the flu; some even die. Everyone, and I do mean pretty much everyone, is going to get the coronavirus one way or another. When that happens, herd immunity will be achieved and the virus will eventually disappear (since our bodies will produce anti-bodies to ward off the virus).

The only solution to this kind of pandemic is our immune system. Even Bill Maher gets it. On his show, Bill had this to say, “I worry that the last two months…have given people the idea that the way for humans to win our million-year war with microbes is to avoid them completely. And I’m here to tell you: You can’t. The key to beating COVID isn’t dining through glass or never going to a concert or a ball game again. It’s your immune system.”  So, I ask you, why are we all panicking?






Life Is From Life



It’s a basic principle of science – omne vivum ex vivo. That is, all life is from life. Louis Pasteur proved it over 150 years ago and countless experiments and research have since confirmed it. Life does not spontaneously arise from non-living material. After all, there is something that animates human beings (as opposed to rocks).

Humans are a unique life-form in the cosmos. We are conscious. We can ponder our own existence. As Carl Sagan put it, “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” So, Sagan realized that the universe was conscious and that we, as conscious beings, evolved from a conscious universe.

However, there is something beyond the universe. In the Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot described how this all works, “Our brains mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately projections from another dimension, a deeper order of existence that is beyond both space and time….” In other words, the source of life is outside of the universe.

By contrast, science likes to claim that the universe began with a big bang and that everything was created out of “nothing”. The reason for this illogical reasoning is that if it was not created out of nothing, then, by definition, it had to be created out of something, and something conscious at that. So, you can understand why both atheists and creationists alike have chosen not to go there.

In order to answer the age-old question of what meaning our lives have, we have to first determine whether or not there is a source, a first cause so to speak. Our lives either have meaning that relates to such a source or they have no meaning at all.  Rather, we would simply be cosmic accidents – random blobs of electro-magnetic energy in a universe that was created out of nothing. In such case, Louis Pasteur would likely be rolling over in his grave.


“The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment.”         

    – Bernard d’Espagnat, physicist




Somebody asked me who was going to win the November election.  Well, I’m no election prognosticator so I’m not going to make a fool of myself by trying to pick someone. Here’s what I do know, however.

I know that Joe Biden will not be the Democratic Party nominee.  After all, how can you run someone who should be confined to a nursing home.

I know that the polls are seemingly always wrong. Don’t listen to the polls. Remember 2016?

I know that the Black vote will probably decide the election. 

Most polls are wrong because they are paid to be biased. Polls are actually a PR stunt intended to deceive the public. All you have to do is to look at their polling methods to see how far off they are. The devil is in the details so you have to read the fine print.

So, why does the media publish the polls?  Well, for the same reason that the poll was conducted in the first place (see above). Politics is all smoke and mirrors. You can never trust a politician and the same goes for pollsters. Ditto the media.

So, this November remember that regardless of who is elected president, the winner is the 1%. They fund the candidates running for the presidency, they pay for the polls and they own the media. It’s quite a monopoly. It explains why nearly every U.S. president is a descendant of European/Irish/Scottish/English royalty. Even Obama!


“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin


War drums are beating around the world.  As the era of the American Empire comes to a close, other forces are rushing into the vacuum created because of the withdrawal of U.S. forces from around the world.

China has been flexing its muscles recently by illegally expanding its territorial waters into international waters.  Worse, China has violated an international treaty which historically ensured a measure of sovereignty for Hong Kong (resulting in the recent riots in Hong Kong). Now, they have even threatened the sovereignty of Taiwan. In the Middle East, Turkey has ambitions to reestablish an Ottoman Empire in the Middle East, starting with its invasion of Syria. As for Venezuela, they are trying to export their brand of communism throughout the hemisphere.

The U.S. is not becoming isolationists as some have claimed.  Rather, the money necessary to finance such worldly adventures is now beyond our means to deal with. The nation’s “credit card” is maxed out and the dollar is increasingly worthless. The world no longer buys oil with dollars. The petro-dollar system is dead and the American Republic is on life-support, financially speaking.

Even the civil war in America is a reflection of our country’s financial problems, as different groups fight each other to gain the upper hand in deciding what comes next. The general public is totally unaware of the shadow war that is being fought behind the scenes. As usual, the elites want to control, and profit from, any new system.  As usual, the average American will be asked to foot the bill. There are all kinds of slavery and I’m pretty sure that you never considered that you too might be a slave.



The nation’s financial problems go back to revolutionary days. The Civil War bankrupted the country resulting in a bailout by foreign bankers. As a result, the nation was “incorporated”   by means of the Act of 1871. As a result, we later wound up with the Federal Reserve and the I.R.S., both of which are not part of the federal government.

The U.S. corporation formed by the Act of 1871 is now bankrupt. Where will the financing for the nation’s trillions of dollars of debt come from?  The shadow war will have to play out in order to get us out of the stalemate that we’re currently in. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


“War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”
– George Orwell