This election cycle feels very weird. I’m sure that the Covid19 pandemic has contributed to it.  It was the first time the nation has ever been locked down. Worse, some states are still locked down despite the pandemic having ended. I say “having ended” because the stats on the CDC website says as much.

On top of it, we have the riots that are still ongoing because local government officials allow them to continue. Not even Don Lemon and Van Jones have been able to put the genie back in the bottle. It was Lemon who said that the “rioting has to stop…it’s ‘showing up in the polling… it’s showing up in focus groups” and it was Van Jones who urged Biden to own the antifa rioters, the very group that Biden praised at the beginning of his presidential campaign. Translation: The riots, which were once considered a plus for Democrats, are now viewed as a liability. Why? Well, because the voters said so just as Don Lemon said.

I actually think that the chaos in the country is being caused by the fracture in the Democratic Party. The party veered left in 2016 behind Bernie Sanders which scared the bejesus out of the establishment Democrats. Then, they veered far-left as the result of the 2018 mid-term elections when AOC and the Squad rose to power within the party. Subsequently, the Green New Deal was endorsed by almost all the challengers for the party’s presidential nomination and now they have one of the most radical people in Congress, based upon voting record, as their vice-presidential candidate.

The old Democratic Party has broken in two – radicals vs. the establishment, with a sprinkling of liberals and progressives here and there, but the radicals are on the ascend.  Accordingly, the old core constituencies are adrift with some leaving the party altogether (#WalkAway). It’s sad to see the party of JFK be reduced to supporting Marxist ideals.

The problem that the Democratic Party faces is that the far-left is now a force to be reckoned with.  Bernie Sanders has said that the day after Joe Biden is elected, the far-left will push their radical social agenda. Assuming that Biden is elected, it wouldn’t be long before we would have a President Harris. After all, Joe won’t be able to run the country from his basement, so we would wind up with President Harris and Bernie Sanders by her side  (running the country). The Bernie Bros. would be ecstatic, though, as they would become the new Brownshirts. Can you even imagine that?



The riots have been used in an attempt to trigger a race war. Believe it or not, the far-left has been trying to start a race war in this country since the days of Charles Manson.  Remember him? The intelligence agencies (Deep State) always knew exactly who to pick for those roles. Charlie actually provided under-age girls to the entertainment industry. That’s how far back the Harvey Weinsteins of the world have been around. Poor Charlie, he was just a wannabe who wanted to break into the music business. Instead, we got Helter Skelter. Fifty years later… nothing has changed.


“Don’t defund the police. Instead, defund the Democratic National Committee and the Marxists who have abducted a once proud political party to pursue a dark and forbidding vision of America.” – Lawrence Kadish, Newsmax


This from Briahna Joy Gray, one of Bernie Sanders top advisors: “Bernie was too kind to go after Biden, but it’s coming. Either Dem leadership cares more abt (sic) maintaining a corporate status quo than getting rid of Trump, or they’re planning to replace Joe – adopting a pretty fast and loose relationship w/ representative Democracy.” As I’ve written about it before, the answer is that they’re planning on replacing Joe Biden. The hell with democracy. As Anton J. Gunn, a senior official in the Obama administration, put it, “The (Democratic) party decides its nominee. The public doesn’t really decide the nominee.” 

So, it was never going to be Joe or Bernie or Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren, or any of the other contenders for that matter. The primary “elections” are designed simply to let the elites decide through the unelected superdelegates. My money is on a HRC II, even though someone like Mark Cuban would be a far better choice. Obviously, it won’t be Tulsi Gabbard since she’s supposedly a Russian asset.



Virtually every U.S. president is descended from European, English, Scottish, Irish royalty, even Barack Obama. Obviously, that is no accident.  So, how do you suppose that happened and what does bloodlines have to do with it, anyway?


Not too many people that I know even talk about politics, let alone are involved in the political process. Only about 60% actually vote in national elections.  This election cycle, however, seems to be different if only because of the media reporting.

Politicians, themselves, have been extremely vocal lately.  However, little of what they say makes any sense.  There has been a hue and cry about “the end of democracy as we know it” but at the same time they hold secret impeachment hearings and, as we come to find out, spy on U S citizens.  What to make of it other than politicians, of all stripes, cannot be trusted.  They just want your vote.

Speaking of voting, some politicians on the left have come out strongly for the abolition of the Electoral College.  They feel that the candidate with the most votes should always win.  The problem is that the Democratic Party voting system to nominate a presidential candidate resembles the very Electoral College process that they want to get rid of.  Just look at the recent Iowa caucuses where Bernie Sanders won the popular vote but Pete Buttigieg won the most delegates.  But wait, it gets worse…much worse.

When the Democrats get to their convention, the superdelegates await.  If you don’t know what a superdelegate is you might want to inform yourself.  The superdelegates, who are not nominated by the public, are the ones who control the convention and the nominating process.  It’s a dirty little secret that you’re not supposed to know about… but, of course, now you know.  Anton Gunn, a former advisor to then President Obama, recently spilled the beans on MSNBC saying that, “The Democratic Party has a party. The party decides its nominee.  The public doesn’t really decide the nominee…But people who are active in the party, they decide the nominee.”  Gunn was speaking about superdelegates as the ones who actually nominate the candidate, not the people who voted in the primaries.

Bernie Sanders knows all about superdelegates and how they handed the nomination to Hillary Clinton in 2016. This time around the Bernie Bros have openly come out against the “system” and the elites who control it.  A recent headline in Common Dreams reads, “You’ll See Rebellion: Sanders’ Supporters Denounce Open Threats By Superdelegates To Steal Nomination.” So much for saving democracy, I guess.

“In our age there is no such thing as ‘keeping out of politics.’ All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia.”  – George Orwell

So, Bernie Sanders easily won the Democratic Nevada caucuses and as a result the elites are flipping out.  Chris Matthews on MSNBC compared the Sanders win to the Third Reich’s invasion of France during World War II when the Nazis penetrated the Maginot Line. Why all the fuss? 

There are several reasons. For starters, the establishment in the Democratic Party is primarily funded by wealthy donors like Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood.  They are fat-cat capitalists and they fear Sanders and his anti-billionaire rhetoric. Then there is the matter of power, both in the White House and the halls of Congress.  That is, the people in power want to stay in positions of power and feed off the trough of government spending. This leads directly to the final matter. Many political strategists believe that a Sanders nomination will tip the balance of power to the Republicans in Congress as a result of a negative coattails effect in the 2020 presidential election.

Well-known Democratic establishment political strategist James Carville has gone so far as to call Bernie Sanders a communist and Chis Matthews has piled on by comparing Sanders to Fidel Castro saying that if Castro had managed to bring communism to America there would have been executions in Central Park.  Further, Sanders is getting the Trump Treatment of being called a stooge of Putin. 

Fear does strange things to people.  Apparently, many of the Democratic elites fear Bernie Sanders more than Donald Trump.  At least, that’s what Chris Matthews, who is a mouthpiece of the Establishment, says.  If true, a Sanders presidency is opposed by almost everyone in the country except left-wing socialists and radicals. 

They say that politics make strange bedfellows. However, could you even imagine Democrats voting for the Orange Man?  The bottom line, though, is that Democrats would rather lose with Bloomberg/Hillary than win with Sanders. Go figure.

America was created out of a revolution, circa 1776.  Nearly 250 years later, there are two revolutions ongoing in the country. There is the civil war between the Democrats and the Republicans and there is also the ongoing battle for control of the Democratic Party, itself.  The politicians used to pretend that the fighting wasn’t really taking place.  Instead, both sides considered themselves patriots and cloaked themselves in the Constitution and talked about the founding fathers, as if they agreed with either. 

The latest developments show that the fight has moved to what I would call Stage 2.  That is, the battle has spilled out into the public rhetoric.  Case-in-point:

Chris Matthews of MSNBC commented on the Bernie Sanders campaign saying, “I’m seeing what socialism’s like. It’s not only not free. It doesn’t freakin’ work!” An article in ZeroHedge referred to Matthews comments as a warning of a socialist Sanders dictatorship.  This on the heels of a Sanders’ campaign staffer saying that “Trump supporters will need to be reeducated in literal gulags, similar to what Germany did to ‘Nazified’ Germans after World War II.”  So, the war between the Democratic Establishment and the breakaway socialist movement within the party is very real.

I was watching Bill Maher’s last show, as I regularly do.  He had Republican advisor Steve Bannon on for a little tete-de-tete. They both agreed that Bernie is being shafted by the Democratic Establishment. Bannon said that he likes Bernie somewhat because he’s a populist while Maher hates Sanders.  It’s incongruous that a conservative would have nicer things to say about Sanders than a Democrat, but, then, that’s the current state of affairs in Beltway politics.

“What we need is power! Do you understand? …But look, if no one’s persuadable, then let’s just have the revolution.” – James Carville, Democratic strategist

An article in ZeroHedge today makes the following statement about the Iowa caucus: “Iowa showed American democracy may now just be another developing world dictatorship.” As the author, Chris Andrew at Clarmond Wealth, observed, “There are two possible explanations: it is a conspiracy of the Washington Consensus cabal denying Bernie a clean win and essentially muddying the waters…or it is total and utter incompetence of bringing an untested, non-transparent technology into the democratic process.” Your choice.

Given that the companies involved in the “mishap” are closely associated with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Pete Buttigieg, it looks more like the former rather than the latter.  As reported on ZeroHedge, the Bernie Sanders campaign had workers at the different caucus sites and their counts don’t match the official tabulated results. 

As I’ve written before, the Establishment has it in for Bernie Sanders.  For example, a recent headline reads, “John Kerry Deletes F-Bomb Denial of Anti-Bernie Campaign Plans.” In any event, Pete Buttigieg has declared victory all the while that Bernie Sanders’ attorneys are meeting with the DNC over the voting discrepancies and irregularities. As a result, #MayorCheat (referring to Buttigieg) is trending on Twitter while Buttigieg supporters are claiming that Russian-controlled bots are to blame and Maggie Haberman of the New York Times blames it all on Trump.

However, it is possible that all the confusion is simply due to shear incompetence, in which case why would anyone want any of these people to run the government when they can’t even handle a simple caucus?

“It’s clear that the corporate media, the military-industrial complex, and the party establishment are threatened by [my] message, because it challenges their grip on power. They will do everything to silence us, while also rigging the primary process for billionaire candidates who think they can bypass the kind of grassroots campaigning that is the fuel of our movement.”  – Tulsi Gabbard

The New York Times endorsement for president in 2020 just came out and did they get it all wrong.  They went for Warren and Klobuchar.  The problem is that neither Warren or Klobuchar can win in 2020. 

The interesting thing about their endorsement is who they didn’t choose, Bernie Sanders.  Their rationale for not choosing Sanders was, in part, because he was uncompromising in his political positions.  

Translation: Under those circumstances, he can not be the “establishment” candidate. 

So, the two democratic anti-establishment candidates did not receive an endorsement; that is, Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard.  The Times also did not endorse Donald Trump, which was no surprise since they have not endorsed anyone other than a Democrat since 1956, but the reason given is illuminating. They cited his America First policies.

Translation: The establishment supports globalism over nationalism.

Politics is no longer about Democratic vs Republican or liberal vs conservative.  While there certainly is a lot of overlap, it’s now about globalism vs nationalism.  Globalism represents moving jobs abroad if it is advantageous to multi-national corporations and getting the country involved in endless wars (Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, with Iran looming on the horizon).  

Translation: These are the goals of the Military Industrial Complex.

The establishment, and establishment rags like the New York Times, will not support an anti-establishment candidate.  All the political rhetoric is just that – rhetoric. The establishment doesn’t want to expose the fact that their loyalties are not to this country. They are globalists.  Bernie Sanders is too uncompromising so he can never be their candidate. That’s why they stole the Democratic nomination from him in 2016 and why they will work against his nomination for 2020.

Translation: Just read the book “Inside Hillary Clinton’s Takeover of the DNC” by Donna Brazile, the former head of the DNC.


The one thing missing in the New York Times endorsement was any discussion about why there was no person of color remaining on the Iowa debate stage. Candidates Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard and former candidate Kamala Harris have all said that the DNC rules are biased against persons of color. However, apparently this is not a serious issue within the party as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib did not endorse a person of color. Rather, they all endorsed Bernie Sanders. Apparently, ideology (in this case socialism) is the most important political issue to some.

Translation: Politics sure makes strange bedfellows. However, what we’re left with is mostly old, rich white men. Hillary anyone?

“Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician.” – Hillary Clinton, on Bernie Sanders

So, right after I posted Bernie Sanders vs.The World, the gloves came off at the Democratic debate.  Here’s the headlines in case you missed it:

  • “Media Malpractice: CNN Faces Backlash For One-Sided Questioning on Warren vs. Sanders” – The Daily Caller
  • “At the Iowa Debate, Bernie Sanders’ Most Vociferous Opponent Was CNN” – The Intercept

Yes, the media just can’t help themselves in trying to steer voters to the candidate of choice, the media’s choice that is. Sanders is obviously persona non grata in some media circles as the Democratic moderates who have always run the party flex their muscles against the left wing of the Democratic Party and the ‘Gang of Four’.

What we are witnessing is what I refer to as the Bernie Sanders Effect. It’s what happens when the Democratic Party decides to turn on their own because the candidate doesn’t toe the establishment line. Just ask Tulsi Gabbard who was similarly dismissed by the media and the Democratic establishment because of her opposition to “endless wars”(the Tulsi Gabbard Effect).

You may ask why another far-left candidate like Elizabeth Warren is participating in the attacks on Bernie Sanders. That’s a fair question and the answer is because Elizabeth Warren isn’t running for President.  She’s really running for a cabinet position in someone else’s government. Isn’t politics wonderful?

As in 2016, Bernie Sanders has come under attack by the powers that be in the Democratic Party, including most recently by Elizabeth Warren.  Love him or hate him, Bernie Sanders is a maverick, a maverick who doesn’t play ball.  

A little perspective

Back in 2016, an outfit called Wikileaks (Julian Assange) published emails leaked from the DNC.  Some of the leaked information concerned the Democratic presidential nomination contest, primarily between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  The emails documented how the DNC, headed by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, threw its considerable weight behind Hillary Clinton, in effect stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders.  However, the scandal was swallowed up by a brilliant ruse, that the Russians had hacked the DNC servers.  The Russians, for their part, were not the source of the leaked emails. Rather, it was an inside job, a whistleblower in effect.   

Bernie in 2020

Despite what you may have heard or seen to date, you need to understand that the DNC once again is going to back Hillary as their party’s candidate for president in 2020.  The socialist candidates, except for Sanders and Warren, have all self-destructed.  Socialism, itself, is being widely rejected by the vast majority of American voters. Warren remains in the race for one reason – to keep Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination.  Some Democratic political strategists have already conceded the 2020 race to Trump. The battlefield, now, is all about control of Congress. Bottom line: A socialist presidential candidate would severely hurt the Democratic Party’s chances in 2020 congressional races.

Karma is a bitch

If there had been a level playing field back in 2016, Bernie Sanders likely would have won the Democratic nomination.  In that case, he probably would have also gone on to defeat Donald Trump. Fast forward to 2020: Even if Bernie Sanders somehow survives all the attacks from within his own party, he probably has no chance this time around against Trump. 

The irony is that the DNC is their own worst enemy. To make matters worse, some of the Bernie Sanders’ supporters may well have helped elect Donald Trump in 2016, and might vote for him again in 2020 (or stay home altogether).


Shortly after the emails were downloaded from the DNC servers, a member of the DNC who had access to the emails was murdered under mysterious circumstances. Then the world got the cover story (Russiagate). It’s a dirty little secret that you’re not supposed to know about…but, of course, now you know.

AOC Unveiled


AOC is a congresswoman, a social media darling and the face of the socialist movement in America. Recently, she came out and supported Bernie Sanders and made a personal appearance at his campaign rally. So, the big question is why Bernie?  Why an old, white man and not a woman of color? What’s the strategy?

Of course, politics is rarely what it appears to be to the unwashed masses. As a senior House Democratic aide said about AOC, “She’s only a woman of color when it’s convenient.” To make matters worse, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is at odds with AOC for targeting minority lawmakers.

The real strategizing in politics is about the backroom deals that create political alliances, even between rivals.  However, Bernie Sanders is dying, politically speaking that is.  He’s in third behind Biden and Warren.  Further, his age and his medical condition don’t help matters any.  So, why would AOC be interested in Bernie? Why? What’s in it for her?

To begin with, AOC considers herself as representing working-class people.  The problem is that her actions in Congress belie that, to wit:

  • She spearheaded an effort to keep Amazon from moving their offices to her home congressional district. As a result, her congressional district lost thousands of jobs that would have benefited the working class there. 
  • She supported a higher minimum wage which Harvard and Stanford studies have proved that a higher minimum wage hurts the very people that it was intended to help. 
  • Ditto rent controls.

So, if her public profile of representing the working-class is a smokescreen, who does she really represent?  Well, the CBC let the cat out of the proverbial bag when they disclosed that AOC was beholden to the white, liberal elite.  You see, in politics, it’s all about money and power. Politicians can get the power if they can get the money, as political campaigns are extremely expensive. The old adage is still true: just follow the money trail.

AOC’s campaign manager in her 2016 election and her first chief-of-staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, helped to form the far-left Justice Democrats. AOC ran on the Justice Democrats’ platform, with their financial backing. You didn’t think that AOC came up with the Green New Deal did you? AOC is simply the cover girl with the Wizard of Oz lurking behind the curtain.  Chakrabarti’s politics is not about winning elections per se.  He has a much grander political vision. To be more precise, it’s about revolution – to fundamentally transform the country. The goal is have the government control all facets of the social, economic and financial lifeblood of the nation.

And, of course, the rabbit hole goes much deeper than Chakrabarti.

So, what does any of this have to do with AOC’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders? Well, it’s a political power play. The target is Elizabeth Warren.  Bernie is just a convenient pawn in the chess game. Everyone is playing 3-D chess.  Everyone except AOC, that is. She’s on a whole other level (4-D).  Warren is the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate and AOC wants a seat at the Warren table.  She wants to be the power behind the throne.

So, the talking heads, no doubt, will fill up the airspace with all sorts of pablum. They will wax elegantly about why Bernie and AOC make good sense. However, it will be just an attempt to obscure the fact that there’s another agenda at play behind the scenes.  It’s an agenda that you were never meant to find out about… but, of course, now you know.