Recently, I wrote an article entitled Opposing Visions of America.  I’ve had a number of questions about what my own vision is.  It’s really quite simple.

My vision of America is simply all about personal freedoms. I’m not for or against Biden or Trump, Democrats or Republicans, per se. In fact, I have never been politically active my whole life until now. For example, my blogs (back then) were rarely about politics.

So, what’s changed? In a nutshell, the Democratic Party has changed. Once the so-called champion of the little guy, it has morphed into something that more closely approximates Marxist philosophy. They support all sorts of authoritarian measures including Covid19 lockdowns, the Cancel Culture, with its restrictions on free speech, and are opposed to the freedom to bear arms. They often openly support radical anti-American groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matters. They have championed for a “fundamental transformation” of America.  Some of those changes are even included in the DNC 2020 platform.

While the old America was far from perfect, the new transformed America that they envision resembles Nazi Germany more than it does the current Republic. In their vision of America, absolute power is vested in the State. Citizens will no longer have inalienable rights. The government will control and own everything. They will say where you can live, where you can work…and even if you can live.

Life is about choices and the 2020 election is a choice, perhaps even a choice between the lesser of two evils. However, it’s still a choice…and above all else, I choose freedom.


“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.  When the government fears the people, there is freedom.” – attributed to Thomas Jefferson

The Kotsko Syndrome


These are trying times. As society looks ready to tear itself apart, there are some that are willing to help facilitate the process. Adam Kotsko is one of them.

Kotsko is a professor at North Central College in Illinois. He believes that the Constitution is racist and, therefore, we should abolish state autonomy, the Senate, and the Electoral College. Kotsko left in place the House of Representatives because, I guess, someone has to run the country (even if it too is racist). Problem is that if you abolish state autonomy, there will be no states to elect members to the House.

He never states exactly why the Constitution is racist, only that it is. He never explains why the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution which abolished slavery, provided for equal protection under the law and gave citizens the right to vote regardless of race or color are also racist. It’s academic anyway, because how could he have argued the point?

The question is this: What is the motivation of a person like Adam Kotsko, someone who is a professor of philosophy at a small college in the Midwest? Could it be that Kotsko is mirroring his own racism on to someone else? After all, if he were a true humanitarian, he should consider critiquing the truly racist countries in the world, like China and Saudi Arabia, not America which has, by far, greater diversity than any other country in the world.

And here’s the answer to the question of motivation posed above: Kotsko feels that white people are the real problem, based on his comments that “white American cultural common sense” is allowing the police to kill black people. That, in itself, is a racist comment.  Never mind that most black people are actually killed by other black people rather than the police.

The real agenda, though, lies in Kotsko’s desire that all white people should commit suicide. What this amounts to is doublespeak out of the mouth of a radical, in reality a justification to exterminate the white race (because obviously the entire white race is not going to commit suicide). This, then, is not much different than the run-up to Hitler exterminating the Jews. It’s the very same playbook, as outlined in Rules For Radicals.



The problem with people playing the race card in America today is that racists like Kotsko can posture that they are the anti-racists. It’s the essence of the Cancel Culture and an attempt to destroy American cultural values. Welcome to the new normal, to the Kotsko Syndrome.


“The first step is to replace the history (e.g. destruction of statues), then you destroy the institutions (e.g. abolish the police), and then you cancel the culture through things like groupthink. In the end, you create a hive-mind culture where the elites can pull the strings from behind the scenes.”  – TheEthicalWarrior, The Dystopian Nightmare Named America



According to Richard Grenell, “Every Democrat friend of mine says:

  • Biden is imploding.
  • Democrats have gone too far left.
  • Defunding the police is scary.
  • The cancel culture must be stopped.
  • The media bias is out of control.”

Of course, Grenell is a Republican so you might want to take what he says with a grain of salt. However, Democrats have only a small window of opportunity between now and the election to change this perception, to the extent that it exists.

There are three key issues that Democrats are on the wrong side of, as follows:

  • Defunding the police.
  • Against reopening schools.
  • Response to the riots/violence, including support of Antifa.

The problem is that voters don’t agree with the Democratic Party on these issues, in particular amongst Blacks. It’s problematic to say that you’re ain’t Black if you vote for Trump or to call Blacks coons or junkies or lacking in diversity. I guess we’ll have to wait until November 4th to find out if there will be any backlash. After all, Democrats will need at least 90% support from Black voters to have any chance of winning the presidential election. Just color the election black.



When asked about the Antifa violence in Portland, Jerry Nadler said, “It’s a myth.” Problem is that some voters will also say the same thing about Jerry Nadler’s credibility.


The landscape of politics in America has completely changed in the past few years. One reason is that the Democratic Party has taken a hard turn left. The party is now dominated by the white, bicoastal elites who have alienated their previous core constituency of working-class voters and minorities. This change created a vacuum on the political playing field making it possible for a populist like Donald Trump to become president in 2016. This alienation led to the “America First” rallying cry that changed the outcome of that presidential election. This is exactly what the polls totally missed just prior to the 2016 election (and what they are still missing today).

In an environment where you have a small group of elites ruling over the working class, what you get is a top-down model where rules are imposed without consideration for the needs and rights of the general public.  Essentially, what you get is good old-fashioned class warfare.  This will eventually pit the working class directly against the government.

I know that will sound counterintuitive to some since the current protests and riots are driven by the far-left. However, the riots are only symptomatic of a movement to replace government institutions with a police state and eventually totalitarianism… and yes, you have to abolish the police first before you can have a “police state.” The first step is to replace the history (e.g. destruction of statues), then you destroy the institutions (e.g. abolish the police), and then you cancel the culture through things like groupthink. In the end, you create a hive-mind culture where the elites can pull the strings from behind the scenes.

This is what it means when someone says that they want to ”fundamentally transform” America. The fundamental aspect of America is freedom and personal liberties.  So, after the transformation, you will simply be a slave to micro-chipped technology. You will be tracked by the government in a myriad of ways, including biometric systems and facial recognition software. The NSA will eavesdrop on everything you do. In effect, 1984 will have become a reality. Welcome to the dystopian nightmare named America.


“The whole reason the world is the way it is right now is because people have been manipulated by the media-controlling class into accepting an absolutely insane status quo as normal.” – Kaitlin Johnstone




The Cancel Culture


Who screams the loudest that whites are racist?  White people do.

Who complains about white privilege? White people do.

Who complains that we don’t have enough diversity in society? White people do.

And who screams the loudest for the eradication of the white race? Why, of course, it’s the white people who do.

Interestingly enough, it’s the same small group of white people who do – the white, liberal, bi-coastal elites.


In our “cancel culture,” it’s the whites who are being cancelled and it’s not even a racist thing.  After all, how could it be when it’s the whites who are calling for the end of the white race. Here’s why.

Every political ideology or system has a ruling elite.  It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about capitalism, socialism, fascism or communism.  What truly defines these systems is whether or not a country provides personal freedoms to its citizens. Of course, in totalitarian governments, citizens have little if any rights.

We happen to have a democratic form of government and it’s that democracy that is at stake in the recent upheaval in the country.  The buzzwords that are repeated by those wishing to make changes to our form of government is that they want to “fundamentally transform” America.  Part of the rhetoric is that they want to abolish the police and abolish capitalism. In fact, what they want is to abolish the whole system.

Basically, what that means is that they want to destroy the middle class…and the middle class is predominately white.  So, an attack on white people is really a disguised attack on the middle class. The middle class is the target because the middle class defines what America is all about and you can’t have a democracy without a middle class. More to the point, you can’t move from a democratic form of government to a totalitarian form of government without first removing the middle class.

Why now? Well, the current world financial system run out of the City of London is imploding.  Fiat money (of all countries) is now worthless. The U.S. government is bankrupt and the global pandemic crisis is just making things that much worse. The elites are in jeopardy of losing control. Their only real chance at survival is to change the financial system and to do that will require that world governments have total control of their countries. If they succeed, you may wake up one morning and find out that you’re whole way of life has been cancelled. Cancel that.


“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”  – George Orwell