In response to the Democratic Party’s broken primary system, a recent Washington Post headline read: To Fix The Primaries, Let The Elites Decide.” This type of thinking is bad for the country on so many levels.

Let’s start with the Washington Post article. Just who is the Washington Post, anyway? Answer: The Washington Post is Jeff Bezos and, of course, Jeff Bezos is an elite. So, you shouldn’t be surprised, then, that he is suggesting that he, and his ilk, should be allowed to run the country.  In other countries, this is called an oligarchy.  It certainly wouldn’t be a democracy.

However, America isn’t even a democracy. It’s actuality a Republic and this is what the fuss is really all about.  That is, the Republic of the United States of America gives its citizens inalienable rights (e.g. see the Bill of Rights). It’s the citizens’ inalienable rights that are the real target of the political maneuvering.  The elites want citizens’ rights to come from the State, instead… in other words, from them and them alone.  

Of course, this call to let the elites decide is no more than smoke and mirrors, as to a great extent the elites already decide.  In the Democratic Party nomination system, it’s linked to the existence of Superdelegates which are not chosen based on the voting in the primaries.  That’s how Hillary Clinton stole the 2016 election from Bernie Sanders and, in the end, 2020 will be no different.  

The country does not operate by mob rule.  That is, the majority does not determine the basis for governing our country. Thank goodness for that because otherwise who would protect minority rights? So, polls are for the most part irrelevant. Besides, polls aren’y taken to gauge public sentiment, they exist simply to shape public sentiment.

Presidents will come and go but the Republic endures. The Constitution always remains as the governing rule of law. And all this time, you probably thought we were a democracy.



“With respect to American presidents, almost every president can claim a royal British/European heritage.  As shocking as this may sound, these American presidents (even Barack Obama) are related to each other and are part of the same bloodline, a bloodline that stretches back through the Roman emperors to the Babylonian kings and the Egyptian pharaohs.  So tell me then, exactly who is it that has been ruling America for the last 200+ years?” – TheEthicalWarrior, “A Dirty Little Secret”


I’ve seen a number of people on both sides of the political aisle comment about a negative change in American cultural values.  Since both sides can’t be right about the cause, perhaps we’re talking about a difference in definitions. So, here’s my definition of American cultural values.


American cultural values

Traditional American cultural values refers to values that the country was founded on, cultural values that the founding fathers incorporated into things like the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.


Freedom in America

We owe our very freedom to certain inalienable rights and the laws which are embedded in the country’s founding documents. What distinguishes America from other free countries is that it’s a “republic” as opposed to a “democracy.” Because we are a republic, we’re a nation of laws as set out in the Constitution.  Furthermore, citizens have rights, (e.g. as set out in the Bill of Rights) that were not given to them by the State. These are rights are inalienable (i.e. they can not be taken away by the State).


Core values

The details of what those cultural values are varies from person to person. The definition that I like the best comes from Vintage American Here’s what they said:

“Historically, the United States has been viewed as ‘the land of opportunity,’ a place where immigrants could have individual freedom, an equal chance for success, and the ability to have a better standard of living.”

Based on this concept, they identified three core values as follows:

  • Individual freedom
  • Equality of opportunity
  • The American Dream



The Declaration of Independence begins this way, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness….” That’s what the founding fathers intended when they first created the American Republic, a country where people could be free and pursue their dreams.  It’s what makes America great and what is the driving force behind immigrants who still flock to our shores.


“We all share a common set of values that make us American… We are defined by the rights we have. . . Our rights are our history, why the first European settlers came here and why millions more have come here since.”  – John Zogby





So, the government is testing the Emergency Alert System again. It’s just a reminder of what is to come. However, I get ahead of myself.

Here’s the deal:

  • The 1stamendment to the Bill of Rights states that American citizens have the right to a free press.  Of course, by now, most people understand that the media is biased with their approval rating sinking to all-time lows.  As a result, our rights to a free press have been abrogated.
  • We are at war and legally have been for almost the last twenty years. Thus, the War Powers Act is still in effect (since we are still legally at war). The War Powers Act allows the President to take over the media.
  • We live in a almost perpetual state of emergency. As the Washington Examiner reported, ”…few Americans realize they have lived under nearly 30 states of national emergency for most of their lives.”  These declarations pre-empt the Constitution.  One of these declared emergencies was signed by Barack Obama on July 6, 2012 and was entitled “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions.” That executive order grants the President absolute control over all U.S. media, including social media, news networks and news websites.

We are at war and we live under a state of emergency, both of which give the President near dictatorial powers. So, eventually, rightfully or wrongfully, whether you think it is legally appropriate for any President to take over the media…it will happen.  Welcome to the Second Civil War and the death of the media.


In reality, the fight in D.C. is about who has the right to use these national state of emergencies, and with it near dictatorial powers.  Then, there is the matter that the U.S. is no longer a republic.  Hasn’t been since 1871. We’re a corporation! It’s a dirty little secret that you’re not supposed to know about…but now you know.”

                     – The Ethical Warrior,  “Government By Emergency Powers”