Historically, people migrated to the big cities looking for a job, for the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. These cities became magnets for minorities. Chicago was a magnet for the poor blacks migrating from the south and Los Angeles was a magnet for Hispanics. New York City was a melting pot, the United Nations of the world.

However, these cities no longer provide an environment where opportunity can flourish. Instead of personal freedoms, what we now have is fascism where the so-called anti-fascists are the true fascists. As Sean Ono Lennon said, “I’m unsure how this ‘fight racism with racism’ and ‘fight fascism with fascism’ strategy is supposed to succeed in anything but destruction and chaos.”

The Dream doesn’t exist anymore. It was extinguished in the flames that engulfed Minneapolis, Portland and then Kenosha. It expired as local government officials stood by idly and watched it die. Perhaps, we could live with fascism as long as it somewhat preserved the Dream. After all, we had a family to raise, bills to be paid and, hopefully one day, a house that we might own.

However, when the government began to tell us how to live our lives, people starting leaving. As a result, we have now entered into a period of reverse migration. There is an election coming up on Nov 4th. Those that have left Dodge have already voted. They voted with their feet. They reject the ideology of the far-left.  It’s not the America that they once knew; that’s for sure.

However, the politicians don’t care about the misery. They only care about control. The cities affected by the riots can only spiral down from here into the abyss, a cesspool of violence, drug addiction and homelessness. Businesses are leaving too because these cities refuse to provide even a minimum level of support and protection for the business community. So, they leave or go out of business, with the resulting loss of those jobs. This is what civil war looks like. This is the new normal.



Based on data from United Van Lines moves, as compiled by Bloomberg, the exodus from Blue States like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Illinois has begun (with California not far behind). These states all have financial problems that they are trying to solve by raising taxes, rather than reducing spending… which is a typical socialist response to this kind of problem.

For those that got out of Dodge, eight out of the ten top places they moved to were Red States. For those that stayed, however, they will have to share an even bigger burden to make up for those who left. Accordingly, the law of diminishing returns will render this problematic.


“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher












Tent City, U.S.A.



There’s been a lot of angst generated by a new breed of politician in Washington. They’re making a lot of noise and getting a lot of attention for their far-left agenda. It’s called socialism.

Some Americans decry the new ideology and some are just aching to implement it.  Unbeknownst to many, however, we actually have had socialism right here in America for many years.  It’s already an institution in places like New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles; in some cases for many years.  This from an article in the National Economist, “Look at California: fifty years ago the Golden State was home to America’s largest and most affluent middle class.  It was a beacon on a hill, the apotheosis of the American dream.  Now it is dystopia. One-in-five Californians live below the poverty line.  It is ‘home’ to one quarter of America’s homeless population.  California’s income inequality is worse than Mexico’s.”

The problem is that in those cities socialism is an abject failure. High taxes, high cost of housing and low job opportunity.  The new minimum wage law is hitting small businesses very hard.  Some are closing as a result of the high cost of wages. There’s one other thing that New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles all have in common – they are all in financial ruin from socialist policies.  As a result, people are exiting out of these cities in large numbers. Socialism may be a paradise, ideologically speaking, but it’s a disaster in the real world, what with tent cities sprouting up seemingly everywhere.  Even socialist diva Cher acknowledged as much on Twitter saying, “I understand helping struggling immigrants, but my city (Los Angeles) isn’t taking care of its own. What about the 50,000+ citizens who live on the streets. Ppl who live below the poverty line & hungry? If my state can’t take care of Its own (many are vets), how can it take care of more?”

However, in politics, the real world is rarely, if ever, talked about. Only what they, the politicians, can do for you, the voter. The political campaigns are already promising a cornucopia of free stuff including free college education and free healthcare for all.  New social programs are supposedly no problem, just raise taxes… and then watch as consumer spending tanks and takes the economy with it.

Raising taxes on just the rich is a pipedream. It’s simply a political slogan to distract the voter from what will be coming – the unavoidably large tax increases on everyone. Tax corporations. Okay, but there’s a limit to that too.  Unfortunately, lower corporate profits will only exacerbate what is already a looming crisis in underfunded pension plans, which will result in the government having to increase government social programs further. Bailing out the too big to fail banks will be child’s play compared to this. By the way, lower profits for corporations also can dramatically affect people’s 401k investments, but no one hardly seems to mention that.  Besides, the drop in birth rates has resulted in the nation going from Baby Boom to Baby Bust. As a result, future taxation increases will not be sustainable in any event.

Never mind that the American Dream is now beyond the reach of most Americans. Let’s just keep piling it on by spending on illegal immigrants because this new brand of progressive socialism demands it. They will get free education and healthcare too, even if our veterans won’t. According to a 2017 report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, illegal aliens cost American taxpayers $135 billion annually.  As for the homeless, forget about them because in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles they already have.  Even with their high taxes, these cities have been unable to provide for even the basic needs of its homeless due, in part, to the aforementioned cost of illegal immigration.  Welcome to Tent City, U.S.A.


“The goal of socialism is communism.”  – Vladimir Lenin


P.S. Is it any wonder that a former advocate of communism, Bernie Sanders, is now running as a socialist?  Bernie should actually be thankful for capitalism having made him a millionaire.

The Hill recently ran an article entitled, “America – The New Socialist Frontier” (link https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/425970-america-the-new-socialist-frontier). Whether you agree or disagree with the perspective of the article, there are a couple of things that I would like to point out about issues connected with this article.

Some newly elected legislators do have a socialist agenda. No doubt. What the article doesn’t talk about, though, is why they were elected by the voters.  In order to answer that question, let me first digress for a moment.

After World War II, many Americans believed in something that was referred to as The American Dream. Sure, there was a sprinkling of wealthy people in the country, but the vast majority worked very hard just to be able to support their families.  In a fairly short period of time, prosperity blossomed from sea-to-shining-sea.  The burgeoning American middle class was born. Opportunities abounded – capitalism was king and consumerism became the driving force in society.  Before long, the nouveau riche sprouted up seemingly everywhere.

After many years of prosperity, something unforeseen happened.  Class warfare. Why? Well, because not everyone shared in the spoils equally.  Of course, not everyone contributed equally either but that didn’t seem to stop the have-nots from complaining.  People had gotten accustomed to great prosperity in the country.  They could see it everywhere – in magazines, on TV and the movies and in advertisements, and so they wanted some of it for themselves.

A new age dawned. People become fat and lazy.  They no longer wanted to work hard to obtain The American Dream. Many didn’t want to work at all. They simply wanted the government to provide for them. Problem was that the government doesn’t grow money on trees. It’s is funded by the taxpayers.

So, a rallying cry inevitably went out to tax the rich. However, taxing the rich is not quite all it’s cracked up to be as The Hill article pointed out,“The philosophy of envy and siphoning from the rich appeals to a large segment of the population that does not realize that the definition of ‘rich’ is a spiral of devolution that eventually will reach every business and every individual who works for a living.” You may remember how President Obama’s definition of ‘rich’ with respect to tax increases kept spiraling down and down until at one point it was going to include the middle class.  In actuality, it’s even much worse than that.  When you look at the income distribution curve in this country, the only place that significant tax increases can really come from is the middle class. You can’t fund a socialist society like Ocasio-Cortez wants unless the middle class pays for it.  Increasing the top tax rate to 70% for the rich is a smokescreen.  It’s a mere pittance of what will be required. What she is not saying is that her Green New Deal will destroy the middle class which is actually a key objective of socialism.

This leads me to the political strategy of our newly-minted socialists. The key words that I quoted from the article are “every individual who works for a living.” The reason those words are key is that Ocasio-Cortez is appealing to a political base who does not work for a living or, at the very least, works but does not pay taxes. She is targeting the have-nots to get them to revolt against the haves; in other words political class warfare. It’s a smart strategy since it appeals to roughly half the people in this country who do not pay income taxes as well as to people who get paid some form of government assistance. The problem, though, as Benjamin Franklin pointed out, is that,When people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic.” Are you ready for that?

Socialism is superficially a very appealing concept. However, there has to be a group that implements the desires of the people, assuming that the people are smart enough to even make those kinds of decisions (which studies seem to show that they are not).  Even in a democracy such as America, you can see how flawed a process that can be. There always has to be a 1% whether they’re called kings, tsars, presidents or the corporate elites. So, tell me, who gets to decide who will be the 1%?  See the problem. The real issue isn’t whether it’s capitalism or socialism, it’s who gets to be in charge. Ocasio-Cortez wants to be the one in charge, to be the one who gets to tell you which personal freedoms you’ll have to sacrifice on the altar of socialism and to be the one to tell you how much in additional taxes you’ll have to pay. Now, that’s what I call a New Deal.



There’s a reason why communism has never worked.  Russia, Cuba and Venezuela should be a reminder to us all. The reason is that when there is no incentive for people to get ahead, there is no incentive for them to contribute either. Everyone has to share equally, right? Eventually, everyone does share equally because everyone is equally poor.  Well, not everyone.  We forget sometimes that regardless of whether a society has capitalism, socialism, fascism or communism, there always has to be a ruling class. There always has to be a 1%.


“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.”
– Margaret Thatcher




The American Dream


Eugene Ionesco once said that, “Ideologies separate us.  Dreams and anguish bring us together.” That was once true, but I challenge if it is still true today.  Just like Martin Luther King, you have to have a dream.  That dream, of course, was The American Dream…and that dream may well be dying.

As I mentioned in a recent post, Americans of all stripes fought together side-by-side in two world wars because they had a dream.  It was a dream of freedom, to be lived in a country (America) that cherished individual liberty.  It was a dream that almost everyone shared and so our differences were secondary. We could coexist with all of our imperfections, our biases and our differences in cultural values.

However, today, many people no longer have that same dream.  They would rather destroy what we have and start over.  They want to “fundamentally transform” America.  The problem, though, is that their vision is for a country where They get to impose their ideology and their values on the rest.  However, you will never know that is their objective. You will only hear that They represent you, the people, against the establishment.  However, the problem is that They are the establishment.  They are the 1%.

You need to understand the propaganda that’s used to convince people to vote them into power. So, when They ask you to join The Resistance to bring down the establishment, what They are really saying is that They want to remain in power only without being encumbered with the chains of a Republic.  The only rule of law would then be their rule of law.  There would be a new Golden Rule (i.e. he who has the most gold rules).

When They ask you to eradicate the white race, what They are really saying is that They want the white race marginalized so that it can not compete with them for power…for They are the establishment, They are the elite (mostly, the white race).

In the course of human affairs, revolutions are a fact of life, maybe, in some cases, even a necessity. After all, that’s how we wound up with America in the first place.  However, beware of those offering a new form of government where everyone will get their needs met (like, say, free healthcare for everyone).  There is no system that can provide everything to everyone. History has shown that our current form of government is the only one that can endure and prosper over time. The great political thinkers understood that.  Here’s a sample of what some of them said:


“When people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic”.  – Benjamin Franklin

“The state is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.”  – Frederic Bastiat

“The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”           – Margaret Thatcher

        “The goal of socialism is communism.”  – Vladimir Lenin



There is a reason why the middle class is disappearing in America.  It’s not an accident. The middle class is being intentionally destroyed because it is the only group of people that will insist upon maintaining civil liberties.  Everyone else will simply insist on having others (read: the government) support them. You see, most of the middle class believes in The American Dream.


We’re Broke Folks


Hate to be the one that breaks it to you, but…. WE’RE BROKE.  By we, I mean the government of course.  Now you may be wondering how that’s possible or why you haven’t heard about it.  Those are fair questions that deserve a decent answer.

So how bad is it you might ask.  Well, the value of the U.S. dollar is now worth about 3% of what it was worth in 1900.  As a result, a loaf of bread that cost $.05 in 1900 now costs $2.75.  That’s inflation for you.  You see, inflation is primarily the result of the Federal Reserve printing too much money; in other words, too many dollars chasing a finite amount of goods for sale.  Milton Friedman, who won a Nobel Prize for economics, must be rolling over in his grave.  In addition, the government spending has ballooned totally out of control over the last 8 years or so.  If it were you or me of course, they would have cut off our credit cards long ago.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, the really bad news is that the light at the end of a tunnel is an oncoming runaway train loaded with increases in entitlement programs (primarily Obamacare and social security) as the demographics in this country change dramatically with the retirement of the Baby Boomers.

The reason that you haven’t heard about this issue during the presidential campaign is that  neither candidate wants to talk about it – since there is little to nothing that they can do about it that won’t totally piss off the voters.  Mitt Romney gave lip-service to government spending in his economic plan, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what it will really take and as for President Obama, well he seems to be proposing four more years of Hope and Change.

As things stand right now :

You can say good-bye to the American Dream.

You can say goodbye to America being a world leader.

You can say goodbye to your standard of living.

You might even have to say goodbye to your very way of life.

So the country is swimming in debt (the real deficit is closer to $200 trillion) and the two candidates have totally side-stepped, or are ignorant of, the issue.  Former Senator Everett Dirksen should have been around to see this.  He would have been right in his element.  However because of the escalation in government spending, he would have had to adjust his famous quote to something like the following: “A trillion here and a trillion there and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.”  Yes, and pretty soon you’re broke too.

Everyone’s looking for some sort of environmental nirvana and yet almost no one has any idea what that would practically look like.  But really folks, the two words environment and nirvana don’t even belong together in the same sentence.

Myself, I’m more than sympathetic to environmental causes as I’ve been a social activist for environmentally friendly water, food and air for a long time.  But it’s not always just about the environment, especially when politics enters the picture.  In my opinion, what’s really happening is that the environmental issues are being hijacked by a global governance agenda.

But that’s far from being just my opinion.  U.S. Senator James Inhofe wrote an entire book on the subject entitled, “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future” and the then French President Jacques Chirac, when addressing the U.N. about the Kyoto Protocol, said that it was the first step towards a one-world government.

The history probably dates back to 1968 when Paul Ehrlich published his well-known book “The Population Bomb.”  The book reflected the mind-set of the world’s elites who were feeling threatened by the burgeoning population of Third World countries.  They felt that increases in population in Third World countries would lead to environmental issues and political instability which in turn would negatively impact the industrialized world’s access to invaluable resources in those countries.  It’s the age-old story of consumption in rich nations leads to a plundering of resources in poor countries. As a result, a world-wide effort to curb population was kicked off by the U.N. and most major industrialized nations (affecting almost exclusively Third World countries).

The global warming issue, itself, went center-stage in 2006 with Al Gore’s famous, and subsequently discredited, hockey stick slide which purported to show how man was destroying the environment (primarily with CO^2 emissions).  As science now admits, the earth is actually cooling and scientists are currently forecasting that the planet is heading towards a mini ice-age instead.

So now the rhetoric has changed from one of global warming to climate change, although most scientists will tell you that climate change is simply part of the natural weather cycle of the planet.  In other words, there is nothing on God’s green earth that man can do to change it.  However, that won’t stop people from trying.  People like Bill Gates, that is.

At the 2010 TED Conference, Bill gave a speech entitled, “Innovating To Zero.”  In his speech, he unveiled a formula for managing global concerns.  The key is to reduce CO^2 emissions by 80% (no different than Al Gore) and he intends to accomplish this by reducing world population accordingly.  Towards this end, Bill’s foundation is spending billions of dollars producing vaccines for Third World countries which he plainly states will help curb world population.

So what’s next?  Well, here’s the end game:

  • Carbon taxes would be assessed, ostensibly to fight climate change
  • The Law of the Sea Treaty with the United Nations to be ratified by the U.S. Senate. This would give the United Nations jurisdiction over U.S. off-shore territorial waters and would include a United Nations tax on oil and gas revenues produced from these territories (which cost will no doubt be passed on to the American consumer).
  • Ultimately, mandatory taxes would be allowed directly from the United Nations on U.S. citizens.

If any of those things come to pass, you can kiss your way of life good-bye; global governance would have become a reality.  So the next time someone wants to tell you that they want to curtail food production because of the endangered sex life of the tsetse fly, look under the covers to see who is pulling the strings and for what reason.  I almost guaranty you that the issue won’t be about the environment – just someone’s idea of political nirvana.

Stupid in America


Bill Maher has frequently referred to Americans outside The Beltway as stupid.  Unfortunately for us, Bill Maher is right.  If you have any doubt about that whatsoever, all you have to do is check out some of the incredible man-on-the-street routines that the media does from time to time.   More than that, who else would just hand over their country without a whimper – hardly even a protest or a demonstration, unless you count The Tea Party (which I don’t).

On the plus side, we’ve had some great presidents down through the years – men of character and great courage who made significant contributions to preserve the republic.  I’m talking about people like Jefferson, Lincoln and Kennedy.  They understood that a free country has to be continually protected from those who seek to corrupt and control it.  But the citizens themselves… well that’s another story altogether.

People get the government that they deserve… and boy did we get it.  If you want to complain about the state of affairs in this country, simply look in the nearest mirror.  The culprit will be looking you in the face.  Maybe, however, you’d like to pass the blame on to your representatives in Congress who you foolishly thought would act in the country’s best interest.  Yes, I’m talking about the representatives that you elected.

Of course, maybe you don’t even agree that things are all that bad.  Maybe, you weren’t all that excited about The American Dream in the first place.  Sometimes, it takes a little perspective to appreciate certain things.  Historically, the wave of immigrants to this country has always been about opportunity – opportunity that they didn’t have in their own home country.   Therefore, freedom was something that they never took for granted.

Perhaps then you don’t even realize that you’re being slowly stripped of your civil rights.  Perhaps, you don’t even realize that there is something called The Bill of Rights that is suppose to protect all American citizens, despite what Nancy Pelosi might say to the contrary. Bill Maher was right in calling Americans stupid, but he forgot to mention how we got that way.  You see, half of you have been brainwashed by watching MSNBC and the other half have been brainwashed watching Fox News.  It’s an ideological food fight and ultimately you’re the main course on the menu.  As for the kids, they have been intentionally brutalized by an education system that has taken this country from first to worst.

Now I know that some of you think that none of this applies to you.  If so, you probably listen to public access TV and politically don’t call yourselves either liberals or conservatives.  Similar to Bill Maher then, you might call yourself a progressive which essentially means that you can’t identify with “the little people.”  If so, you feel that you belong to a small, elite group of people whose mission in life is to tell others how to live theirs.  Unfortunately for them, intellectual dishonesty doesn’t equate with intelligence either.

They say that there is nothing so uncommon as common sense and, in that regard, I’m still looking for someone (dare I say anyone) that understands that they’re talking about them when someone speaks about a general lack of common sense.  So go ahead and make my day by telling me that this doesn’t apply to you.   Go ahead – I dare you and, while you’re at it, also tell me that you’re not one of the 300 million Americans who have taken their freedom for granted.   You could say that you’re not one of them… but you’d be wrong.

Like I said, Bill Maher was right.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

– President Ronald Reagan

There are no bullets.  There are no bodies. There are no tanks and not even any boots on the ground. But it’s still a war nonetheless. You might be surprised to know that you’re one of the combatants.  You might even be surprised that your side is losing.

This is not the usual kind of war.  There is no battlefield in the traditional sense.  Instead it’s a “stealth” war – conducted in the shadows and behind the scenes. It’s a war which is negotiated in back-room deals – a real life matrix where events are manipulated for the benefit of a few. This war is one-sided as it is being fought by only one side.  You see, the other side is pretty much impervious to what is going on. They are unaware that trillions of dollars are at stake, not to mention their freedom.

The weapons are unconventional. Disinformation is frequently the weapon of choice.  The six-o-clock news helps to determine what people hear and, therefore, what they believe.  Public opinion polls don’t so much report on the mood of the public as they are used to sway public opinion.

Political ideology figures prominently too, but not how you would expect.  Ideology is simply a means to an end.  Its only purpose is to get others to buy in to the cause.  They become the foot soldiers.  They are totally expendable, such as Islamic terrorists/suicide bombers.  They die for an idea that people have convinced them is worth dying for.  Of course, their leaders would never make the same sacrifice.  Sometimes, ideology (e.g. communism) asks people to make sacrifices for the “common good”.  However, it’s only the people in charge who really profit from redistributing the wealth.  You see, Karl Marx never cared a twit about the workers.  His manifesto was just a means to control the masses.

It’s not a cast of the usual suspects either.  Of course, there are the black-ops military operations.  But there is also a wide range of organizations involved from non-profits to foundations to think tanks, with plenty of help from the media, the educational system – and of course the government.

So what’s the real story?

What I’m talking about is essentially class warfare.  It’s a struggle between the haves and the have-nots. It’s an invisible battle that has been going on under many different guises for a very long time.

Consider this. In the days of yore, the kings had their subjects, for whom they had little to no regard, to grow the food and provide the manpower to support and protect the kingdom.  People were taxed into oblivion and had very little, if any, freedom.  Today, despite all the progress, it’s really not that much different.  Now, there’s a new class of elites which includes Wall Street mavens, world bankers and politically-connected people of all stripes.  Is it any wonder that the middle class in this country has been virtually wiped out. Of course, you can’t have a free society without a middle class.  But then… that is the general idea.

Gone are the days when The American Dream used to define our aspirations and our very way of life. Gone are the immigrants who did much to make this country great.  They have been replaced by a flood of illegals who have been a major contributor to our economic plight. It’s a dangerous world we live in today and it’s headed in the wrong direction.  We now have a culture whose legacy is one of out-of-control corruption. A culture which breeds contempt for other people’s rights.  Now, it’s “He with the most gold rules.”

Ultimately, it’s a war for the control of people’s minds.  Unless people can put a face on an invisible enemy, they will never appreciate that they themselves are at risk. The powers that be can’t afford for the masses to know that there is a war going on – a war against the Constitution, their liberties and God.  If the people were to finally realize what is happening, it would no doubt lead to insurrection. But of course… now you know.

“The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself, or be ruled by a small elite.”

– Thomas Jefferson