Your right, Patrick Henry didn’t quite say it that way, now did he.  However, today it seems that one can more and more hear a similar refrain across the political landscape.  Proponents of liberalism have become extremely outspoken in their efforts to radically transform America.  One could almost say that liberalism has become a religion.

Jonah Goldberg, in his book “Liberal Fascism”, branded all liberals as fascists and all fascists as progressives.  Now, that covers a lot of territory.  Take fascism for example.  In my opinion, fascism is something that is generally misunderstood and exists on both sides of the political divide.  Labels like this, therefore, don’t mean all that much.  The bigger question is do people support the ideals of the founding fathers that this country was based on, or not?

I recently heard someone compare liberalism to radical Islam and Islamic terrorists/suicide bombers.  The comparison apparently was that they both like to destroy things by blowing them up so that they can then take over.  I wouldn’t go quite that far but I would say that liberalism isn’t merely about ideology; rather, it’s a means to an end.

In order to properly understand liberalism, one really shouldn’t consider it to be anything like a religion, even if the liberals due tend to be rather fanatical in their beliefs.  Liberals intentionally promote agendas that are like motherhood and apple pie; that is, who could say no to them.  Theoretically then if it were possible, the state could provide for all of man’s needs.  The problem is that man would no longer be the engine driving the world and the center of creation – the state would.

To liberals, this would be nirvana, though.  Man subjugated to nature – and the state.  As for God, he would no longer exist – like so many other truths  relegated to the dustbin of mythology.  With respect to freedom and individual rights, they would essentially disappear; only the state, and corporations, would have rights.  The Constitution would no longer be necessary either since it promulgates that man’s unalienable rights flow directly from God.  Without God as the source of moral authority, the state(read, the liberals) would, in effect, become God.  People like Bill Gates and Bill Maher would be absolutely ecstatic.  They, and the rest of their intellectual, progressive buddies, could then proclaim the new Ten Commandments of the Georgia Guidestones to the rest of the world.

So the next time that you hear someone suggesting that the government solve all of our social ills, be wary.  Free handouts don’t grow on trees and they don’t really come from the government either since “we the people” produce the nation’s wealth.  First, read the fine print as there are usually conditions attached – conditions such as you have to give up your personal freedoms.  Why isn’t there a Patrick Henry around when you need one?


Stupid in America


Bill Maher has frequently referred to Americans outside The Beltway as stupid.  Unfortunately for us, Bill Maher is right.  If you have any doubt about that whatsoever, all you have to do is check out some of the incredible man-on-the-street routines that the media does from time to time.   More than that, who else would just hand over their country without a whimper – hardly even a protest or a demonstration, unless you count The Tea Party (which I don’t).

On the plus side, we’ve had some great presidents down through the years – men of character and great courage who made significant contributions to preserve the republic.  I’m talking about people like Jefferson, Lincoln and Kennedy.  They understood that a free country has to be continually protected from those who seek to corrupt and control it.  But the citizens themselves… well that’s another story altogether.

People get the government that they deserve… and boy did we get it.  If you want to complain about the state of affairs in this country, simply look in the nearest mirror.  The culprit will be looking you in the face.  Maybe, however, you’d like to pass the blame on to your representatives in Congress who you foolishly thought would act in the country’s best interest.  Yes, I’m talking about the representatives that you elected.

Of course, maybe you don’t even agree that things are all that bad.  Maybe, you weren’t all that excited about The American Dream in the first place.  Sometimes, it takes a little perspective to appreciate certain things.  Historically, the wave of immigrants to this country has always been about opportunity – opportunity that they didn’t have in their own home country.   Therefore, freedom was something that they never took for granted.

Perhaps then you don’t even realize that you’re being slowly stripped of your civil rights.  Perhaps, you don’t even realize that there is something called The Bill of Rights that is suppose to protect all American citizens, despite what Nancy Pelosi might say to the contrary. Bill Maher was right in calling Americans stupid, but he forgot to mention how we got that way.  You see, half of you have been brainwashed by watching MSNBC and the other half have been brainwashed watching Fox News.  It’s an ideological food fight and ultimately you’re the main course on the menu.  As for the kids, they have been intentionally brutalized by an education system that has taken this country from first to worst.

Now I know that some of you think that none of this applies to you.  If so, you probably listen to public access TV and politically don’t call yourselves either liberals or conservatives.  Similar to Bill Maher then, you might call yourself a progressive which essentially means that you can’t identify with “the little people.”  If so, you feel that you belong to a small, elite group of people whose mission in life is to tell others how to live theirs.  Unfortunately for them, intellectual dishonesty doesn’t equate with intelligence either.

They say that there is nothing so uncommon as common sense and, in that regard, I’m still looking for someone (dare I say anyone) that understands that they’re talking about them when someone speaks about a general lack of common sense.  So go ahead and make my day by telling me that this doesn’t apply to you.   Go ahead – I dare you and, while you’re at it, also tell me that you’re not one of the 300 million Americans who have taken their freedom for granted.   You could say that you’re not one of them… but you’d be wrong.

Like I said, Bill Maher was right.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

– President Ronald Reagan

In Defense of God


In the eighteenth century, philosophers argued the pros and cons of political ideology.  In 1762, Jean Jacques Rousseau penned his famous work, The Social Contract, in which he stated that people think that they are free but they are not.  Then along came the American Revolution and the writings of some of our founding fathers which were contained in The Federalist papers. According to the founding fathers, man was finally free.  Accordingly, The Declaration of Independence set out the proposition that men were endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.  In other words, the principles of liberty arise from man’s god-given rights. God was now at the center over the debate as to whether man was truly free or not.

Today, the attack on God takes many forms, including the threat to burn the Koran.  The reason for such attacks is to deny man his lifeline to a higher authority, especially one that trumps the State.  If God is taken out of the equation, then the state can step into the vacuum and moral authority would then emanate from the government instead.

But before that could occur, it would be necessary to undermine the traditional values of the founding fathers, who had brought us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (and pursuit of God). Religious freedom, after all, is at the core of liberty since man can be a slave but still be free in the sense of his connection with God.  Furthermore, if man’s rights come from God, and not the State, how can the State be effective in controlling the affairs of man?

The political solution to this dilemma was to control the country through its freely-elected representatives.  This can be accomplished by taking the lead in terms of setting the social agenda of the country.  Enter liberalism.  But large political organizations require equally large public support.  The public must believe that the movement, in this case liberalism, is for the general good of society.  Ergo, liberalism’s support of all sort of social programs.  In elections, of course, people tend to vote with their pocketbook and those receiving public dole (currently estimated at half of all families in this country) will likely vote for a continuance of such programs and elect the people who enacted them.

However, large political organizations are like pyramids.  Only a handful of people at the top understand the true agenda. A good example of this is Islamic terrorists/suicide bombers, who actually believe that there actions are done with Allah’s blessing. Their leaders indoctrinate them with a belief system which is different than what they actually believe in themselves.  I guess someone has to do the dirty work.

So what’s the real story?

Liberalism is in reality nothing more than creeping socialism (the current term in vogue is “nudging”).  Socialism is, in reality, creeping communism and communism, which purports to be a workers’ movement, is a creeping form of control which allows an elite ruling class to actually dominate the workers. 

Michael Savage, a conservative pundit, recently wrote a best-seller entitled “Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder: Savage Solutions.”  In his book, he refers to liberalism as a mental disease.  However, liberalism is far from being a mental disorder.  He’s right in the sense that liberalism does undercut this nation’s culture and traditions, but there is certainly a method to the so-called madness.  You see, the endgame is control.

Ultimately, it’s a tug of war – freedom versus control. Our founding fathers came down strongly on the side that government should always be in service of the individual, while progressives (the name for neo-liberals) feel exactly the opposite. Bill Maher, one of the public faces of the progressive movement, has already distanced himself from the very Democratic Party that brought the nation government bailouts and nationalized medicine.  Of course, in an election year anyone out of favor with the public gets thrown under the bus. What Bill really wants is control, real control.  From Bill’s perspective, it’s necessary because Americans are, as he says, too stupid to manage their own affairs (by that logic, I guess Bill doesn’t consider himself to be an American).  So if Americans are too stupid to run their own affairs, who’s left to run the country? The un-Americans, the progressives, that’s who. They would be more than happy to tell us stupid Americans how to live our lives and how much taxes we should pay as tribute to the State.

All of which leads us back to God. You see with God in the picture, you can’t have the kind of control that Bill Maher has in mind.  As the Constitution reminds us, this country was founded under the premise that man’s rights flow from God, and not the State.  Religious freedom, therefore, is a necessity in a free society.  That’s why it’s important to come to the defense of God.  In this kind of a struggle, God (and religion), and by extension freedom, are all under attack.  As Ronald Reagan so eloquently put it, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” So in this battle for control, which side will prevail?  Some day, the historians will tell our children.


 “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

     – George Orwell









There has been a lot of talk during the current economic downturn about a so-called jobless recovery. It’s confusing, to say the least, that you can have a recovery without creating any new jobs. For starters, consider the use of the term jobless recovery.  It strongly implies a recovery.  But the bottom line is what it is – no jobs, no recovery.  The reason is simple.  The engine of the nation’s economic growth is consumer spending and without jobs consumers will have less to spend.

The only way to make the country’s economy grow is to produce something of value (e.g. cars, machinery, food, raw materials).  Instead, the government has chosen to allow jobs (and production) to go overseas under the guise of free trade.  Never mind that free trade is never free.  Somebody profits, but in this case it just isn’t us. Of course, the problem is that interference with the market system is usually doomed to failure.  As Ronald Reagan said, “government is not a solution…government is the problem.”

So then what’s with the use of the jobless recovery terminology?  Well, the government couldn’t very well tell everyone that the stimulus plan didn’t work (and was never really necessary), so they created the fiction of a jobless recovery.  After all, a recovery of any kind, even in name only, is better than the alternative.  Psychologically, the government couldn’t have Bill Maher’s stupid Americans waking up to the fact that Wall Street was bailed out by Main Street.  They had to hold out the hope of a recovery, even if it was an intentionally false hope. Keep the little people in the dark, so to speak.

Their theory is that you only need to occasionally throw your poor dog a bone. Under that theory, the thinking is that people will be happy as long as they get their food stamps and unemployment benefits. Further to that theory, Nancy Pelosi recently said that food stamps and unemployment benefits are leading ways to help the economy grow. Say what!  I have my own theory which I think explains this bizarre kind of thinking rather nicely.  It’s called figures lie and liars figure.  Under my theory, the inflation and unemployment numbers are fictions created by the government to keep the masses from revolting and Nancy Pelosi…well, I’m sure you get the picture.

For all those who are currently in search of a job – good luck.  A lot of jobs today are not exactly what people are looking for. You know, working in a fast food restaurant or any one of a plethora of part-time jobs.  Of course if you take a part-time job, or give up looking altogether, it will make the government very happy as they will not have to count you as unemployed!  Presumably, that means that you would then have a real job.

So the next time you hear the term jobless recovery, make note if you are one of the14.5 million people out of work or one of the 44 million people living below the poverty level. If you are fortunate enough to still have a job, check the last time that you got a wage increase; then check how much food prices have gone up, say, in the last twelve months.  Now, a show of hands. How many of you agree with the government that the recession ended over a year ago?

Bill Maher Says


I saw a George Clooney movie the other night entitled “The American.” It was, in small part, a European perspective about what Americans are like.  It wasn’t a pretty picture, if you know what I mean.

Much closer to home, Bill Maher has said that Americans are flat-out stupid.  He even repeated it while being interviewed on national television. According to Bill, Americans need to be dragged (presumably by the hair) so as to get them to accept Obamacare. So tell us Bill, just exactly what makes you so smug?

It seems everyone has it in for Americans these days, so much so that we’re becoming an endangered species.  First it was Bill Maher and then there was the remarks by the chairman of BP saying that they care about the “little people” in the Gulf.  Attorney General Eric Holder chimed in with we’re a nation of cowards and, oh yeah, there’s Obama’s science czar, John Holdren, who once wrote that the government should sterilize people through the food and drinking water supplies. All this in the name of population control.  Maybe, we should make it easy by volunteering for extermination (can anyone spell Soylent Green?).

But Bill Maher is in a class by himself.  He attacks just about everything American and it seems like it’s almost personal with him.  He particularly has a penchant for off-color remarks, such as his comment that Obama doesn’t act like a real black president with a gun in his pants.  In my book, that’s going too far, even for a political satirist. 

Bill also bemoans that Democrats aren’t liberal enough and that Republicans are just angry white people and Jesus freaks. If Democrats aren’t liberal enough, just what kind of nation do you suppose Bill would support?  After all, he did initially back Obama’s plan to fundamentally transform America, didn’t he?  And now that’s not liberal enough?

Maybe, we should ask Bill what kind of world he envisions (or maybe not). Ultimately, I suspect that Bill would never be satisfied unless the whole country was playing a game of “Simon Says” and Bill got to be Simon. 

Maybe, we should ask Bill about his belief in God, or lack thereof, and how that fits into his vision of Utopia. Then again, maybe we shouldn’t do that either, especially since he considers Christians to be nothing more than Jesus freaks and Mormonism to be a fake religion.

Of course there’s always the chance that Bill Maher was right after all. Maybe, as Bill says, it is easy to fool the American voting public. They elected Barack Obama, didn’t they.  What were they actually expecting from a fascist anyway? Just go ask Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck.

I’ve got it.  What we need to do is hand the reins of power in this country over to King Bill.  He most assuredly is smarter than the rest of us.  At least, he thinks he is.  So why doesn’t he simply change the introduction for his TV show to “I’m right. I’m Bill Maher and you’re stupid.”  Now wouldn’t that be just plain “Religulous”?