The Kotsko Syndrome


These are trying times. As society looks ready to tear itself apart, there are some that are willing to help facilitate the process. Adam Kotsko is one of them.

Kotsko is a professor at North Central College in Illinois. He believes that the Constitution is racist and, therefore, we should abolish state autonomy, the Senate, and the Electoral College. Kotsko left in place the House of Representatives because, I guess, someone has to run the country (even if it too is racist). Problem is that if you abolish state autonomy, there will be no states to elect members to the House.

He never states exactly why the Constitution is racist, only that it is. He never explains why the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution which abolished slavery, provided for equal protection under the law and gave citizens the right to vote regardless of race or color are also racist. It’s academic anyway, because how could he have argued the point?

The question is this: What is the motivation of a person like Adam Kotsko, someone who is a professor of philosophy at a small college in the Midwest? Could it be that Kotsko is mirroring his own racism on to someone else? After all, if he were a true humanitarian, he should consider critiquing the truly racist countries in the world, like China and Saudi Arabia, not America which has, by far, greater diversity than any other country in the world.

And here’s the answer to the question of motivation posed above: Kotsko feels that white people are the real problem, based on his comments that “white American cultural common sense” is allowing the police to kill black people. That, in itself, is a racist comment.  Never mind that most black people are actually killed by other black people rather than the police.

The real agenda, though, lies in Kotsko’s desire that all white people should commit suicide. What this amounts to is doublespeak out of the mouth of a radical, in reality a justification to exterminate the white race (because obviously the entire white race is not going to commit suicide). This, then, is not much different than the run-up to Hitler exterminating the Jews. It’s the very same playbook, as outlined in Rules For Radicals.



The problem with people playing the race card in America today is that racists like Kotsko can posture that they are the anti-racists. It’s the essence of the Cancel Culture and an attempt to destroy American cultural values. Welcome to the new normal, to the Kotsko Syndrome.


“The first step is to replace the history (e.g. destruction of statues), then you destroy the institutions (e.g. abolish the police), and then you cancel the culture through things like groupthink. In the end, you create a hive-mind culture where the elites can pull the strings from behind the scenes.”  – TheEthicalWarrior, The Dystopian Nightmare Named America



I’ve seen a number of people on both sides of the political aisle comment about a negative change in American cultural values.  Since both sides can’t be right about the cause, perhaps we’re talking about a difference in definitions. So, here’s my definition of American cultural values.


American cultural values

Traditional American cultural values refers to values that the country was founded on, cultural values that the founding fathers incorporated into things like the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.


Freedom in America

We owe our very freedom to certain inalienable rights and the laws which are embedded in the country’s founding documents. What distinguishes America from other free countries is that it’s a “republic” as opposed to a “democracy.” Because we are a republic, we’re a nation of laws as set out in the Constitution.  Furthermore, citizens have rights, (e.g. as set out in the Bill of Rights) that were not given to them by the State. These are rights are inalienable (i.e. they can not be taken away by the State).


Core values

The details of what those cultural values are varies from person to person. The definition that I like the best comes from Vintage American Here’s what they said:

“Historically, the United States has been viewed as ‘the land of opportunity,’ a place where immigrants could have individual freedom, an equal chance for success, and the ability to have a better standard of living.”

Based on this concept, they identified three core values as follows:

  • Individual freedom
  • Equality of opportunity
  • The American Dream



The Declaration of Independence begins this way, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness….” That’s what the founding fathers intended when they first created the American Republic, a country where people could be free and pursue their dreams.  It’s what makes America great and what is the driving force behind immigrants who still flock to our shores.


“We all share a common set of values that make us American… We are defined by the rights we have. . . Our rights are our history, why the first European settlers came here and why millions more have come here since.”  – John Zogby