Blue-Eyed Gods



A little over three years ago I posted an article entitled “Does God Have Blue Eyes?” It has been one of my top read posts of all-time. The premise of the article is that we didn’t all evolve from Adam and Eve and we all didn’t come “out of Africa,” so to speak. Genetics pretty much tells the story.

Researchers/geneticists have demonstrated that people with white skin, blue eyes and blond hair first made their first appearance on this planet only 10,000 years ago, a real johnny-come-lately in evolutionary terms.  All three traits appeared suddenly and simultaneously in one area (near the Black Sea).  All three traits are “recessive” genetic traits meaning that they could not come from people with darker skin, hair or eye color. They had to have had a unique gene pool separate and apart from the other races on the planet.  Thus the question, does God have blue eyes.

While they first arose in the area around the Black Sea (the Caucasus Mountains), Caucasians have migrated all over the world. Some went east to Iran (Persians) and India (Aryans) and some even further to China, as the discovery of the Tarim mummies can attest to.  Some went south into the Middle East and then west into Africa (Berbers and Tuaregs).

Some also became pharaohs in Egypt as their mummies attest to.  Egyptologists have said that King Tut is Caucasian and is related to most of the men in England (and therefore most Europeans) and geneticists have said that they all have a common ancestor from 10,000 years ago in the Black Sea area. Of course, what they conveniently forget to mention is that King Tut had an elongated skull.  Queen Nefertiti, for example, is always pictured with a headdress which obscures her elongated skull.

As for the rest of the blue-eyed peoples, they migrated throughout Europe (Scandinavians, Germans, Anglo-Saxons, Irish, Scots, etc.) and eventually on to America where half the people in the country had blue eyes as of the turn of the twentieth century. Some, of course, stayed in the area around the Black Sea (e.g. Russians) which today boasts a very large blond, blue-eyed population despite having recessive genes (because blue-eyed people are constantly inter-marrying).

Aside: Further, all these people spoke some version of an Indo-European language which is one related family of languages.

Of course, the Mayans, the Incans, the Aztecs and the Sumerians knew about blue-eyed gods hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. The truth is a funny thing.  That is, it can be repressed for centuries, but eventually it has to surface. Welcome to the world of the blue-eyed gods.



Some of the the aboriginals of Australia have blue eyes and blond hair.  How did that happen without blue-eyed gods?


Who is Sharbat?


Do you remember Sharbat Gula (see picture)? She’s the Afghan girl who became somewhat famous as the poster child of the Soviet 1984 occupation of Afghanistan. When this picture images
was published in 1984, most people were mesmerized by her beautiful eyes and never stopped to give a second thought as to exactly what they were looking at. Her face is angular (a Nordic skull) and her eyes are light-colored. In short, she’s Caucasian.

Yes, Caucasian and, yes, she has dark skin. This is the result of thousands of years of inter-racial mixing of the species.  Besides, Caucasians today should be defined primarily by their skull type, and not by their skin color which can range from white to brown.

Caucasians are said to have originated in the Caucasus Mountains north of Turkey and today live in such diverse places as the western part of China, eastern Asia, the Middle East, Europe and, of course, North America; and let’s not forget North Africa either. Here’s a photo album of Caucasians from around the world:

Iraqi child

Iraqi child

Iranian child

Iranian child

Syrian child

Syrian child

Berber child

Berber child (North Africa)

Kurdish child

Kurdish child (Middle East)

Turkish child

Turkish child

Uighur child

Uighur child (China)

Libyan girls

Libyan girls

Yazidi child

Yazidi child (Middle East)



Yes, these kids are all Caucasian and you couldn’t tell them apart from many American kids, other than perhaps by their clothing. By the way, they have some rather noteworthy ancestors including King David (of the Bible) and the Egyptian boy pharaoh King Tut whom genetic tests show is also related to the first blue-eyed person; even U.S. President Barack Obama has common ancestors with these kids!

The only question now is whether or not the world will be told the truth about the origins of Caucasians.  Personally, I would bet against.  Francis Crick knew, though.

“History is a pack of lies we play on the dead.”
– Voltaire

P.S.  Voltaire got it half right, anyway, inasmuch as history is also a pack of lies that we tell to the living.  We wouldn’t want them to know the truth, now would we?